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Chapter 5 "The Band"

January 27th, 1998 Los Angeles...........

"The Connors", were waiting for their turn in the studio.  They had, had several meetings.  One was with Eric Straubb the CEO of WB records.  He didn't mind hearing "amateur" tapes, but he preferred to hear them acappella.  So Tany had to sing and she choose to sing "Amazing Grace."  Eric was so thrown back by her strong voice that he had them signed that day. So here they were several months after they made the tape for Jonny's assignment.  Jonny was flipping through a magazine not really paying much attention to the articles.  Tany was looking at the pictures on the wall trying to figure them out.

The door opened, and in walked two very pretty ladies.  One had really long nails and the other looked like she just walked out of a saloon. 

The one with long nails looks at "The Connors" and asked, "Hey are you "The Connors"?" Jonny looked up answering "Yes." "I told ya, Tori. Pay up." she said holding her hand out to the one from the saloon.

"Tish, I don't know how you do it." saloon said, opening her purse and giving nails her money. Nails must have seen the horror look on Tany's face, "Oh girl, I am so sorry, my name is Latisha Tombs and this is Victoria Jacobsen," she apologized holding out her hand for Tany to shake.

Jonny was shaking Tori's.  "Please call me Tori" she stated. Taking Tany's hand and looking in her eyes she smiled, "Just call me Tish."  Tany got a quizzical look on her face.  "They didn't tell you guys, I am guessing," Tori suggested.  "Well we are what you would call backup singers."   Jonny was now on cloud nine. He was so happy he was almost euphoric. His dream was coming true. Tany was wide eyed like a doe caught in the headlights. She couldn't believe this was real.  Tany acutally pinched herself.

A guy who had told them to wait there earlier, opened the door to the studio and motioned for them to come in.  "I didn't think you were going to make it, Tish." the guy said looking at Tish.  "Please we are the ones that are early it's those Schnider boys, you have to worry about." Tish snobbed.

Just then the door flew open and in walked the most attractive man Tany had ever laid eyes on carrying a guitar case.  Completely out of breath, he slowly got the words out, "Am-------I--------L---ate, huuuh."  "No, why are you so out of breath." the guy said.  "Because I ran all the way from Rodeo."  "You can't be serious?" Tori looked.  "Ok well as soon as the Schniders get here we will start." the guy said. 

 "My name is Jonny and this......."  "I know who you are, " the guy interupted.  "Oh, Stephen, what the hell crawled up your ass and died," Tish wondered. "Nothing, just that I get all the crappy clients." he huffed.  Looking over at Jonny, he then offered, "No offense man."  How was Jonny not going to take offense to that, this man has not even heard them?  Tori who looked really upset, "You could at least introduce Cale and yourself."  "Fine, Look I'm Stephen and this is Cale, he plays the bass," giving Tori an "are you satisfied look."

"You are always a jerk," a voice said from behind them.  Everyone turned around and standing there were two men.  One was holding a guitar case and the other drum sticks. The were totally brothers. I mean, honestly they almost looked like twins.  Tany was thinking they were twins.  The one who spoke had dark brown, feathered hair.  "let's get the show on the Road shall we, Stephen." He said winking at Tany.  Tany went weak in the knee.

While Stephen was setting up the microphones, the winker introduced himself as Steve Schnider.  He told Tany that he would be her lead guitar and that the drummer would be his brother Mike.  Tany liked Steve and Mike right away, they had a no non sense attitude.  Also Tany was developing a little crush. Mike had orangy green hair in a faux hawk.  Tany thought that was really cool and he had tatoos all over, plus he had piercings.  Although Tany was not a big fan of tats and piercings, they suited Mike. "Let's go, please.  I just want to go home and be done with this." Stephen sighed.

"Look we are paying for this so shut up," Jonny said.  "Hey, look man if you think you are going to make it big and be like, making quotes on his fingers, Elvis.  You have to rethink your career, man."  "I don't think we can be as big as Elvis, I think we can be bigger."  Jonny snapped.  Everyone excepted Stephen laughed.  Tish looked at Stephen then put a hand on Jonny and stated, "I think he told you, Stephen."

Everyone had practiced playing the song, with their instruments.

Tish and Tori even practiced where they would backup Tany.  No one at this moment in time had heard Tany sing.  Everybody got into their postions to play and Stephen gave the ok sign.  Which meant he had "pushed record".

Jonny started to play the piano,  and Tany started to sing.

Everybody's mouths flew open.  There was definitely a "shock an awe moment".

And for the first time in all her seventeen years old life.  Tany felt very much at home.

*note to reader The rated PG is a play on my real life intials. I use to be Peanut butter and Jelly. But I am by far Rated PG. There maybe other swear words, there may not.  I do feel this one was warranted.

Tany, Tori and Steve's Hair Here
Tisha's nails, earrings, shoes and men's magazine Here
Tany's earrings here

Most of what I used here
Steve sitting holding the guitar here
Arguement poses by my friend Artistkate here
Winter poses here

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