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Chapter 18 "The Win"

September 9th, 1999  Burbank/Malibu CA.

Jonny was now living with Johnson.  They were sharing each other's rent.  Jonny didn't want to move back to Texas, that would mean he would have to say the marriage was over.  He hardly saw Johnson.  He was so busy with his soap, that he was never home.  So Jonny pretty much had the apartment, all by himself.
 Jonny and Cheryl had, had another big fight and Jonny had it.  He packed all of his bags and he left.
 Cheryl cried and pleaded the whole time, but he was done.  He wanted nothing do to with her.  She tried calling him on Saturday, but he wouldn't answer.  Johnson answered and told her that he had no idea where he was.
 So here Jonny was.  He was waiting to go pick up his sister. He had offered for her to stay there but she didn't want to.  She had stayed at a hotel.  He was nervous and excited all at the same time.  What if they did win?  Michael had told them to just make sure they say thank you to everyone they could think of.  Jonny heard the honk of the horn. The ride was ready.  They drove to Tany's hotel.  Tany came out, she too looked very nervous.
 Scott was in a sour mood.  Jo-Beth just ignored him.
 They had to be at work early so she went to take a bath.
 Scott just wanted to go to bed and stay there.  He had watched some of the surfing competions.  He missed competing but he loved acting.  He decided it was to early to go to bed, so he was flipping through the channels.  He got to MTV and paused.  He was being stupid about Tany.  She had a life in Texas and he should stop buying her flowers.  She was going to find out, and worse, what if Jo-Beth found out.  Scott honestly didn't care.  No, I am not being stupid, I need her. Jo-Beth and Scott weren't meant to be, he always thought of Tany when they had sex and when ever she was on TV he would watch.  That's how he knew about the nominations.  He was always thinking about her.  He even bought several copies of "Miracle", just so he could hear her voice. He wished more than anything he could be with her.  Just for one night,  he wouldn't do anything, but be with her.  He wanted to talk to her, no, He needed to talk to her.  He heard their name.  Some rapper that Scott had never really heard was presenting the "Best Group" Video. 
 He finshed reading the names, "And the Spaceman goes to........"The Connors".  Scott jumped out of his seat.  He was so excited, he yelled.
 Jo-Beth hearing this, hurried out of the bathtub.  "What the hell..."  "They won Jo, They won." 
Jo-Beth could see it and she knew Scott could too.  "Scott we need to talk."  "Not now Jo, can't you see I am watching this".  "Then when Scott." "I don't want to have this conversation, Jo-Beth."
"When do you want to have it, when you are walking down the aisle with her."  
"No, but......I........"  
"Scott stop pretending."  
"I don't know what you are talking about."  
"Don't you Scott, At least give me the decensy,  I am not stupid.  I see how she looks at you and how you get sweaty when she is around." 
"We are jus....."  
"No you are not just friends, Scott."  Tears swelled up in her eyes.  
"I saw the receipt."
"You knew about them."  
"Oh, Scott."  She was really cying now.  
"I am so sorry, Jo."
"Don't, don't be sorry for loving her more than me."  
"Don't, I am a big girl, I will find someone. But will you promise me one thing Scott."  
"Promise me you won't go out with anybody but her."  
"I promise." He started to get up.  
"Don't I will be out in just a few hours."
He went back to watching, he felt guilty but at the same time, he felt free.   He was so tuned into the show that he never saw Jo-Beth leave. 

The Apartment: here


  1. ..... Huzzah!!!
    I am glad for Scott, poor Jo-Beth though, and I am ecstatic for Jonny. Awesome :)
  2. I like to call this a filler chapter. I don't like them but they have to be done.

    Yes, finally Scott is free now will he get with Tany? Jonny needed to get away, unfortunately he married a very wicked woman.

    Thanks for reading Zhippidy.
  3. Just read the past two chapters. That's so excited! It's crazy how fast they have risen to fame. Now the hard part will be to keep their fans in the ever changing music world!

    Glad to see that Johnny has realized the mistake he made marrying that witch. I just hope he doesn't lose everything if/when they get divorced.

    Jo-Beth really didn't seem overly upset about breaking it off with Scott. But I think that maybe she knew the whole time that it would never work between her and Scott. He has always liked Tany and I think that would be hard to hide.

    I can't wait to see what comes next! I want to see Scott and Tany get together!


    1. Yeah it has been pretty fast, although they did start out about two years ago. Yes this will be pretty hard. They also have to try to stay out of the tabloids for nothing else than to keep the good rep Tany has.

      Jonny is coming around, but sadly she is a coniving Wicked Witch.

      You are right, I think it stung, but not near as much as you would think. She did cry and got it all out. Scott is a very nice guy and it didn't really phase him. He wants what he wants. Now will he get it or not.

      Well we will see if Scott has the uh, uh balls to get her.

      Thanks for reading Kate.
  4. Yea! Im so happy! I couldn't but feel bad for Jo though. Something like that has got to hurt. Happy for you Scott.


    1. Yes it was kinda painful, but it was coming. You just can't have a relationship with someone when you love someone else.

      The question now is: Is Scott now going to get what he wants?

      Thanks for reading Bria!
  5. WHAT?! Both Jonny and Scott are free men!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! /happy dance

    Now Tany you better still be available! After all this time you better not find someone else especially when you're dreaming about Scott! And Scott better keep his promise and not go out with anyone else! I hope he goes to see her soon.

    Now Jonny, admitting that your marriage is over is NOT a bad thing considering you married a horrid shrew of a woman, EVERYONE will understand, trust me! I really hope Tany can convince him to come home (if he mentions what happens that is) and hopefully he files for divorce real soon too!
  6. Jonny isn't quite free....yet. Scott is free and that is all I am going to say about that.

    Tany is still available, she has her eyes set on one man and one man only.

    Jonny doesn't want to admit his marriage is over to his parents. Tany already knows, she knew long before it even started. That's why she lost some respect for her brother. Unfortunately for Jonny he married a very mean, evil, wicked, bitchy well you name it. That is what Cheryl is and she will get her way one way or the other. Or So she thinks. ;)

    Thanks for reading Daijah.
  7. I have to say I am a little disappointed in Scott. I love him dearly and he and Tany are my favorite characters in this story, but Jo Beth was way more mature than he was about the situation. I would have expected him to man up a bit even if it meant hurting Jo Beth.

    On the other hand i'm so freakin' glad that's over and if he don't get his head out of his hind end and chase Tany like he's never chased anything in his life I will personally beat him half to death.

    Finally! Jonny may not want to admit that the marriage is over but good lord how much better off he will be when he's rid of that controlling gold digger. Better things are coming Jonny..just try to think of it all as just a bad dream....edenz~
  8. I know.....please forgive me Edenz, it is in the drama section lol.... I needed you to see that Scott is willing to sacrifice for a woman so he wouldn't hurt her. But he had finally had enough of the pretense. Yeah he should have man up but that isn't Scott.
    And I am so glad that you like Scott and Tany and really want to see them together.

    I will not ruin it for you but let's just say.....You will see.

    Jonny is an idiot, he really is. He has maybe one brain cell. Don't worry I promise Cheryl will get what is coming to her.

    Thanks for reading Edenz.
  9. Scott was right. Jobeth is a nice girl. He just didn't love her! He was right to break things off with her. I just hope that it is the right time now for him and for Tany!

    Great update, Kiddo!
  10. Thanks Daisies. Yeah, Scott wasn't really in love with Jo-Beth. It was the right thing just painful for Jo-Beth.

    Thanks fore reading Daisies!
  11. I'd hate to be in Jo-Beth's position, but she did the smart. You can't make a guy love you when he's head over heels for someone else, so the best thing to do is get out of it.
  12. Yeah, but unfortunately they are co-stars, so it is going to be a little awkward on the set.

    Thanks for reading caterpillar.

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