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Chapter 20 "The First"

October 11th/12th, 1999 Malibu/ LA, CA

Around 11:00 that evening.......
*Reader remember this is Scott's Birthday*
Scott and Tany were seated at a booth.  The waiter was now taking their order.  "I'll have a slice of cherry pie and......"  He said looking towards Tany.  "I will have the same,"

Tany waited until the waiter left their table. "Pie, really."
"Yeah, I miss your mom's."
"Oh" Tany looked down.
"Oh, you probably miss it too."
"Yes, very much so. I got spoiled a little bit.  And now I won't have her home cooking for the next six weeks."
"Wow that is a long time."
"Yeah, and I get really lonely. And miss home a lot." she said choking up.
"You don't really want to do this do you."
"Yes, I do, I really do, it's just that, Jonny isn't really the best company and the band is great but I am a family person.  I like being surrounded by my family."

"Yeah, your family is close. I use to envy Al."
"Well, cause I saw how your family interacted with each other. I didn't get that, especially with my dad."  
"What, you dad is a great man."  
"Yes, he is, but he didn't spend time with me like your dad."  
"What, he seemed to me like he did."  
"When he could sure. But you have to remember that my dad is a blue collar guy, he actually worked hard for his living.  And I don't begrudge him." 
"My dad was hardly home, Scott.  There were lots of time when he wasn't there.  Oh, sure he would be there for our birthdays or at least call.  But there were many times he wasn't, I mean that is the reason why we moved to California in the first place.  So he could be closer to us."  
"Exactly, like I said, I was envious." 
 The waiter brought out the pies apologized for the delay and walked away.
"This looks great, huh."  Scott said picking up his fork.  Tany took her fork and cut into her pie. She took a bite, it taste good but not like mom's.

 Scott took a bite, chewed a little, "So you were going to tell me about the radio rounds."  He swallowed.

 Tany took another bite and covered her hands so she wouldn't spit on Scott.  She nodded, "It's kinda boring, you don't want to hear it."  
"No, I do, I really do."  
"Ok, you asked for it,  Basically what happens is every town we go to, I, we have to go to the different Radio stations. Like here, we have to go to four of them.  We usually talk a few minutes, then Jonny, plays the Keyboard while I sing, then we are whisked away to the next one."

 "So then what happens after that?"
"Well it kinda depends. Usually we go to the venue to do the sound checking, sometimes we even do local TV."
"And the show starts at 7pm?" 
"Usually there have been some venues where we start at 8pm."
"Wow that is a busy day, do you ever get a break?"
"Yeah sometimes, for lunch and dinner, but mostly it is go, go, go."

The waiter came back to take their plates and refill their coffee.  "So what about you, I mean your schedule must be as busy as mine."  "No, not really, I have worked 16 hour days but we usually have a lot of down time."

 Tany looked down at her coffee cup,"How much down time is there?"

 "It is hard to estimate, because there are some days that it could be an hour to an hour and a half.  Sometimes it is even twenty minutes, as you can tell it varies."
"What do you do during the "downtime"? I am sorry , you don't have to answer that." Her face went flush, Scott moved his hand to put it on hers.

She didn't move it or make a face.  Scott felt the electricity move up his arm, down into his chest, passed his groin and down into his feet.  "Why do you do that?"  "What" she did it again.  "Why do you look down when you think you have said the wrong thing."  "I don't know, I just do." "Well don't stop, I like it."  Tany wanted to say I know, instead she said "Thank you."

 October 12th 1999, 10 minutes past midnight................

Scott looked down at his watch, "Happy Birthday, Tanz."

"What, how did you know today was my birthday?"
"Because Al would stay the night and have to hurry home to tell you happy birthday. I don't really know for sure just that I always remembered."
"Huh, well thank you, what time is it?"
"It is ten minutes past midnight."
"I have to go, like I said earlier, I have to get up early."
"Sure, yeah".  Scott paid the bill and threw a fifty dollar bill on the table.

 Tany was waiting by his car when he walked out.  She smiled at him.  His heart flipped then skipped and now it was melting.  He didn't know how much more he could take before he just kissed her.  Tany got into the car and Scott followed suit.  Tany told Scott which hotel they were staying at.  Scott parked the car and both of them got out.

Scott escorted Tany to her room.
"Well, thank you for the lovely evening Ms. Connors."
"Will you stay with me?"
"Uh, I don't think that is a good idea."  Scott was already having a hard time not wanting to kiss her, staying with her in a room with a bed was not a good idea.

 "Please, you don't have to stay the night, just until Jonny gets home."
"Tanz, I....."
"Scott, I don't want to be alone.  Just until I fall asleep."
"Ok, but just until you fall asleep."  How could he say no?


  1. I don't blame Tany for not liking the pie, it looked gross. Like a red pie shaped blob with chunks of fruit smashed into it... kinda like fruitcake! Bleh!

    So Scott and Tany's birthdays are a day apart? That is pretty cute. :D

    It's easy to tell that they are both fond of each other, they seem so shy, yet flirty. Especially with Scott. I'm glad he hasn't pushed himself on her, I don't think she would go for that.

    I don't see they just idly sitting around while waiting for Johnny to come back. I bet they are gunna kiss or something and Johnny is going to come home at the time and see it and get mad... or will he be happy? I am not really sure. His character is kind of a puzzle right now and his reactions are not easy to guess.

    Well anyways, I definately think something is going to happen and I can't wait to see what it is!
  2. I know, I was going to have them have apple pie but in Sims 3 there is only the cobbler and it is cherry and no matter what you make it with that is what is looks like.

    Yes, Scott's Birthday is October 11th and Tany's is October 12th. I was going to make Tany's on the 13th because I am a freak for Halloween, but I decided against it.

    I think Scott knows that Tany isn't a quick person, she does things on her own time. Tany and Scott are truly enjoying this. They both want the same outcome. We will see....

    As for what is going to happen in the hotel room again wait and see.........

    Thanks for reading Kate!!
  3. Ok Scott, it's just like football man, you come up with the plan, make the play and booya!
    I am just happy the two stubborn little shits are finally looking at each other.=)...edenz~
  4. I thought you might like this chapter Edenz, but I do have two more coming out before I take a little break for summer.

    Yes they are finally starting to get the ball rolling or are they?????

    Thanks for reading edenz!!!
  5. I don't think Scott going into that room with Tany was a good decision, especially when there are bound to be reporters all over. Anything that happens once the door is closed will be food for the imagination. I need to know what will happen for real and not what a tabloid says. :)
  6. I am not going to spoil it for you, I will simply say. We will see......

    Thanks for reading Zhippidy!!
  7. Hmm I think Scott would seem like the type to keep his hands and lips to himself, I mean look how long it took for him to get to this point with Tany!? It is good to see that it has finally reached this point though... Scott should make his move now though!
  8. Aeon, you are absolutely right, Scott isn't that type of guy. Also in the chapter before he wanted nothing to do with the girls who were throwing themselves at him. We are going to see if Scott makes his move in the next chapter.

    Thanks for reading Aeon.
  9. Such a cute chaper. Scott and Tany's birthday's are a day apart. Great upadate
  10. Thank you Bria. Yes Scott and Tany have birthday's a day apart. I wanted it to be that way so they had something else in common. Plus I wanted an excuse for Scott to stay later at the Diner.

    Thanks for reading Bria.
  11. She was practically begging him! I wanted to slap him so hard for denying her! UGH! Man! You're such a tease! I was hoping HOPING the conversation would go much differently :( Maybe she'll fall asleep on him though and he won't want to move!
  12. I don't know what you are talking about Daijahv? ;), Whatever do you mean. Yes, it was a teasing chapter. I wanted it that way.

    Thanks for reading Daijahv!!
  13. I loved that restaurant!

    Is Scott that dense? She wanted him to stay with her! I'm glad he didn't say no! Can't he tell she's just as crazy about him!

    They're killing me!!!
  14. Yes Scott is dense, extremely. He is an ex-surfer. Not that all surfers are dense but I haven't really seen any that aren't.

    As for the restaurant, it is the inside of the one that came with Showtime. I just love that and I thought I would try and recreate it. I just wish I knew how to get stuff so people can download.

    Thanks for reading Daisies!!
  15. My head is going to explode is he doesn't kiss her already....
  16. maybe......

    Thanks for reading Caterpillar.

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