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Chapter 11 "The Ceremony"

February 24th, 1999

Jonny wasn't a happy camper.  Cheryl got in one of her moods, where she wanted to "mold" Jonny into "her" version of the perfect man.  She basically told him to cut his hair.  He didn't want to but to keep the queen happy he did.  She then tried to get him to dye it blonde.  Jonny drew the line and that caused a big fight.

He needed some coke bad, he was itchy all over and when he scratched it didn't help.  Cheryl was in the bedroom still getting ready.  He had gotten ready awhile ago.  He should ask Cheryl if she had anymore.  He might feel alot better.  He walked over to the fridge and opened a bottle of beer.  He chugged it, this still didn't help.

"What the hell are doing?" she snapped. Cheryl was wearing a tight fighting dress and extremely high heel shoes.  She looked good but Jonny wasn't going to say anything. 
"I was just getting a beer to ease some of my nerves."

"Ha, you need some of this."  She held out her hand and there was some pills on it.  Jonny went to grab one and Cheryl closing her hand jerked it away.  "You will get this when I say you can have it."

"Please, Cheryl I need it." 
"No, you don't, you just think you do."
"Cheryl, please I need it." 
"Fine here you addict," she threw them on the floor.  Jonny quickly went over and picked them up.  He put one in his mouth.  It was not instant, but he would feel better soon.

Tany was excited, she had never been to the Grammy's. She wasn't sure if she should ask Calvin to be her escort or not, but she figured the "cat was out of the bag" now. Calvin told her it would be his honor. Tany had gone shopping earlier that week to find a gown but had only picked two out that remotely were her. She would go back and decide on one after she went on her run.

When Tany got back from her run there was a package sitting infront of her door.  She looked at it and tried to see if there was a note or a card, there wasn't.

"Mmm I wonder what it is?"  She picked it up and put it on her kitchen counter.  She went to take a shower, she would open it later.

 After her shower she took a knife and carefully opened it.  Inside was a note that simply read, "I hope you enjoy it."  Tany put the note aside, inside the box was a dress that she had eyed earlier that week but was afraid she couldn't afford it.  It was the perfect dress for Tany.  Tany was a "girly girl" but she didn't want to draw too much attention to herself.  She tried to think of who could possibly have bought her this dress.  It wasn't anybody in her family, she knew their handwritings.  "Aw, that was so sweet of him but this is really exspensive,  I will have to kiss him and thank him later."  Tany thought it might be Calvin.

Tany finshed getting ready adding the last touch, her lipstick.  She grabbed her clutch and started out the door.

Calvin was standing there waiting for her.  He looked really good in his Tux.

 She smiled at him, "Thank you for the dress."  "what, what do you mean?"  He asked.  "Didn't you get me this dress."  "No, I couldn't afford that, don't forget I am a struggling actor, Not that you don't look good, you do, you really do."  "Thank you, you too." she was more confused than ever.

"Are you ready?" 
"I guess I might have been born ready."  Calvin put his arm out and Tany put hers in his and they were off.

When they got out of the limo, the flashes were blinding.  Tany thought she would need sunglasses.  Several people were screaming "Tany look this way or Calvin put your arm around her."

 Calvin did and they took several pictures but then Calvin said "ok that's enough."  He put his hand up and Tany tried to seem like she was being cool.  They were told where to go and where to sit.

 Calvin leaned over to tell her something and they took a picture.  Tany was starting to realize what it meant to be in the "limelight".

Cheryl and Jonny walked in front of Tany and Calvin.  Jonny was suppose to sit next to his sister but Cheryl sat there instead.  Tany gave Calvin a shrug.  Tany did not like the way Cheryl treated her brother.  But it wasn't any of her business, just like Calvin and herself was not Jonny's.

The Ceremony started and they panned the camera towards Jonny and Tany, but instead of getting the siblings the camera man captured the akwardness between Tany and Cheryl.  Once again "The Connors" would be in "Weekly Entertainment".

Scott, Alberto and Johnson were sitting in Scott's livingroom.  Scott had made popcorn, to munch on while they watched the Grammy's. Johnson burst out laughing and Al said, "She is such a little stinker."  They just saw Tany and Cheryl.  "Shhh, they are going to be presenting, " Scott said.

When Tany and Jonny walked on to the stage, Scott smiled to himself, she looked good in the dress.  He knew she would.

For the Grammy's
Cheryl's dress here
Cheryl's hair here
Cheryl's shoes here
Cheryl's earrings here
Cheryl's necklace here

Tany's dress here
Tany's Hair here
Tany's shoes here
Tany's earrings here
Tany's necklace here

Pattern for picture taking (would say Grammy's but I can't make anything for the sims) here

Other little details
Pills here
Podium here
cardboard box here

Now for the Poses
I believe Kate was waiting for this one. here
The rest of the poses I have already given credit for!!!
If there is a pose I have not given credit for let me know.

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  1. awww that's so sweet! Scott got Tany the dress!!

    Jonny..he's in deep poop in more ways than one, if he don't straighten up quick he may not be able to on his own=/...edenz
    1. I loved the ending to this chapter. My daughter said the same thing Edenz. Scott is a really nice guy.

      Yeah, Jonny is seriouosly in need of a swift kick in the pants. He isn't doing well and Cheryl is not helping matters either.

      Thanks for reading edenz!
  2. Wow his addiction is getting really bad. Cheryl isn't much help either in fact she is probably doing him much worse. Also that's a great gift by Scott. Nice chapter RPG!
  3. Thanks Aeon!! Cheryl is alot of the cause, the drug abuse, not the drinking. He has an addictive personality. Which means that pretty much no matter what he will become addicted.

    Scott giving Tany the dress was my way of letting you guys know that Scott knows Tany pretty well. In the next few Chapter something is going to happen that makes them both re-evaluate their lives.

    Thanks for reading Aeon!!!
  4. The poses looked a lot better in your game than they did in mine! Glad to see them in here. :D

    So did they win any awards? Or is this "to be continued"? Scott still has the hots for Tany, I can't wait to see what plays out between them! Scott is way cuter than Calvin.

    Ugh I just wanna smack Cheryl. Johnny does not need anyone pushing his addictions more. He is going to get busted eventually. I just know something bad is going to happen to him. My bet is that he is going to get caught doing drugs.

    I feel like I am realyl late on this response, and I apologize. You should know I will always get to it, even if I am a tiddly bit late. :D
  5. I have been wanting to use them but I couldn't, because They just started out and they wouldn't get invited to anything really. The answer is no they didn't get any award they unfortunately have no album out yet but very soon.

    Scott does have feelings for her, buying the dress for her was just the beginning. I personally think Scott and Tany make a better looking couple than Calvin and Tany but we will see.

    Good I am glad you feel that way about her(Cheryl). She is bad for Jonny through and through. Yes you are right, something bad is going to happen....

    Don't worry about it.
  6. Just got around to reading your story.
    Can I just say I LOVE it. I enjoy your writing style. It's very laid back and I feel like Im part of the story.
  7. Thanks Bria, I appreciate that. I really do.

    Good I am glad you feel part of the story. That means I am doing a good job. Thank you.

    Thanks for reading.
  8. Someone really needs to stop him! I can't believe that he has gotten this far into his addiction and it's just breezed by his friends and family! He needs help RIGHT NOW before it's too late! He's already getting the itch :(

    Scott aww :) that was so sweet! I wonder how long he'll play secret admirer before he lets his emotions get the better of him!

    **copied to RWN this time because I don't think you get my others.**
  9. Thanks DJ ;). It really means alot.

    What Jonny needs is a swift kick in the buttocks.

    Scott loves her but he can't do anything about it, not until she is single.
  10. Cheryl is treating Jonny like her puppet. I think that she intentionally got him addicted just so that she could use him! I can't stand her!!! I hope that Jonny gets away from her and gets help!

    That was so sweet of Scott to buy that dress for Tany! He even did it anonymously!

    So good!!!

    I loved the pictures and the clothes!
  11. Yes exactly Cheryl wants Jonny to be what Cheryl Wants, not what Jonny wants. Yes she is using him and Yes I believe she did get him addicted. She knows he has that kind of personality.

    Thank you again Daisies, I am trying to respond to all of you comments, without giving any spoilers away.
  12. Aw, Scott buying her the dress was so sweet.
    And that Cheryl is such a skank!
  13. Just wait..... Scott is a sweet man.

    Yes Cheryl is, do you hate her yet?

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