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Chapter 16 "The Dreaded Wedding"

June 12, 1999  Arlington, TX.

Tany was looking at her self in the mirror, she looked absolutely ridculous.  Cheryl was once again getting her way.  Tany was about to slap that woman.  But because she is a Christian woman she is smiling and pretending everything is ok.  Today was Jonny and Cheryl's wedding.  Tany nearly threw up in her mouth.  Jonny was not better he was worse in some ways.  He was doing exactly what she wanted him to do.  It was like he had no heart, no he had a heart, just being a fool.  She was slowly loosing all respect for him. He wasn't her brother, her brother would never marry a woman like Cheryl.  Why was he being such a fool.  He had such a foolish heart. I won't ever give up on him though.......  Tany started to get an idea for a song.

She quickly walked upstairs and sat down at her mothers piano.  She started to play some.

She didn't know but Scott was standing in the doorway.  She was writing a song. 

Scott could see she was in deep thought he didn't want to bother her, but Al asked him to get her so she could take her place. "Mmmhmm"

Tany quickly turned around.  Shock on her face. Her face instantly went pink. Scott's heart melted. "How long have you been standing there?"

"Long enough to hear some of that song."  "Oh, I was just messing around."  She was so nervous, she didn't even want to look at him.  "Is that yours?"  "Yeah I just thought of it."  "Is it about your brother?" "Yeah."  "It's good."  "Thank you."  "Uh, you need to go take your place." "Oh, yeah I almost forgot."

She walked past him and Scott got a whiff of her.  What was he doing?  Jonny wasn't really his friend.  But he was friends with Al and He thought of the Connors as family.  He wouldn't abandon them just because he had feelings for her.

Tany, Cintia and Cheryl were standing on one side of the isle and Jonny, Al and Steve were standing on the other side.  The pastor started, "We are gathered here today to join Jonathan and Cheryl into holy matrimony......"  "Holy smoly," Tany thought.

 She started to drift off, not asleep per-say more of floating away into Tany's own little world.

She remembered singing infront of the church when she was 9.

Some of the goers were telling her mother what a great set of lungs she had and that Tany would probably grow up to be a singer.

Tany remembered she thought how funny they were, she was going to get a ranch and raise horses.

Another memory popped in her head this one was of her and Father O'Mailey.  She had just turned thirteen, the Connors had moved to Longbeach a few months earlier, but they went to Texas for Christmas.

When they went to Church, Tany asked Father O'Mailey if she could talk to him.  Father O'Mailey never turned Tany down.

She went into his office and the tears just started to come.  She told him she didn't like Longbeach that everyone there smelled like the ocean and that there was this boy who teased her but he was good friends with Alberto.  She, of course, was talking about Scott.  She smiled.

 Another Memory came, She had just moved back to Arlington after Jonny's Overdose. She was riding her bike around town, when she came acrossed St. Thomas Church.

  She wondered if Father O'mailey was still Alive.  She walked up the stairs and slowly opened the door, There was a woman praying by the candles.

 She walked into the sanctuary.  She didn't see anyone so she went into the confessional.

A Father opened the partition and said, "how long has it been since your last confession."  Tany knew who it was,  "Well I have been really busy trying to make into show biz, but about two weeks."  "This voice sounds a wee bit familiar," He said in his thick Irish accent.  Tany could hear he was getting out of the confessional, so she followed suit.

"For the love of St. Peter, if it isn't Tania Connors?"  "Hello, Father, I have moved back."  "I see that."

They sat down on one of the pews and talked for hours.  Tany told him about Jonny and Cheryl and then they got on the subject of Scott.  "So you like him a lot."  "Yes, but I don't think he likes me and he is dating someone."  "Aye, you love him but his heart belongs to someone else."  "Yes I do."  "Well, the heart wants what the heart wants, Maybe you should talk to him."

"Tany, Tany...." Someone was shaking her.  "What?"  "The ring" Cheryl snapped.  "Oh--yeah---here." She handed Cheryl the ring.

 The pastor announced them married and they kissed.  Tany really did throw up in her mouth.

Later that night...........
The reception was long and boring.  Tany had changed hours ago, she was sitting on the porch swing.  She really missed this.

She heard someone coming up on the porch.  It was Johnson, he too had changed.  "Can I swing with you?"  "Yes, this is a free country."  "Welp, they are married Ms. Connors."  "Yep, unfortunately, someone needs to beat her up."  "Yes but I am a dude and I can't hit a girl."  Tany smiled, "Who said she was a girl, just look at her, I think she is some type of animal."  Johnson and Tany both laughed out loud.

"So have you found someone yet?"
"No, not really, I don't know too many people here."
"And what, I get out, I mean I go to the parks and church."
"You will never find a man that way."
"I guess you are right, actually I think I have found my man but he doesn't like me."  Johnson so did not want to get in the middle of this but he was tired of them both moping around.  "Tany, he does, he has for a long time."

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  1. I am so sad for Jonny. He married the witch! Even though they knew that he was making a huge mistake, I'm happy that his family is still behind him.

    I loved the flashback scenes of Tany. She was adorable! Now she knows how Scot feels about her! I can't wait to see what happens next!
  2. Yeah, He went ahead with it. But don't be too hard on him. His family is behind him in only that they love him and will always. I don't think they are happy with him with the decision but they can't do anything about it.

    I didn't want to do the whole wedding so I tried to figure out a way to get through it without doing it. So I thought let's do some flashbacks. So I did, I am glad you liked them. Yes, Johnson tried to tell Scott but he wouldn't listen, so he told Tany and I think she did. We will see.

    Thanks for reading Daisies.
  3. I hope Jonny gets out of the marriage before he's hurt, or Cheryl has a strong awakening and changes her ways.

    Tany was funny with Johnson. Nice friendship :) And I am glad he said something :)
  4. Yeah, Unfortunately Jonny needs some help but he might not get it. No don't hold your breath for Cheryl. Believe me she won't change her ways.

    Yes, Tany and Johnson developed a real friendship and are truly good friends. They love each other and wouldn't want the other to get hurt. Johnson needed to tell her.

    Thanks for reading Zhippidy!!
  5. THANK YOU JOHNSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I was all set to yell at you about the wedding because like Tany I threw up in my mouth...poor Jonny so blind. BUT I am already set to forgive and forget because TANY KNOWS SCOTT LIKES HE YAY!

    Now will she take Father O'Mailey's advice and tell him? Or will she sulk and let him be "happy" with Jo-Beth? YAY YAY! Get your man Tany!!!!!
  6. Yes, Johnson finally took it upon himself. Now Tany knows but Scott Doesn't.

    I know, I know... When I was writing this Chapter I hated to do that but it wouldn't be dramatic if I didn't. So they are married now, but there will be some rockiness.

    We have to do a few things before you find out if she took Father O'Mailey's advice. I would hope so since she does respect him. But we will have to wait and see.

    Thanks for reading DJ.
  7. I think you know that I don't like Cheryl, she's bad for Jonny obviously, everyone but him can see that.

    but this was good! Because at least Tany knows now, these two have been wanting each other for a while now!
  8. Yes, I know you don't like Cheryl, I don't know too many people who do. Yes Cheryl is extremely bad for Jonny, but I will tell you she will get what is coming to her.

    Tany knows, but Scott does not. We will have to see if she goes for it or if she is like Scott and tries to pretend so he can be happy. We shall see.....

    Thanks for reading Aeon.
  9. Okay, I also threw up in my mouth. Cheryl you skank!

    And, yay, Johnson, stepping in because Scott won't man up and do it himself! Somebody has to get these two together...
  10. I know right, she is horrible. But Just wait, someone is going to put Cheryl in her place and you wouldn't guess in a million years.

    Yes, Johnson had, had it with these two. He was really getting annoyed, he tried to tell Scott but Scott wouldn't listen, he knew Tany would.

    Thanks for reading caterpillar!

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