Sunday, June 10, 2012

Chapter 4 "The Meeting"

October 15th, 1997
Tany lay on her bed trying to finish her homework.  Tany was never really great in school.  She usually got Bs and a few Cs.  She did get a few A's in choir and band, but really who didn't.  Tany just wasn't into school like Alberto.  Alberto liked working with numbers and solving problems. Tany on the other hand liked singing and playing the piano. Tany actually could play other instruments but the piano was her favorite Tany was now finding it harder and harder to concentrate. She was now 17, her birthday came and went.  Yesterday, Jonny called and said that this guy Michael Tyme wanted to meet them.  He had listened to the tape and was very much interested in seeing them.  Tany kept thinking about that.  She had never had a job before, why would she need one.  Last year when she turned sixteen, her father gave her their old car.  The Connors children got an allowance, so really she didn't need one.
The Following day Los Angeles.....

Jonny had just taken a shower and was getting ready to get dressed.  When the doorbell rang, he knew that was Tany.  Ciera never rang the bell and John never came up here.  Calvin was out auditioning, Johnson was working, so that left Scott to answer the door. Scott had a recurring role on his TV show but he had a few days off. Jonny smiled to himself, he knew Tany could not stand Scott.  Why he never knew.
Scott walked over to answer the door.  In a high pitched voice, "Who eeess eeeet?"
"I am here to pick up my brother." Tany said on the verge of tears. 
"We had no brover heeeeere."

"Scott let me in, please."  Tany was nervous and this moron was making her more nervous.

 "Alright, I was just having some fun." Scott said as he opened the door.
"Well, your fun is stupid." She snarled walking in.

"Tany you really should pull the stick out, you might be more comfortable."

"Maybe, If you weren't..."  she was interupted.
Jonny was now standing fully dressed and ready to go, "Really you two, are you ever going to get along." 
"It's her, if she would jus...."
"Dude, she is my sister."

Tany got a huge grin on her face.  "And He is my friend."  He said looking at Tany.  "Come on let's go, so we aren't late."

John, Tany, Ciera and Jonny walked up to the building.  John had never been in this one, but he had been on the WB movie lot.  John opened the door and held it for his family.
As Ciera and Tany walked in, Tany grabbed her mother's hand.  Ciera understood the gesture and squeezed.  Tany looked into her mother's eyes and gave her a weak smile.

Apparently John caught the look and put an arm around Tany's shoulder.  "Princess if you don't want to do this, you don't have to."  Tany didn't want to do this, not really.  This was Jonny's Dream, not hers.  Whenever she thought about her future she thought about being married to a rancher, having a couple of babies and raising horses.  But Tany always wanted to make everyone happy so she just nodded and continued to walk.  They came to a board that had lots of names, floor and suite numbers.  John put his finger on the name they were looking for Michael Tyme Management floor 18 suite 130.  "Welp, you sure?"  Jonny questioned.  Tany nodded, she felt like she was going to throw up.  Jonny was excited.  He always wanted to be in a band, but didn't know anyone who would sing.  John pushed the elevator button pointing up.

They walked into the office marked with (STE 130 Michael Tyme Management).  Sitting at the desk was a very pretty young lady.

"Yes, may I help you?" She asked in the most sincere voice.
"Yes, uh, we have an appointment with Mr. Tyme," Jonny spoke up. 
"And your names?" 
"I think it is under Jonny and Tany?"  Jonny questioned. 
"Oh, yes I will let him know he hasn't stopped Talking about you," she agreed nodding to Tany. 
"My name is Beth and I hope you join our family." She said with the most honest smile anyone has ever seen.  
"We just have to see what's on the table," John said as he smiled the twinkly eyed smile. 

*Note to reader I am warning you now, so you do not try to find this later, please remember what Beth said*

Ciera and Tany were sitting there reading some magazines when Beth said "He will see you now."  John opened and held the door again for his family.

A man was standing at his desk, "Yes, Yes come in, come in.  I am Michael, I am so excited to meet you." he said holding out his hand for each of them to shake. 
"It's nice to finally meet you." Jonny said. 
"I have to say Tany, I was really impressed with your voice and Jonny the way you played the piano, I just had to meet you."

John sighed.  "Yes, I know, we should get down to business.  I am offering 75/25."  He suggested.  There was that awkward silence, where everyone shifts uncomfortablely, except Jonh and Michael.

John pressed his lips together, putting his left index finger over his upper lip, countered, "80/20 with 5 tour bonus."

Michael sat there for what seemed like years, then repeated, "80/20 record sales, air play and any indorsements and for tours it will be 75/25?"  John nodded.
Michael Paused again then said, "yes, I like that, that will work.  Now for your stage names are you going with John and Tany?"  Tany right away shook her head yes. 
Of course Ciera had to speak up, "Her name is TAWN E A" 
"But mom it is a stage name," Tany pleaded
"Your name is...." 
"Ciera, we christened her Tania, nobody is going to be able to pronounce it, heck if I wasn't married to you, I wouldn't know how to pronounce it, Let it go, Ciera."  he demanded winking to Tany. 
Tany finally won a battle over her name, but she knew it wasn't the last. 
"Fine!" Ciera said indignantly. 
"I would like to go by J-o-n S."  John looked at his son, but understood. 
"Ok and for the band name is that going to be simply "The Connors".  For the first time since entering Michael's office Tany felt at ease.
Jonny and Tany looked at each other and simultaneously said, "Yes."

"Alright, then he said picking up his phone, "Beth can you please come in here?" he politely asked.  The door opened, "Yes, Mr. Tyme?" she questioned.  "Yes, I would like you to draw up a contract for Mr. Jon S. and Ms.Tany Connors, please."

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