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Chapter 10 "The Stage"

January 4th, 1999 Somewhere between LA and KS.

Tany and Calvin didn't make the cover of "Weekly Entertainment" but there was a small article. The title read, "Good Girl Tany dates Former child star Calvin". Although Tany liked Calvin alot she still felt embarassed about it. It wasn't like they were going to get married. Even though, Calvin would make the best husband. He just wasn't quite what Tany had in mind.

Michael told her, that was great, that, they were calling her "Good Girl", maybe, that would dispel some of the rumors about Jonny.  Tany kept reading the magazine and on the next page was a picture of Scott.

He had shorter hair and it was brown instead of blonde.  In the picture he looked really angry.  Infact that was what the article was about.  She didn't want to read it, but because she was so nosey, she kept reading.  "Scott A. Wright, Star of the hit TV Show "Watford Wives", was seen yelling at a photographer last Friday night as he left Gold's Gym.  It went on to say that Scott was with his mother.  Trying to shield her from the camera's.  Scott then became angry when the photographer asked Scott if he could take a picture. Scott then shouted "Hell, no! You want to take pictures of me, find but leave my mother alone!"  This was the first time her heart melt for Scott, unfortunately it wouldn't be the last.

The Tour bus pulled up to the hotel and the girls got off.  Tisha stretching her legs,  "Please remind me again, why I want to be a backup singer?"

"Because you want to be rich" Tany said with a fake smile.

Tori was fanning herself with her shirt, "My Gosh it had to be 120 degrees in that,"  Tori stated pointing to the bus.  That was a beat up tour bus, made to accomadate four band memebers.  Well it was holding five guys and three really upset ladies.  The bus' heater was broken so they had to ride with the only window that would go down, down.  And even then that was not enough.  It started to smell worse than a boys locker room, after a football game.  John and Ciera were on a plane, they did not want to miss their children's first performance, they would be there later.  The show wasn't until 7. 
Tany looked over at Tori, "Let's go take a shower and maybe we will feel better." 
"Good idea."  Tisha agreed.

After everyone settled in their hotel rooms, Tisha and Tori were standing in front of the venue.  They were taking pictures of the Marquee.

 Jonny walks up behind them and gives them each a tap on the shoudler.  Of course they both look the other way.  He started to laugh, Tisha hitting Jonny softly, "Oh Jonny."  Even though tisha was happily married, she still liked to flirt with him.  But who wouldn't I mean look at him.  Ahem......back to the story.

"Well isn't that cool."  Jonny said looking up.

"Jonny why don't you get under it and I take your picture."  Tori said.  "No, get Tany, I am sure she will," He stated as he walked off.

Scott was sitting on his couch. He hated the winter Hiatus, probably as much as the fans.  He was bored, he couldn't go surfing.  He could go golfing, but Jonhson was at work. His publicist, Linda, told him to lay low for a little bit.  Unfortunately, Scott was starting to get a reputation of being a "Bad Boy".  Which was stupid because Scott never, ever broke the law.  Just because he had Tatoos and  piercings.

Well whatever, he switched the TV on.   He wasn't really watching it, who really watches MTV.

He started to walk over to his tredmill, when a voice he knew all to well, came on.  It was her.  He sat back down.

He couldn't really see her face with all the makeup she was wearing.  But he knew it was her.  He thought to himself, "She is absolutely the most beautiful girl he had ever layed eyes on."  But he knew she didn't like him, if the last time they saw each other was any indication.  She got mad and stormed into his house.  Later she was talking and flirting with Calvin.  Why was he being jealous? He is not the jealous type at all.  Scott knew the answer to that question and it was simple.

Scott had feelings for Tany.  But at this time there was nothing he could do about it.  Calvin was a longtime friend of Scott's.  He would never do anything that might ruin the friendship.  But he could


Later that night..........

Jonny was a little nervous.  He told himself that he didn't want to be high when he went on stage. He was just lying to himself.

 He had gone into the bathroom. Went into one of the stalls, pulled out the vile Cheryl had given him.  He opened it up, put some on his pinky and snorted it.  Within, minutes he would be feeling great.

Tany on the other was not doing well at all.  She became so nervous that she threw up the garden salad she had for dinner.  She couldn't keep anything down.

Tisha was trying to calm her down, "Tany maybe we should pray, that might make you feel better." "y-e-s leettt's do that."

 Tisha, Tori, Cale and Tany bowed their heads.  This actually worked for Tany, she felt a little better.  "You have done this before you little chicken, you can do this," Tany repeated to herself. 
"See you out there," Tisha said winking to Tany.

Jonny walked up beside Tany.  "You, ready Mouth."  Tany looking up at her brother, "Are you?" she said smiling.

 They walked together to the stage, Jonny helped her up.  Jonny sat down at the keyboard and Tany walked over to the front stage.  "Welcome ladies and gentlemen, My name is Tany and the guy over there on the keyboard is my brother Jon S.  We are the Connors.  The first song we would like to do for you is an oldie, It is my mother's favorite song."  turning towards Jonny, she nodded.

He started to play and at that very moment,  Tany looking at the crowd seeing some of them excited, knew that was where she belonged.

On the Bus
Tany's Hair Here

Tour bus here
Tany's Hair here

Stage outfits
Tany's Hair here

Tany's reading magazine here
Scott's Angry here
Tisha's stretching here
Tisha and Tori's here
Praying here

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  1. i'm very concerned about Jonny, don't seem like he can do anything straight and that's not good for anyone=(, i hope someone kicks him in the hind end and can make him realize what he's, not only doing to himself, but others who depend on him.

    If Scott only knew....wondering how long it will take for him and Tany to realize what they have.

    enjoyed this...edenz~
  2. Yes, unfortunately Jonny has to have the drugs. It is almost getting to the point where his bodies will start to withdrawal when he doesn't get it. In the next few chapters something is going to happen that makes him rethink everything.

    Scott and Tany Just need to get off the pot.

    Thanks for reading Edenz.
  3. Looks like Jonny continues to trend downward! I think it's only a matter of time before Scott and Tany get closer to each other as well.

    It's good that Tany quickly got over her nerves and hopefully didn't go out there and flop!
  4. Yes he is. What a shame and a waste of talent.

    Scott and Tany just need to get over it and just start dating.

    No she did not flop, they did their set and the audience wanted more. She actually got to sing with "The Magnifiers".

    Thanks for reading Aeon.
  5. Jonny's addiction and his attitude are becoming worse! It sounds as though he might be developing a little jealousy toward his sister.

    So Scott realizes that he has feelings for Tany. I hope that eventually they get together! I'm such a romantic!

    I love this story, PG! I like how you are slowly developing the characters and the relationships!
  6. Thank you Daisies. Yes Jonny is developing some serious problems.

    Maybe......(Scott and Tany)

    Thank you again Daisies.
  7. Well, it looks like Scott knows what he wants better than Tany does...
  8. Maybe..... Scott wants her but he is so loyal.

    Thanks for reading!!

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