Sunday, June 10, 2012

Chapter 1 "The Old Friend"

September, 15th 1997
Los Angeles, California
Ciera knocks on the door softly.  Heavy Metal music is booming from within.  A deep voice is heard saying "Just a sec".  Some movement, then click and a ching.  Somone is unlocking the door and unchaining it.
The door opens and a young man stands there with only a towel on.  Tany and Cintia look at each other and start to giggle.  The young man looks at them.  "You will have to excuse my girls, but is Jon home?" she asks.  Responding, he says "No, you just missed him, it's just me. Is there somethin' maybe I can help you with."  "No, but could you give this....."

"Mrs. C, is that you?"  a voice from behind them wonders.  Ciera gave her motherly smile, "Well, if it isn't Scott Wright."  "How long's it been?"  "You know, Mrs. C I think right before Al and I graduated."
Hugging her Scott looked over at Cintia and Tany.  Tany rolled her eyes.  Tany didn't like Scott, she found him to be a bit obnoxious.  He also always smelled like saltwater.  Tany knew that was because of his surfing, but she didn't care.  She just didn't like him.  Scott smiled back.  "So what brings you to our humble abode?" he questioned.  Still smiling, "Well I made some bread for you boys and was going to give it to Jon."  Ciera never called her children any name that wasn't on their birth certificate.
 "Oh yeah, I remember your bread was so good. Come in, Come in.  Jonny should be here any moment, He just walked to the corner store."  The young man was still standing at the door, opened it wider so everyone could walk in.  "Have you ladies met Johnson?" Scott quized. "Hello, Johnson Ardles ma'am," He said in a Texas accent.  "My name is Ciera, and these are my daughters, Cinita and Tania."    "You can call me Tany," Tany spoke up. Ciera turned quickly, "Her name is Tania."                                                      
 Sighing Tany looked at Johnson, whispered, "Please don't call me that, call me Tany."  Smiling Johnson nodded then whispered back, "How do you think I feel, my first name is a last name."  Both laughed.


Towel worn by Johnson:  lilisims
Tany's hair: Savio's Stuff
Scott's hair:  Ambular (MATY)
Johnson's hair: Anubis 360
Scott's Shirt:  _aya_ (TSR)
Body hair:  terriescason (TSR)
Piercings:  wideopeneyes (TSR)
Eyes:  Escand (MTS)


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