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Chapter 9 "The Date"

December 3rd, 1998 Los Angeles, CA............

Michael was sitting off to the side, talking on the phone.  He was trying to get an interview with one of the big TV stations in Los Angeles.  He had gotten them a set tour schedule.  Well....., Riki Torino the lead singer of "The Magnifiers" did.  Riki heard "Because the night" and had asked around to see who that was.  He found out that Michael Tyme was their business manager (Riki's ex manager) and set up a meeting.  "The Connors" would be the opening act, starting in January of 1999.

Michael was giving them a three week break.  Rightfully deserved.  Since September, "THe Connors", had finished an album, were seen on MTV's newest artist, and were heard doing radio interviews on over a hundred radio stations.  They were now in the process of making a video for "Miracle".  Which would be the name of their first album.

 Tany was finding it weird to lip sync with herself. Tany didn't realize how much it took to make a video.  She thought that you go in, you lip sync and "voila" you made a video.  But they had actually started the process a month ago.

She had rehearsed with Darell and Sirge two weeks, before now and pretty much knew the steps and dance routine well.    Although Sirge was a very demanding intructor, she found that dancing was fun.  Darell and Sirge had worked together before, with some girl called Brittany Spears.

Tany was now having to trust Sirge and Darell.

Part of their Routine was, Sirge had to hold her like she was flying and be very close to her.  Infact Tany felt a little embarassed at first, because she was pretty sure she could feel certain parts of Sirge that she didn't want to.  But after the first couple of days she was comfortable and trusted both of them.  She didn't know if they would tour with her or not, but she enjoyed being with them.

Jonny was not suppose to be at the lot until later that Afternoon.  Tany left around 5 a.m. so she could get her hair and makeup done.  She would also be doing her dance stuff with Darell and Sirge.  So Jonny was still in bed, he didn't know what time it was but he knew he needed to get out of bed.  He had another slight hangover, he had partied pretty hard last night.

There was movement on the other side of the bed.   The girl Jonny had slept with was also waking up. 
Jonny turned over to face her and Cheryl Kaiman looked at him and said, "Well good morning." In her sultry voice. 
"Good Morning to you too," Jonny said smiling.

"I am hungry let's go get something to eat."  she stated as she got out of bed.  Jonny was looking at her back, he was so turned on by the curves she posessed.

The night before he went out looking for a party and found one at some club called "Area 51".  He wasn't there for too long when Cheryl Kaiman came over to his table and asked him if he wanted to join her.  After several drinks and a snort of coke, Jonny and Cheryl went back to his apartment.  At first Jonny was a little apprehensive about snorting coke.  But once he did he never felt freer. This is the section where you use your imagination.  After last night he decided he was going to marry her.

Tany was just finishing up with Darell, when a phone was heard ringing.  Pam one of the PA's answered the phone.

Tany was discussing the next upcoming scene with Sirge when Pam interupted, "Ms. Connors, a Mr. Kerr is on the phone." 
Looking at Sirge giving him an apologetic look, "Please excuse me."

She went over and picked up the phone.  She touched her lips remembering their first kiss.  Calvin's lips were very soft, she had never kissed anyone before but he was very gentle.

Tany didn't feel the same for Calvin as she did with Scott.  Scott made her feel excited, where as Calvin, the feeling was more relaxed. Calvin was safe and Tany knew that.  Calvin took her out to celebrate her 18th.  They ended up kissing that night.  She wasn't sure how she felt, she enjoyed it but something was missing.

"Hello", She said. 
"Hey, you" Calvin responded.  Tany getting a big smile on her face.  She hadn't seen him since Thanksgiving. 
"Hi, I miss you." 
"I miss you to that's why I called actually." 
"Ok is it a surprise?" 
"No, Johnson and Joanne are stopping off in Colorado over their Christmas break." 
"I was thinking we could join them."  Tany skied often with her brother Al and her father.
"Sounds fun."
"Ok, I will pick you up tomorrow." 
"Ok, I look forward to it."  She was on cloud nine.

Michael was warning Jonny about dating Cheryl Kaiman.  Jonny told Michael he wasn't his father and that he could stick it.  Tany knew that Jonny was high.  She would be so glad to get away from him for just a little while.  Jonny was in one of those moods that no-one could get him out.

Tany was finishing packing, Calvin would be picking her up in a few minutes.

Jonny shouting, "Michael, I don't care."  Tany rolled her eyes, and trying to be quiet walked into the kitchen.  Jonny slammed the phone down and looked at his sister.  He could see she was a little flustered. 
"What?" he shouted. 
"Nothing" Tany stated.  Jonny started to rub his nose, he needed a hit.  He was getting more and more agiated.

Tany took this as a sign and she started to leave. 
Jonny grabbed her by the arm and yelled, "where do you think you are going, you little slut!" 
Jonny regretted it as soon as he said it.  Tany shook her arm loose, not answering, walked out.

  The paparazzi are always hanging out at LAX because celebs are always going and coming.  Calvin and Tany had kept there relationship under raps.  They were standing at the counter when they got their picture taken.  They were caught. 


For Miracle Video
Photo Backdrop here
Lights and TV cameras here
Tany's Hair here
Tany's Shoes here
Tany's gloves here
Tany's Earrings here
Tany's Makeup here

Pattern here
Tany's Hair here
Tany's Dress here
Jonny's Shirt here
Jonny's, Cale's Jeans here
Mike's Alice Cooper Shirt here
Tisha's Hair here
Tori's Hair here
Microphones here
Tori's and Tisha's Dress here
Tisha's Nails here

Rehearsal for Video
Tany's Hair here
Tany's Pants here
Tany's Shoes here
Sirge's Pants here
Sirge's Shirt here
Dance Bar here
Towels here
Bench here

The Night After
The Bedding here
Naked :) here

At the Club
Drinks here and here the beer bottles are here

The Date
Calvin's Hair here
Calvin's Jacket here

Luggage here
Tany's Jeans here
Tany's Jacket here
Tany's Hair here
Calvin's Jacket here

Sirge, Tany and Darell's poses for Miracle Video here and  here
Michael's and Tany's phone poses here
In the Dance Studio here
Tany's, Tisha's and Tori's Singing here
Jonny and Cheryl here and here and here
The Club here
Calvin and Tany in the car here
Jonny and Tany at the apartment here
Calvin and Tany in Airport here

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  1. I think Tany and Calvin may just end up as friends, Calvin can't give her something i believe Scott can.
    Wonder how the paps getting their picture will effect them.

    I knew Jonny was heading down that road, i can only see things getting worse for him unless he can manage to pull his head out of hindend.

    looking forward to more....edenz~
    1. You are so right, Calvin can't give her the security that she needs. Calvin is a lover not a fighter and would rather not get into an agrument.

      As for Jonny, yes he is heading down a dark and dangerous road. I feel that if he ends up marrying Cheryl, things could possibly get worse.

      Edenz it means so much to me that you are reading my story. Thank you for reading.
  2. Reporters that follow people for gossip just stink. I don't think Tany would do well being on the front page of a gossip magazine filled with assumptions. At least she will have comfortable Calvin to lean on since Jonny is a wreck. Jonny best be careful.
    1. I don't really know how Tany would feel about it. I think she is enjoying the spotlight. But we will have to wait and see.

      Jonny is being such a butthead. Treating his sister like crap may end up costing him.

      Anyways thanks for reading Zhippidy, I means alot.
  3. Ha Jonny is a mess now. He has not handled this well at all and I can't help but think there is no good ending for him with how quick he has fallen off a cliff. Also though I feel that Tany will not handle her relationship being opened to the public well.
    1. Jonny is a total mess. He has some serious Issues. I don't know what will happen with him.

      As for Tany, you know I don't really know how she would handle it. I think she would be alright, but she might be a little embarassed. This is definitely a wait and see.

      I can tell you this, there is going to be something that happens that will not only effect Jonny and Tany, but will also effect Al there brother. We will also get to see some of Scott's side.

      Thank you again for reading Aeon, I look forward to your comments everytime I post a new Chapter.
  4. Wow, things for Johnny are just getting crazier and crazier. I have a feeling that he is going to get kicked out for his behavior and drug use. Not like Tany needs him anyways.

    I don't see why Tany and Calvin should have to hide their relationship, but I have a feeling something bad is going to happen because of that photo.

    Sorry I didn't respond sooner. I've been away. Lol I can't wait to see more!
  5. He might or he might end up......not saying. Your right Tany doesn't need him so far. But there is something coming up where she will. He is her big brother.

    No, they shouldn't but you know how hollywood is. They are vultures and cruel. They don't care who they hurt.

    I actually have been really busy this last week myself. This was actually the first time I could sit down and start writing again. So no worries.

    Thanks for taking time out to read my story Kate!!!
  6. Jonny is taking stronger drugs and it's starting to effect his relationship with Tany! Soon it will effect his career! I think that woman he's dating is bad news!

    Tany is about to find out that she won't have any more privacy!

    Another great chapter!
  7. Yes Jonny is going down a very dark and lonely road.

    Tany will find out but I think she might be a little ok with it.

    Thanks again Daisies for commenting on all of them. And thanks so much for reading.
  8. Jonny is starting to lose control, isn't he?
  9. Maybe......

    Keep reading...

    Thanks for reading my story caterpillar.

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