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Chapter 3 "The Call"

September 25th, 1997

"SO that is your sister singing and that is you playing the piano?" Prof. Marci asked.  Jonny nodded. Jeff looked up to Jonny and said, "I couldn't believe it either."  "Jon, I think you've got something here. And you said she is only sixteen."  "Yeah she will be seventeen next month."  "Jon, you know my cousin works for WB records, maybe I can talk to him."  Jonny just leaned there for a moment, "Wow, you would do that for me."  "Absolutely, Jon I have never heard a girl sing like her." Jeff who had been quiet spoke, "That's what I said."  "You need to get her out in the mainstream."  "I don't know if she would go for it."  Jonny knew it was going to take alot of persuading, but he thought he could talk Tany into it.  His sister did have a great voice and he could play the piano.  Maybe he would go to his parents this weekend, talk to his father first.  Tany always respected their fathers opinion.  Besides he missed seeing his dog and his baby brother Juno.  Yup, that is what Jonathan Seamius Connors Jr. was going to do and if he did it just right,  The duo could be in the studio as early as December.  Imagine working for WB records, Jonny smiled to himself. 
Later that night...............
"I am telling you Mike, I have never heard anything like it."  Mike sighed, "Look Sam, I know you want you students to succeed, but come on."  "Fine, you are right, but I am telling you, listen to the tape, when you get it."  "Fine, I will listen to it.  That is all I can promise."  "Thank you, that is all I ask, because I know you will want to sign them as soon as possible."  "Ok, whatever."  Hanging up, Prof. Marci giggled, he knew what Jon had.  He also knew what his cousin was looking for.  This was it.

Saturday Afternoon............

Let me tell you a little more about Johnson, he actually did have a recurring role on a sitcom called "The Magnificent Mister Streets", but it was canceled.  But, yesterday he got a roll on a soap oprea.  "Nights of our Deaths" he is going to be playing Erin Boyd, twin brother to Tammy Boyd.  So Calvin, Johnson and Jonny were celebrating.  Before you ask, Scott was on a date with some chick named Tina.  Otherwise he would be celebrating too.  The three of them were out on their balcony smoking and drinking beers.  "You going to tell Prof. Marci, who your father is."  questioned Calvin.  "NO, what purpose will that serve." Jonny replied.  Calvin took a drag from his cigarette, exhaling, "I don't know, uh maybe being honest."
Johnson putting out his cigarette, "Dude I am so with Jonny on this man."  "Ok, well I don't know I don't have a famous daddy like you two."  Calvin shrugged.  Johnson laughed, "My dad is not famous well not like Jonny's."  "Yeah, right I bet if we were to go to Dallas, your dad would be just as famous as mine," Jonny teased.  "What, your dad is a household name," Calvin wondered, "I mean I don't know to many people who don't know the name of John Connors, dude."
"Well, whatever I don't want to ride on his coat tails, that's why I dropped the Jr."  "I wouldn't either Jonny, don't get me wrong I respect my dad and think he is a great actor, but I don't want to go around, Yeah my dad is Allen Ardles, give me the part.  I want to earn my own way."  Calvin who was a chain smoker, lit another cigarette, "Dudes, I don't know, my dad was in the army. I don't have a famous dad, so I don't know what it would be like."  "What time is it?" Jonny asked.  Johnson looked at his watch, a little over 4."  "Crap, I told my mom, I would be there by five."  Putting his cig out, he started to take his shirt off as he went inside.  He had to take a shower before he went. 
Saturday Evening.............
"Hey little bro, where's mom?"  Jonny asked.  "Around here somewhere."  Juno answered.

  "Hey there Reeves, I sure do miss you."  "There is nothing quite like seeing a man and his dog bonding."
Jonny looked up, there in all his 6'8" glory was none other than Alberto Connors.  Jonny got a huge smile on his face.  "When did you get in?" "Last night." Alberto chuckled.

Jonny and Al share a more perfound bond because of their age, but really the three oldest shared this.  It wasn't because they didn't love Cintia or Juno it is just that they grew up playing with each other.  They were all they had.  "Man I miss you."  "Yeah that's not what I hear."  "What did you hear?" Jonny said teasingly.  "Oh, you know that you are having parties and drinking all the time." Al just smiled.  "Oh yeah, all the time." Jonny laughed.  This was a joke between the two of them.  When Al started at Texas State, Ciera told him not to party and drink all the time.  Since it was Jonny who was more of a partier than Al, it was funny.

Later that night around 9 p.m....................
Jonny opened the door slowly, "Dad can I talk to you a minute."  John Sr., was sitting at his desk looking at his computer, "Sure, son, what's wrong?"  "Well, you know that assignment I had?" Jonny questioned.  "Yeah, the one where you asked Tany to sing."  "yeah, well Prof. Marci sent the tape to his cousin, who works for the WB."  "That's good news, why are you worried."  I should just say this now, John knew about Jonny's smoking and the reason was Jonny told him.  He respected his father and didn't want to lie, but John did lecture Jonny and both agreed to keep it a secret from Ciera.  Ciera was from Portugal and had, a kind of bad temper.  Plus John knew his son pretty well and could tell when he was stressed.  

"I guess,'s hard to say but I don't think Tany will go for it." "Why do you say that?" John quizzed. Jonny paused thinking how he could word it, "She told me." "And you want me to convince her?" John questioned. Jonny nodded in agreement. "Son, you know Tany, probably better than I do, do you honestly think I can convince her to do anything." "I know, but maybe just talking to her, make it seem like it is her idea." Jonny said hopefully. "well if you think this is what she would want then yeah." "Ok, thanks Dad."
 John called Tany to his office.  A few minutes later, a soft knock, "Yes, Daddy."  "Hey, Princess Have a seat."  "Did I do something wrong."  "No, No Jonny and I want to talk to you about singing."  Tany rolled her eyes (teenage girls roll their eyes alot, I know this, author has one). "Now, Before you start with the eye rolling and the sighing, you need to hear your brother out."  John stated firm but soft, giving Tany a smile that made his eyes twinkle.

"Ok, please don't interupt until I am finished ok."  Jonny told Tany about Prof. Marci's cousin and that it wasn't a for sure thing, but if it became a for sure thing it would totally be up to Tany.

Tany sat there a few minutes, not knowing what to say.  She looked over at her father, to see if he would give the "ok", but he just nodded.  Tany could see the excitement in her brother's eyes.  She didn't want to disappoint him.  She would be seventeen in a few weeks and Jonny was asking her to make an adult decision.
He did say that she wouldn't be doing this alone, that he would be there with her.  Tany slowly nodded, swollowed and said softly, "Ok, I am in."  Jonny who had been holding his breath, let it go and with extreme excitement said, "Yeah."  Tany nodded.
Jonny Jumped up and gave his sister the biggest hug he ever gave her.  Little did Tany know the decision she just made would change the Connors' life forever.
cooler (Syl), Books, file boxes (Living Dead girl), Candle and holder (Mustke) Here
bookcase and fashion sketch Here
Cigarettes, Painting, swordfish, and desk decor here
Tany's Hair here
hat here
beer here
I use these alot for alot of things and forgot to add both of them, OMSP and the  Poseplayer, also Tany has a scar on her chin here
**If you know where the house is that I  used for the Connors or the deer antler's let me know I try to give credit where credit is due.  I think the House is called the Seafoam.  I think.....**

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