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Chapter 17 "The Nomination"

July 11th, 1999  Los Angeles/Arlington

Jonny was sitting in the livingroom watching TV, he didn't know where Cheryl was.  He actually didn't care.  Their marriage was already rocky.  She was trying to do anything to get him to fit "her standards".  She would always tell him, it's for the best baby.  What a crock, why did he ever marry her.

Jonny knew why and became very a shamed. He hadn't had a hit of anything.  Cheryl tried to fool him again but it wasn't going to happen this time.

He wasn't really concentrating on the TV, he could hear but it sounded gurbled.  Something caught Jonny's attention, it was a picture of Jonny and Tany.

He sat up to listen.  "The Connors are being nominated for Best Group, New Artist and Best Dance." The VJ said.

Jonny literally dropped his soda on the floor.

He couldn't believe what he was hearing.  He grabbed the phone and dialed.

Tany was enjoying the early morning sun.  She was leading Midnight.  When she moved back Midnight became very excited, he whinnied for over an hour. Now she would be spending as much time as she could with him, this week.  Next week she would be flying back to Los Angeles so they could start rehearsing on the "Miracle" tour.  She had lead Midnight into the coral so she could mount him and go for a ride.

 Cintia came run out of the house, Screaming "Tany it's John."

Tany's heart sank, this was it her brother was dead Cheryl finally got her wish and killed him.  Tany started to run towards her sister, "Is he alright?"  "Yes, of course he is alright?" Cintia scrunched up her eyebrows.

"He is on the phone."  "Oh, well why did you scream?"  They were walking back to the house.  "Mom told me to come and get you."  "Ok, well don't do that, I always get scared."  "I know.  Me too."

They walked into the house, Ciera had the phone in one hand and a remote in the other.  It looked like she was trying to get to a channel.

 Ciera handed The phone to Tany.  "hello".  "Mouth, are you watching?"  "Yeah mom's got the tv......"  She paused because their Album cover was on the TV.

"Mouth, Hey, Uh are you there?"  "Yeah, what is that."  "Mouth we did it, we are being nominated for several awards."

"What does that mean?"  "It's means little girl, that we have a chance to get a video award."  "So we..." "Yeah."

Tany couldn't believe this was happening.  It was like her life took a right, when she wanted to go left.  They had sold over five hundred thousand  copies of "Miracle".  So in her bedroom now was the cover of "Miracle" and a gold record.

She was riding Midnight.  They went up to Mount Creek.  It was a camping ground but Tany liked it.

She could think here. She had brought a blanket laying on it,  She was thinking about what it would be like to win.  What would she say?  How would Jonny respond?  Cheryl would revel in it, like it was her who did it.  "why doesn't he just divorce her?"

 Midnight whinied.  "I know, we have to put up with her."  "Midnight you are the best friend I have ever had."  "Wow that's sad!"

 A deep voice came from behind her.  She turned around to see and there was Scott.  "How did you know where I was."  "They told me where you were."  "But no-one knows where I am."  she looked at him, quizzically.  "Ma'am your horse can't be here." Scott said.  "why are you calling me ma'am?"

Scott changed into a man Tany had never met.  "Uh,  oh um sorry."

She stood up, climbed on Midnight and rode out of the park.  On her way back she thought about the strange dream she had.

When she arrived back home, there was some flowers on her nightstand.  Once again the card read "Congrats on the Nominations, good luck."  Again no name, but it was the same handwriting as before.  Still stumped, Tany smelled them. 


Poses:   Oh My, Kay's and Ray's, Kaleeko and PG

I actually have nothing to give credit for, I have already given credit!


  1. UGH! Come on now Scott! Step up to her! She's so ready! Dump Jo-Beth already :(

    I think I like that Jonny is questioning his marriage because maybe that means he'll leave her soon, I hope. I think that he is starting to see the reasons no one liked her and her controlling attitude.

    Poor Tany, seeing the face of Scott everywhere and even dreaming about him. One of them needs to confess!!!


    1. Scott needs to do smoething, I don't know if he will dump Jo-Beth... We will see.

      Jonny is very much starting to see, she is trying everything in her power to make him "her" version of Jonny. Not Jonny's version. Jonny likes who he is but Jonny needs to forgive Jonny, before anything else can happen.

      Tany loves Scott, I don't think she is in-love with him. Because of this she is dreaming of him. She desperately wants to be with him.

      Thanks for reading Daijahv

  2. I love those first three pictures. :) I hope he sees the light before he ends up walking to it.

    Tany daydreaming about Scott... cute :) I agree with Daija, one of them needs to talk before Scott is whisked away, or Tany is... that would be sad.


    1. Thank you, I hope it showed how he was feeling. I think he sees a little more than a flicker. I think he is starting to realize that Cheryl may be good in bed and is definitely arm candy. She is NOT the wifey type. He needs a wife.

      I will tell you this, something is about to happen that will change the course for both of them.

      Thanks for reading Zhippidy.

  3. Good! Jonnys' getting some sense back to him! Now all he had to do is figure out a way to get rid of that coniving witch!

    Poor Tany, I'm threatening Scott again, he needs to piss or get off the pot!..edenz~


    1. Yes, Jonny is starting to see the whole picture. You nailed it, she is a coniving witch, just wait. You will see how coniving she can be.

      Poor Tany? What about poor Scott? Yes, Scott does need to piss or get off the pot, but he has to break Jo-Beth's heart and He is not the type to do that.

      Thanks for reading Edenz.

  4. Now she's dreaming about Scott! They have to tell one another how they feel.

    I am glad that Jonny is coming to his senses. Maybe he will do better now!
  5. Yes, she is dreaming about him, wouldn't you though. I mean look at him.

    I am not telling you anything.

    Thanks for reading Daisies.
  6. Divorce that skank, Jonny!

    Scott,'re killing me.
  7. Yes, but unfortunately she has her claws on him so deep he doesn't think he can get out.

    Scott just needs a little push.

    Thanks again for reading my story caterpillar.

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