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Chapter 19 "The Wakening"

October 11th 1999,  Malibu, CA

 "The Connors" won two "spacemen": Best Group video and New Band.  They were now on the "Miracle" tour.  With having just released "Piece of Heaven" as a single.  Life was really looking up and Jonny was finally feeling good.  

*I understand that, that isn't a spaceman, but if you know where one is,  by all means let me know*

 Cheryl of course had to rain on his parade.  She basically told him, that if he didn't come back home then she would file for divorce and clean him out.  So very reluctantly, Jonny moved back with Cheryl.
Now he was stuck and he didn't know how to get out.  He wanted to file for divorce, but what would she do.  They would be in Los Angeles on Tany's birthday.  She would just have to celebrate it on stage.  Maybe he should plan for someone to bring out a cake. 
*Another note to reader, pay attention to the time*

Around 6 that evening!
Scott didn't want to make a big deal about his birthday.  Yes he would be legal and he could drink, but he really did not feel like celebrating.  The producers of "Watford Wives"  were  hounding him about his hair (They wanted him to keep it brown), tatoos (he just got another) and his chemistry with Jo-Beth.  He had also saw in one of the Tabloids that "he" supposedly broke Jo-Beth's heart and that she was devastated.  "Well, what do they know.  I wasn't the one who broke up."  Scott thought.  He was now waiting for Johnson and Calvin.  They had called earlier and were going to be bringing the beer. He just didn't see the point.  He had no-one to celebrate it with.  It was his own fault, he could have, had Jo-Beth but she caught him.  The one he wanted didn't even like him and from what Jonny had told him, they would be coming tonight.  Maybe he would have a chance to talk to her.  Maybe he could find out once and for all.  Maybe they would start going out.  Maybe............
Around 8 that evening...

The party was in full swing.  There were a couple of really drunk girls who were trying to throw themselves at him.  Scott didn't like that.  He liked women who respected their body.
 Just then Jonny and Tany walked through the door.
 Johnson gave Jonny the "Man Hug" and he kissed Tany on the cheek.  They were talking about something that Scott could not hear.  But he tried anyways.
Calvin also gave Tany a hug, that was odd.  There was no weirdness between them.  Scott got up and walked over to them.  

"Hey, guys, Welcome to my party.  These knuckle heads just had to throw me a bash".  Johnson laughed and nudged Tany.  Tany started to laugh too.  Scott couldn't believe that she was laughing at his joke.  His heart ached to hug her but he refrained.  "Now that The Connors are here it is time to par-tay!"  Jonny being his obnoxious self. 
 Around 10:30 that evening......
 Scott saw that Jonny was leaving the party.  He assumed Tany had gone with him.  Scott was starting to get into one of his moods again.

 He decided to bum a smoke from Johnson and head outside.  Scott started to open the door, there sitting on his lounge chair was a girl.
 At first Scott couldn't really see who it was, then as he opened the door fully she turned around.  It was Tany she had been crying.
 "I thought you left, with Jonny."  
"No, he left me and now I have no ride."
 "What, hello, I have a drivers license you know." 
 "I know, but I can't ask you, you are celebrating your birthday."
"So it seems like every time I get into trouble I rely on you to be there and I can't do that to you."
 "Why can't you?, that's what friends are for right?" Scott's mood was beginning to shift.
"But, you can't always be there."  
"Maybe, but I would like to try."
 "Wait did you just........"
"I am sorry to interupt you, but you, feel like getting some coffee."

 "What?...., what about your party."  
"I don't really feel like celebrating."  
"Why? Aren't you legal now."  
"Yes, but I am missing something, so it makes it hard to celebrate."  
"Oh, sure, I could go for some de-caf."  
"Yeah, I have to be up early tomorrow to do the "radio rounds."
 "What is that?"  
"Let's go get some coffee and I will tell you all about it." 
Scott did not know that Tany knew about him, but he was starting to get the hope back.
Little did Tany know that Scott was forming a plan.
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  1. Oh hmmm I wonder what kind of plan Scott is planning?

    Jonny should just leave Cheryl, regardless. I'm not sure if it's worth it in the long run...wait...yes I am sure, it's not worth it in the long run!

    Oh yeah and...First!
  2. Scott knows a little about Tany, you aren't friends with someone and not get to know a little about there family. Next chapter will show this.

    Jonny should, but right now he is living in a nice home, with nice stuff. Cheryl could take him to the cleaners. Jonny wants desperately to get out, this one is a wait an see......

    Finally you are first, congratulations!

    Thanks ever so much Aeon for reading this.
  3. Cherly is still on my dump list. I know that she would try to clean him out, but they don't have a kid so that would make it easier, and if she isn't working, then everything is his. So she really couldn't get everything, but she could get a good share. He needs to get rid of her before she ends up playing the pregnant card!

    Scott really needs to grow a pair. I mean, it's nice that he is a nice guy, but he is almost too nice. And what is up with that "plan"? That jsut sounds creepy. lol In the words of the gay dude from Zombieland, "He needs to nut up or shut up!"

    Oh, and just where did Johnny go now? Please tell me he isn't going to slip back into drugs and alcohol! I surprised the Connors have made it this far with his nasty reputation!


    1. Jonny isn't seeing it the way you or I see it. He sees it as she will get everything. She kinda does have a job, she is an out of work actress. She couldn't take him to the bank not really, but you know this and I know this but Jonny does not.

      I know what you are thinking, but Scott's plan is about to unfold and it has to do with Tany. Like I said to Aeon, you get to know a little about the family, if you are best friends with someone. Remember back in chapter three, where Jonny and John Sr. made it seem like it was Tany's Idea? Just keep that in mind. I nearly peed my pants when I read that. "He needs to nut up or shut up!" To funny.

      Jonny is with Cheryl again and no he is trying to stay away from anything like that. You will see in the next few chapters. They have been able to hide a bit, plus don't forget teenage girls could really care less. I know I didn't. If I liked the celebrity it didn't matter what they did.

      Thanks for reading Kate, I so love your comments. They make my day.

      By the way thanks again for your tutorial it has come in handy.
  4. Poor Johnny suck in a realionship with Cheryl. HGe needs to get out and quick!

    Kudos to Scott for respected the girls and not sleeping with them.


    1. Yes, Jonny needs to get out, we will see.

      Scott was raised to be that way. Scott's personality is like my husbands.

      Thanks for reading Bria.
  5. Jonny has good family and good friends, let the old %^&*@@#$% clean him out, he could have only the shirt on his back and would be so much better off than with her.

    Hmmmm.. wonder what Mr. Scott is up too, it had better be something to do with telling Tanny how madly in love he with her and that he can't live without her, wants to spend the rest of his life with her etc...=b...edenz~
  6. Oh, Edenz you are so silly, Jonny is just an idiot.

    I wonder what he is up to as well ;). Actually I know but I can't tell you.

    Thanks for reading Edenz
  7. Jonny made his bed. Surely he can get a good attorney, but then that would blemish his image? He needs to get away from Cheryl.
    Scott was too cute there with Tany. Maybe she heard more than the words when he said he would like to try :)
  8. I don't know what we are going to do with Jonny, he does need to get away from Cheryl.

    You caught that did you? Yes, Tany at that moment realized without a shadow of a doubt that Scott liked her. He said friends.

    Thanks for reading Zhippidy!
  9. Cheryl is a real witch and won't get her claws out of Jonny. I hope that he can figure out a way to be totally free of her.

    At least Tany and Scott are talking. I hope that he gets his nerve up and tells her how he feels!
  10. Well since you have already read the rest, I will just say. You will see......

    Thanks for reading Daisies.
  11. I hope Jonny can get away from Cheryl without her destroying him in the process.

    I'm just going to head to the next chapter now to see what happens with Scott and Tany...
  12. Yes, Jonny desperately wants out, he realizes now that he never actually loved her. But he is very afraid.

    As for Scott and Tany good idea.

    Thanks for reading Melissa.

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