Sunday, June 10, 2012

Chapter 12 "The Trying"

March 15th, 1999 Malibu, CA

Unfortunately if you are a new reader, I lost Chapter 12 moving stuff around.  But I saved the pictures.  And I can tell you the premise.  Jonny and Cheryl go out to dinner.  Jonny proposes to Cheryl she accepts and they go back to their house.  They have a party of their own and Cheryl gets up early to go audition for stuff.  Jonny wakes up still wanting to party, he finds a bottle of pills and takes some.  A little while later Tany comes to pick Jonny up for rehearsals.  She knocks on the door, but no one answers and being a woman, she feels like something is wrong.  She tries to think of who she can call.  She ends up calling Scott because he is closer.  While she is on the phone with Scott she sees her big brother laying on the kitchen floor.  He looks dead and Tany panics.  Scott arrives just in time to throw a plant into the window.  He climbs in and opens the door.  Tany runs in to find her brother still breathing.  Scott calls 911 and he gives the operator the info.  The Ambulance comes to get Jonny, who is barely breathing.

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