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Chapter 13 "The Healing"

Chapter 13 "The Healing"

March 6th, 1999

Jonny lay in the hospital bed unconscious, they were trying to bring his heart rate back up.  The pills Jonny had taken were Cheryl's prescription sleeping pills.  Jonny was in critical condition.  John, Ciera, Juno, Cintia, Johnson, and Cheryl were all down in the cafeteria.  Tany was resting her head on the bed.  Al was half sleeping on the chair.

There was a soft knock on the door.

Al sat up, "Come in."

"Hey, I thought I would stop by and see how everything was going."  It was Scott.

Tany looked up, she had really dark circles under her eyes.  Scott thought she still looked beautiful.

Al got up and nodded to Scott.  He must've known that Scott wanted to talk to Tany.  "I think I am going to get a cup o' joe, you want anything?"  Tany shook her head very slowly.

"How're you holding up?" Scott asked.

"I haven't had much sleep." 
"Yeah, you look it, babe." 
"Thanks I am so tired."  He wanted to talk to her about his feelings.  He wanted to find out how she felt about him.  If he didn't do it now he wouldn't be able to later. 
"Hey, Tanz can I ask you something." 
She looked a little puzzled, "Sure." 
"I have been wondering......"

Just then her phone rang.  She looked at it, "It's Calvin, He's calling me back."

"Oh, yeah sure, go ahead." Scott nodded.  Tany answered it and walked out of the room.

 Scott could hear her crying.  What he wouldn't give to be in Calvin's shoes.  Not because she was hurting, but he wanted to be there for her.  Hug her and shower her with love.  But she had Calvin.

Later that day........

Scott was kicking himself, if only he had stayed at the hospital a little longer. He might have been able to talk to Tany. Instead he ran out like a little girl.

She didn't even know that was him that bought the dress. He needed to just chill, maybe he would go surfing tomorrow night. No he couldn't do that he had a "date" with one of his co-star's Jo-Beth Lange.

Scott was sitting at his dinning room table. Maybe he should just start dating her. What could it hurt, Tany had Calvin and Scott had... no-one. Why should he sit around moping. He needed some female companionship. That was it, he would talk to Jo-Beth and ask her to be his girlfriend. Scott didn't care that they were co-stars, the "Weekly Entertainment" would have a field day with this.

Scott picked up the phone to call Johnson, he needed to talk to someone, who knew the situation. Maybe they could go golfing.

The Next Day........

Al was talking on the phone with someone, when Tany staggered into her kitchen.

She could smell coffee.  She usually didn't drink coffee but the last few days she had drank alot.  It was starting to grow on her.  Tany walked over to the pot, grabbed a cup and poured the hot liquid into it.  She brought it up to her face she could smell the warmth.

She was sitting at the table when Al finished his conversation.
"It's about time you woke up, I thought you were going to sleep all day."
"Shut up I needed some sleep."
 "Yeah, whatever little miss diva." He bumped her playfully.  "Well I will be the new piano player."  "what, when was this decided."

"Just now, I talked to Dad and Mom, they told me to talk to Eric and Michael so.. I called them and they both agreed."

"But Al, what about school?" 
"That, is really easy, I will take the rest of this semester off and then resume in the summer." 
"You can't possibly think that people will think you are Jonny." 
"Of course not, but it's not "The Connors" if it is just you now is it." 
"No, but how are we going to explain this." 
"Well this is kinda tricky, what they are going to do is say that I will be taking his place until he has finished re-hab." 
"Will that hurt us." 
"You know I don't know, we will have to wait an see, I did talk to Dad about after school." 
"Yeah and..."

"I am going to take over being your manager."  "Really, why." 
"Because I think Michael is doing a really bad job.  Mouth he should be watching Jonny and he's not."

Tany just shook her head.  She got up to take a shower and start her day/afternoon.

March 10th, 1999

Everyone had left for the night.  Cheryl was sitting in the chair next to the bed.  Jonny was now in stable condition, they had managed to get his heart rate up. He would probably wake up sometime tomorrow.  Cheryl was trying to figure out the wedding.  Should she wear white, or a cream colored dress.  She was so not a virgin.  She would ask Jonny when he woke up.  She thought the day should be sometime in June.  Since his birthday was on the 22nd maybe they should get married on the 12th.  That way they would be on their honeymoon for his birthdate.  This was going to be great, she wouldn't have children with him of course.  The Connors were nothing but a pack of inbred hillbillies.

She could barely stand him touching her, but he was going to marry her and that was exactly what she needed to boost her failing acting career.

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  1. I am really happy that Jonny is going to make it!
    That last picture of Cheryl showed her personality perfectly! EVIL! She does not love Jonny, she just wants to use him.

    It looks like Scot and Tany are even further away from getting together!

    I hope that with Al looking out for him Jonny will do better.

    A great chapter, PG!


    1. I am so glad that you said that about Cheryl, I really want you guys to get the picture that she SUCKS!! Yes she is evil, she only wants to use Jonny for fame and popularity. Since she is a ex porn star she isn't getting much work.

      Unfortunately, Al won't be able to take care of Jonny until he graduates from college.

      Scott and Tany just can't seem to get together.

      Thanks for reading Daisies.
  2. Poor Jonny, but I guess this was expected. Drugs are the least of his problem with Cheryl hanging around. I mean she is the worst kind of person!

    Poor Scott as well, I'd say to him to not give up never give up!


    1. Yeah, Jonny has no idea what he is in for. But I have a feeling someone, is going to remind him.

      Scott, I know, he just can't win. Maybe he will feel better with Jo-Beth.

      Thanks for reading Aeon!!
  3. Dang it! No Scott don't call Jo Beth or whatever her name Tany!

    Jonny was lucky, and i hope he realizes just how lucky he was. That freakin' witch Cheryl sitting there planning a wedding when Jonny was on his death bed. I want to pick her up, chair and all, and chuck her out the window. I hope someone finds her out soon, if not she WILL be the death of Jonny. She will have him back on the drugs so she can control him again...edenz


    1. Yes, Scott was so close, yet so far away. If only Tany would just see it.

      Jonny is what I like to call, pardon the expression "Pussy whipped". I think in some biazzaro way he loves her. Yes she is very mean, just wait though we have just touched the surface.

      Thank you edenz for reading!!
  4. Scott's plan is a bad idea. He is so cute and Tany likes him! She won't like it if he dates another girl just for "companionship".

    Good for Johnny to go to rehab. I hate Cheryl, I knew she was up to no good. How is marrying Johnny going to help her career? She is probably just a sucky actor!


    1. Unfortunately, Scott doesn't know Tany likes him. He still thinks Tany can't stand him. Yes, it will hurt her, for him to be with some other woman. I guess we have to wait until next chapter to find out.

      Cheryl is horrible and in her own world she thinks that "The Connors" popularity will boost her own career. Yes she is a sucky actress, she is an ex porn star and alot them just suck at acting.

      Thanks for reading Kate!!!
    2. Lmao!!!

      I didn't know she was an X porn star!! That is just too funny!! Lol!!
      I guess I don't personally know any porn stars, nor have I watched a porn, but in my head, they are pretty sucky actors/actresses... but then again... how much acting really goes into "doing the dirty"?

    3. Yeah, I mentioned she was one in chapter 6. I don't watch porn either but I have seen some try to make it in the main business and well they just SUCK. Glad I got you to laugh though.

      Thanks Kate.
  5. I just lost my comment. haha ugh...
    Ok, 1. Cheryl is a witch and needs to burn. I hope Jonny has some enlightenment when he wakes and realises his habit is a death trap and Cheryl is the devil.
    I hope Scott does not give up, he seems to be such a nice guy.
    And a news release that Jonny is in rehab will tarnish their image irreparably I think.
    I can't wait to see who brings Cheryl down.


    1. That's Blogger for ya...

      1. yes Cheryl is a witch. Someone is going to teach Jonny something.

      2. I don't think Scott is giving up just yet. I just think that he doesn't want to be alone.

      3. This is something that "The Connors" will not take lightly. They have their dad who will somehow manage to clean up the mess.

      4.Oh, someone is going to bring her down, but it someone you would never think of in a million years.

      Thanks for reading Zhippidy!!
  6. Great Update

    Cheryl creeps me out for some reason.

    Poor Scott. He needs to tell Tany how he feels before its to late.
  7. Thank you Bria.

    I am glad she creeps you out, well not glad but it makes me happy that you don't like her.

    Unfortunately, I think Scott is probably not going to tell her now. I think he feels he had the chance and he blew it so he is moving on.

    Thanks for reading Bria.
  8. ~ Well,I can see were Cheryl's relationship & marriage is going with Jonny,but I will wait & see(if I'm right!LOL!)
    ~ And Scott should grow some,he needs to lay his feeling in front of Tanny & see were it goes,otherwise he will send himself nuts wondering if she even likes him, in the long run it is the sanest option,for him, as he is getting nowhere fast at the rate he is going,& it will creep into every part of his life & infect it if he does not sort it out!The sooner the better!
    ~ Scott will feel a fool when he finds out she does like him & cares!If he does not tell her he loses!
    ~ Love it,just know if I miss a comment or two,I am still reading,I am having problems with my thick head!LOL!(",)
  9. For Jonny and Cheryl I will tell you someone is going to straighten Jonny out, and someone is going to stand up to Cheryl but both you will not expect.

    Scott already feels like a fool. I don't think he will go insane I just think it hurts him, because he wants so badly to be with her.

    No problems Karima.

    Thanks for reading Karima, I hope your headaches get taken care of.
  10. That last shot is seriously creepy!! She is too scary! Her eyes seriously burn right through me!!! AND UGH What a fantastic cunt! (Sorry) She is sitting at his fucking hospital bed thinking about a fucking wedding and her shit ass career when the man she wants to marry (albeit for selfish purposes) is dying off her prescription meds? How the fuck has he not seen how incredibly selfish she is? I mean damn seriously does her pussy cure cancer?

    Scott, Scott, Scott...What am I gonna do with you? Dating someone else to try and take your mind off of Tany is SO gonna backfire. You need to man up and just confess! Seriously I'd say yes :D
  11. Yes she is a CUNT in all sense of the word. She doesn't even love Jonny. Jonny is indeed pussy whipped. My daughter told me to tell you she too thinks Cheryl is scary. She is, who knows what she is willing to do to get her way.

    I honestly think for Scott in his mind it is the best. He doesn't want to hurt either of them. He would love to be with her but there is no way. So the best way is to go with someone else. At least Jo-Beth isn't Cheryl.

    Thanks for reading Daijha

    PS. don't worry about the swearing my daughters hear it all the time. ;)


    1. Ok good :P sometimes when something irks me I can't help myself and her sitting there imagining him building her career was enough to set me off! She is ABSOLUTELY remorseless! Hell I bet if he dies she'd use that for sympathy and another 15 minutes of fame! UGH! PLEASE say she'll die horribly, tragically...something disfiguring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    2. You are probably right about that DJ, I think she would. I can't really tell you what is going to happen but know someone is going to tell her off and believe me when I tell you, You will be floored.
  12. Cheryl is the queen of skank, seriously. Jonny's in the hospital, and she's only thinking about herself.

    And poor Scott, so torn up about his feelings.
  13. You must hate Cheryl, I wonder why?

    I do feel bad for Scott, but I also feel bad for Tany.

    Thanks for reading Melissa!!

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