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Chapter 14 "The Break"

March 21st, 1999  Malibu, CA............

"The Connors" were going to be releasing their first album in April and Jonny was going to miss it.  They wouldn't let him out of re-hab for it. Cheryl had come by and talked to Jonny about the wedding. He honestly didn't care. He just wanted something to take his horrible headache away.  Cheryl tried to slip him some coke but George the orderly caught them.  Cheryl was banned.

Tany came by today, he couldn't look her in the eye.  Jonny honestly was a shamed, he knew some of the things he had said to her and he also knew that there were things that he couldn't undo.  She had a smile on her face, and she talked to Jonny as if nothing was wrong.  This made him feel even worse.  "How could she still love me, after all I did to her."

Tany talked to him about the release and that Al would be there in Jonny's place.  How excited this was.  Jonny just didn't feel it.  She was trying to make him feel better, but what she didn't know was her being there made him feel bad.  Jonny had be having this ache in his stomach for a week now.  Jonny's counselor said he was going through withdrawl.  He just wanted it over.

Tany couldn't understand why her brother never forgave himself.  He was always like this, even when they were little.  She didn't have time to think about him right now, she had to go talk to Calvin, he sounded like there was something he wanted to ask her.  She hoped it wasn't a marriage proposal, because the answer would be no.  She was only 18 years old and wasn't ready to get married.  She was going to meet him at the "Frosty Freeze".

She kissed Jonny on the cheek, "I love you big brother." She walked out before he could say anything.

She got in her Jeep and drove to Los Angeles.
Calvin was sitting at "their" table.  "Hey, sorry I am late, I had to go see Jonny." 
"How is he?" 
"Well he still won't talk to me, really." 
"He'll come around, listen,  I know we have never had this conversation before but..."
Here it came, her heart started to beat at a rapid pace, she was sure Calvin could hear. 
"Ok, I am not ready to get married and I think I should probably start concentrating on my career." There she said it.
"Oh, I am so glad you said that." 
"What, you weren't going to ask me to marry you?" 
"What?  Uhhh, no, I was going to break up with you."
Tany started to laugh out loud and in turn Calvin joined. 
"I thought that was what you were going to ask. Calvin I love you, but we lack something."
"Tany, I am glad to hear you say that, I wanted to say it awhile ago, but then your brother ODed and well...."
Tany stood up and said, "Friends"  Calvin giving her a hug said, "Friends".  Calvin and Tany started a very loving and understanding friendship that day.
Years later Calvin would say in an interview that "Tany is truly one of my best friends she gets me."

Scott and Johnson were finally able to go golfing.  Scott was getting ready to take a shot, "So let me get this straight, you love Tany, but you are going out with Jo-Beth?"

"Shut-up and let me take my shot." 
"Ok, I am just trying to figure this out."  Scott lined it up and swung.

"It's easy, I do love her, but she had Calvin and I would never do anything to hurt him."

 "Scott, dude....., you know they broke it off, right?" 
"Yes and I am now dating Jo-Beth, it happens." 
"What the hell, I must be missing something."
"Dude, you are not missing anthing, Tany and I are obviously not meant to be."

"No, that is where you are wrong, how do you know, when you have never been."  Johnson took his shot. 
"Look, I like Jo-Beth, I really do and I think there might be a future there." 
"Yeah, your going out with her while you are aching for Tany, makes sense to me."
"It's just better this way, besides I don't think Tany likes me." 
"Then why are you going to the release party?" 
"Because, Jonny and Al are friends of mine, Al and I graduated together.  They are part of my family." 
"You know she is moving back to Texas?" 
"Yeah, I know."

Johnson shook his head, "I don't get it." 
"Quit trying to figure it out and let's just play golf." 

Tany was feeling a little sad, Los Angeles had grown on her, but there was really no point to her staying here.  Calvin was starting to get scripts, he was busy.  Johnson, Tany smiled to herself, well he had his soap and Jo-Anne.  Scott, Scott.... Scotters, Tany laughed out loud.  That was his nickname, she would, of course never tell him.  Scotters was busy with his show and Jo-Beth.  Tany really liked her and thought they made a great couple.  It hurt to see him with someone else, but she wanted him to be happy.  They weren't meant to be, so Tany was moving back to her home.  She would spend as much time as she could with her only man, Midnight.  Ciera had already arranged for Tany to have Jonny's old room.

 Tany turned to shut the apartment door, she would never enter again.  As she made sure the door was locked, Tany also closed the door on being a naive teenage girl, she would now be the confident adult she was meant to be.

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Here is what Scott was doing in my game while I was setting Calvin and Tany's shoot up.  He actually was trying to flirt with her.

I was trying to take the ones with Scott and Johnson and a deer showed up.

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  1. Nice update :)
    I hope Jonny stays away from Cheryl.
    Scott better wake up.
  2. Thank you, I really do not like filler chapters. I like the exciting ones, this one not so much.

    As far as Jonny and Cheryl go, guess you will have to wait and see.

    Well now that the rolls are reverse, maybe Tany will be the one to grow a set. Or maybe they aren't meant to be.

    Thanks for Reading Zhippidy!!
  3. Cheryl got banned WOOT! WOOT!, once Jonny gets over his withdrawls he will see what manipulative shit she was!

    I'm going to shake the fark out of Scott and Tany..what so i gotta go in the story myself and beat em both til they get together? Very well, challenge accepted=b...edenz~
  4. I am only going to tell you that Cheryl and Jonny will both get it.

    I will tell you this Edenz, that one of them will soon find out the other likes them. And It won't be who you think it is.

    Thanks for reading Edenz!!
  5. Hmmm interesting. So did a few years pass by in this chapter? Or am I just confused.

    Johnny better get his shit straightened out. Hopefully he realizes that Cheryl is using him. I like that he isn't too excited about the wedding, and with her out of the picture for now, hopefully he can clear his head.

    Scott needs to just man up and ask Tany out. Clearly they were meant to be together!
  6. I think you might be a little confused, only a few weeks have past since the last chapter. I am still in March of 1999. I think next Chapter will be in April. I am not sure though.

    Jonny is being like all men I think in the fact that he could, really care less about what the colors of the wedding is or what dress she should wear. You know what I mean. My hubby was like "Ok so you want purple and black. White will be the accent color, Ahhh ok, Whatever." He just pretty much showed up and said "I do." I will tell you that Cheryl is going to get it and you won't guess who gives it. Someone also will stand up to Jonny.

    Scott really needs to, but he still is under the impression that she doesn't like him. Not that, that should matter, but I think it does with Scott. One of them very soon is going to find out the other one likes them and it isn't the one you think it is.

    Thanks for Reading Kate, I know you are tired.


    1. Well, you did that flash forward thing and I think that is what got me mixed up. Besides that, I've been increasingly blond lately.

      I was just thinking... if they found Cherly with Coke... why didn't she get arrested?? 0_o
    2. That actually happens when you are pregnant, your hormones mess with alot of stuff. I do skip alot, that's why I write the date at the top so you will Know what date it is. This chapter is actually taking place within a few days.

      I am not sure but I think they can't because then all of them would be arrested. Alot of addicts walk into rehab with drugs. So I don't think she would have been. At least they didn't on Celebrity Re-Hab.
  7. ~ Yeah! she has been banned!LOL!
    ~ Maybe Jonny will be able to heal physically & then look at his life with Cheryl,when he has a clearer head,& realize that she is no good for him,after all he was brought up better than that!
    ~ Scott & Tany,I just want to shake them both!They both want the other to be happy,all the time pining for the other,I think someone should point this out to the both of them, I think Jo-Beth will point this out,to one or the other,as you do know if you are in a relationship,if you are not getting,all the love,that there is just something held back!She can also sense the hurt at times that Tanny projects!
    ~ Love this,more when you can!(",)
  8. Yes, she was banned from seeing him in re-hab.

    Jonny needs to not only heal physically, but mentally and spiritually as well. And yes he was brought up way better than this. That is why it hurts Tany, to see her brother like that.

    Scott and Tany both need to be shooken, but I will tell you one of them will be told about the other. I don't know if we will ever meet Jo-Beth or not, maybe we will. I haven't really thought about it.

    Thanks for reading Karima!!
  9. I am so glad that Cheryl got banned! Now maybe Jonny will be able to realize that he doesn't really love her and she is no good for him. I hope that he continues to stay in rehab so that he can get completely off of the drugs!

    Tany is a very loving sister. At least she isn't giving up on Jonny and has forgiven him!

    She seems to have a good head on her shoulders realizing that she and Calvin are just friends! Now if only Scott will wake up and see that he is cheating Jobeth by dating her when he loves someone else!
  10. We will see what Jonny does!!

    Tany is very loving and she is also very forgiving. She loves her big brother and will do anything for him...oh wait she did and someone very soon is going to tell Jonny that.

    Calvin and Tany both knew that there was nothing there, that relationship would have gone on to be a horrible marriage for both. Instead they ended it with friendship. I think that was best. I am finding it funny that everyone is saying Scott should wake up, yes it is true he should, but so should Tany. I am telling everyone soon one of them is going to find out the other likes them and I know it won't be the one you think.

    Thanks for Reading Daisies!!
  11. Well I have always hated Cheryl, the less I see of her the better. The same can be said for Jonny too I think.

    Haha what a breakup. Well it's good it ended that way, less stress and now both can easily move on. It's too bad that Scott is with Jo-beth because they both seem to like each other and not know it. Eventually though!
  12. I think everyone hates Cheryl, which is great because that is exactly how I want you to feel about her. Also, don't be to hard on Jonny, he is just an idiot. Someone is going to straighten him out, I promise.

    I didn't want it to be a harsh break up, I wanted it end with them being friends. Scott and Tany just need to see what is in front of them instead of this crap "he doesn't even like me" or "she doesn't like me." Someone will tell one of them soon.

    Thanks for reading Aeon!!
  13. LOL! I think that deer wanted to play golf too :D

    I'm sad that Scott has given up on Tany saying "it wasn't meant to be". That sounds really hopeless :(

    The orderly should have called the cops while SuperBitch had the coke on her and got her evil ass arrested! What the hell kind of shit is that? She realized her control was slipping with the fact that he wasn't using anymore and decided she'd better slip him something to regain it...shaking my head. I hope once he's out of there he breaks it off and doesn't marry her. He just needs a clear head about everything!
  14. I just had to put that picture up.

    I wouldn't say he has given up just yet, but I would say that he wants everyone else to think that. You will see in the next few chapters what I mean. One of them is going to find out about the other.

    I don't think they can arrest people. I am not sure. But for my story she was banned. I was just going on Celebrity rehab. I won't give you any idea on what will happen there. All I will say about that is "Stay Tuned"!!

    Thanks for Reading Daijah
  15. Cheryl should be banned forever!

    C'mon Scott, you know you want her...
  16. I am not saying anything. Keep reading....

    Thanks for reading Caterpillar!!

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