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Chapter 8 "The Beginning"

August 3rd, 1998 Los Angeles CA..............

They say time heals all wounds, Tany didn't think this was true.  Michael did call her back only to tell her that "The Connors" were being played all over the country.  That meant that they needed to fly back to LA, so they could start to rehearse for a tour and possibly finish making an album.

Jonny was still hurt and was starting to drink pretty heavily.  It didn't surprise Tany at all, Her father John, was once a heavy drinker as well.  But he was involved in a scandal, where a fellow actor drowned.  Infact it made national news.  Tany couldn't remember that because she was to little, but Ciera told her that was the only time in their 24 years of marriage, she almost divorced him.
It wasn't John's fault, of course.  So, the day after he vowed he would never bring shame to Ciera ever again and he didn't, and about nine months later Cintia Mary Ciera Connors was born.  Tany smiled as she looked out side.
It was pouring rain, Scott had invited Tany and Jonny over to see his new place. So Tany was getting ready, but she was worried about what to wear.  She was having mixed emotions about Scott.  On one hand he was a surfer, he smelled like the ocean, he had long hair and he was always irritating her.  But on the other hand, she felt really good when she was with him, he made her feel safe and let's be real he didn't always smell like the ocean. She didn't even know Scott .Tany only knew him through Al, but they would always hang in Jonny and Al's Room.
Tany shrugged and walked out of her room.

Jonny sighed, "You'd think you were going to the Oscars."
"Well, you didn't tell me what to wear so I had to improvise," She acknowledged.
Jonny just mouthed "Whatever."

They ran to Jonny's new car.  And he drove to Scott's.

Scott was stainding on his deck waiting for them. Standing by Scott was a girl who looked about Tany's age.  Tany became nervous, she started to get sweaty palms and her breath caught.

When Scott put his arm around this girl, Tany's heart sank.  That was her answer, he was obviously going out with this girl.  A little bit of a relief came over her.  She wouldn't have to be conflicted anymore.  Yet she was was a little heart broken as well.

Scott introduced her to Jonny and Tany, "This is Linda, And these two are Jonny and his sister Tany."  "His sister?" Tany thought steaming.  Again she realized why she didn't like Scott.  Scott saw the look on Tany's face, "What's the matter Tanz?"  "Nothing and my name is not Tanz!" She stated as she stormed into the house. 

It was not as cool as Tany had thought. It was definitely a man's house.  Seeing Johnson and Calvin she walked over to them.

Jonny was trying to figure his sister out.  She seemed to be a bit more agitated then normal.  He wondered if she was ever going to like Scott.  Jonny saw Calvin and Tany chatting by themselves.  Jonny thought this was a bit odd.  Usually she was with Johnson and vice versa.

Jonny thought to himself, "I need a drink."  He walked into Scott's Kitchen.  Johnson and some chick were laughing and talking.

"Hey," Johnson said, giving Jonny the 'what's up'  Jonny returning the 'what's up'
"I am looking for a drink."
"You are underage, there sir."  Johnson offered.
"Boy, I have been 21 for a few months now, I need a drink." responding a little belligerently, Jonny grabbed a bottle of Vodka.

He walked out of the room. Walking into the livingroom, Jonny saw red.  Calvin and Tany were sitting too close for Jonny's comfort.  Jonny opened the bottle and took a swig.

He walked over to them and grabbed Tany by the arm.  "Hey, what are you doing!?" she asked.  "We need to leave," Jonny Demanded.

"Look, dude chill out," Calvin responded.  Tany looked mortified.  Her cheeks were flushed and she had a tear coming down her eye. "Jonny, come on man let's go for a walk." Scott said grabbing Jonny.

Tany would not talk to Jonny at all.  He didn't really blame her.  She was having fun, for once, and her big jerk of a brother ruined it.  Tany was sitting at the desk, browsing the internet.

Jonny was watching TV and trying to talk to her, when "No, flippin' way." she gasped. 
"What?" Jonny questioned, hoping this was the opening.  Tany was a very forgiving person.  When they got home he did apologize, but she just needed sometime to think things through.

She turned to Jonny and smiling, "We have a fansite."
"No way, really,"  Jonny elated.

He got up and walked over to his sister.  He knew she had forgiven him, because she pointed to the screen.  On the screen was a picture of their single "Because the Night", It had a bio page for each of them and it even included info about their next single.  "What the......"  Jonny couldn't finish.

Later that night..............

Jonny was laying in his bed, they had practice tomorrow.  He couldn't sleep, he had some nyquil, he was sure of it.

He went to the medicine cabinet and pulled out the nyquil, he opened the bottle, measured the amount and shot it.

Within 45 minutes Jonny was sawing logs, not realizing this was the beginning.

Tany's Hair here
Tany's Clothes for plane here
Tany's shoes and Her lipstick here
Cars here
Da'planes and possibly the apartment here
Vodka bottle here

Sweet Summer poses, girls and guys here
Trunk full of Poses here
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  1. wonder if the beginning is referring to having a possible drinking problem, he does seem to be heading in that direction.

    not sure how to feel about Tany and Scott, they seemed to be gravitating towards each other then all of the sudden he has someone else and she's willing just to drop it like that...i'm not so sure they are through just yet, will have to wait and see....edenz~
    1. Also again Edenz thanks so much for reading.
  2. I think you are right about Jonny. I don't want to say it is in his blood, but really how else do you say it.

    I agree with you again about Scott and Tany. I think him giving her a nickname is a big part of that. I don't think she is willing to just drop it yet. I think we will find out about Scott's feeling towards her, here shortly.
  3. Uh oh, just the beginning of what?!? Very ominous there! It seems Jonny's problem is only going to get worse though.

    Meanwhile Tanny seems to be confused about Scott.
    1. Yes, Aeon you are right. Jonny is developing a problem.

      And yes, Tany is confused about Scott. She has some feelings for him, but He seems to not have feelings for her. I guess we will just have to wait and see.
  4. Hmmm interesting chapter. I figured the girl with Scott would be his sister or something, but you never said. Tany just assumes it's his gf.
    What was up with Tany and Calvin getting cuddly? I didn't see that coming, maybe they have some underlying feelings?
    Just want to say, that is a massive bottle of Smirnoff! LOl

    I have a feeling that Jonny is going to become a drug addict. Hopefully they can stop him before he ends up in rehab.

    Tany would be really upset if Jonny ruined this for her now that she is finally getting somewhere in her life.

    I can't wait to see more!
    1. I will tell you this, you will find out who Linda is sometime soon. Also I think Tany's heart was open to let Scott in and instead she thinks that is his girlfriend. It hurt her so I think Calvin just happened to be there. Does that make sense.

      I couldn't find another Vodka bottle, yeah it was big.

      Jonny has some serious Issues that I think he needs to have worked out.

      I will probably do another Chapter before Tuesday, but I don't know. We will just have to see. I do know that something is about to happen ;)
  5. Alcohol and drugs now! Jonny is on a bad road!

    I don't think that Tany is really interested in Calvin. They were probably just flirting!
    I'm glad that she forgave Jonny for his behavior!

    Their fame is increasing!
  6. Yes, He has some serious issues. Just wait...

    Well....I don't about Calvin and Tany.

    Yes it is. They aren't known just yet but it is getting up there.

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