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Chapter 22 "The Confession"

October 12th, 1999  Los Angeles, CA.  1:30 a.m.

 Scott watched Tany walk over to the other bed.  She sat down on it and looked over at him.

"Can I ask you something?"
"Yeah, of course."
"Did you watch the grammys?"

"Yeah?" he was questioning.
"Did you see my dress?"
"Yeah, where is this going."
"Did I look good in it?"

"Yes, Yes you did, why?"
"Well, see someone bought it for me and I don't know who did?"

 "Oh, I hope you find out."

She got up and sat down next to him.  The electricity was felt by both.  She leaned over as though she was going to kiss him.  He leaned back and put his hand on her arm.  He pushed her away.
 "Tany I though you said......"
"I did, I just wanted to thank you for all the gifts you have given me."
"What, how, did he tell you?"
"Al, I told him not to tell you."
"Wait, AL knew that you were the one that bought that dress."
"Yes, that is how I knew which dress to get."
"So you really did buy me those flowers?  You did all that, Scott."
"Tanz I just wanted to give the things you deserve."
"Thank you, I can't possibly thank you enough."
"Yes, you can and you did, I am now going to beat the crap out of your brother."
She put her hand on his, "Scott, he didn't tell me."
"What, how did you know then? He was the only one who knew about the dress."
"You told me."
"what, no I am really good at keeping a secret."
"You didn't tell me out right, you said you did it a lot and well I put two and two together."
"Shit, I was hoping you would never find out."
"Because I want you to have everything your little heart desires, I want to be the one you call when you are on tour,  I want to be the one who you cry on,  I want to be this, but us."  He said as he pointed to himself then her.
"Why can't we be this?" she repeated his jester.
"What, what are you saying that you want "us" too."
Tany nodded and then a tear started to come out.
"Aw, Tanz I am so sorry, I have been such a jerk, we don't have to talk about this."

 "Scott Allen Wright, are you that dense?  I am not crying because we are talking about this, I am crying because we are now "US".
"You mean we are......"
"I am now your girlfriend."
"So that makes me...."
"yes that makes you my boyfriend.  Now that's solved, I must get some sleep."

She got up and went over to the other bed.  She pulled the blanket and the sheet back and got into bed.
"So, was that our first date?"
"Yes now let me go to sleep."
"That wasn't a very good one,"  He said crossing his legs and arms.

 "Yes it was, because you asked me."  Scott smiled, his plan had worked.  He knew that if he got her to see that it was him that did all that, he would have her.

 It was as though she read his mind,  "Did you go to the gas station to get the sodas?"
"Yes, because the vending machine didn't have any Diet Dr. Pepper."
"I know."  She giggled and slowly fell asleep.  Scott chuckled and watched her.

4:30 a.m. on the 12th of October..........

The door was being opened, Scott was asleep.

 "What the hell, Scott?"  Scott jumped up.  It was Jonny, Scott could tell he wasn't drunk, but he was high from something.  Scott just shook his head.  Tany opened her eyes but then quickly shut them.  "Scott, you defiled my sister."
"What no, she was lonely and wanted someone to stay with her, until your sorry ass got here."
"Well I am here, you can leave now."

Scott saw red,  he lifted Jonny up off the floor.  "You should take better care of your sister, how the hell was she going to get home."

 "I would've gone and got her."

 "You are a prick and if she wasn't in the room with us, I would beat you."
"Whatever, just go Scott."
Scott Turned towards Tany, "Tanz call me after your radio rounds and we will go on a real date."
Tany nodded, she did not want to piss Jonny off anymore.
Jonny looked at Scott, "Yes that is right your sister and I are going out, if you have a problem with that, I suggest you suck it up."
Under his breath "It's about time."
"What was that?"
"I said, it's about time you two pulled your head out of your asses and see that you were meant to be."  "Thank you, even though I wasn't asking for your blessing.  I will tell you this, this will never happen again.  And I will be talking to Al about this, this is shit, she, you need a driver."
"You're right, I am sorry man."
"Don't stress, dude. I gotcha."
"No, I mean it, I am so sorry.  What the hell am I going to do."
"What do you mean?"
"I am clean....well tonight was the first time I had any drugs at all and Cheryl keeps pushing them."  "Let's solve one problem at a time ok, dude."
"Ok, well I better get some sleep."
"Yeah, you better.  And Jonny wear sunglasses."

 Jonny fell on the bed and it looked like he was asleep almost instantly.  Scott saw Tany he winked and walked out.
 He was now dating Tany Connors, but one day he would make her Tania Ciera June Wright.

 *Dear reader, remember how I said this was an Alternate Universe, well I know it seemed like it wasn't, but it was.  An Alternate Universe is where it has the same Universe but the reality is altered. There were four sims based on actual real life celebrities.   Did you guess who they were?*

*Hint three are men and one is a woman*  Scroll down and I will tell you!!!

I want to give a special thanks to three people:
Kate-your encouragement was what started me to write this story out. Thank you very much!!!  And you taking on poses that no-one accepted.
Alexis-thank you for re-reading my stories, I love you baby doll.
Jason- you lost your wife for awhile there but it was only for a little while.  Thank you for understanding.  I love you Geno. 

Also a big thank you to you readers.  I love you all so much in fact here is a video looking back at some of the high lights of this "season".

Season 1 Highlights 

poses that I used during this chapter are
hereherehereArtistkate'shere and Jonny lying on the bed here 
Also I used these for the video and pictures later here

 Joe Penny (John Connors)
I wanted him to be my real dad when I was younger.

Jensen Ackles  (Johnson Ardles)
I find him to be one of the best actors out there.  That's why Johnson was in a soap called  "Nights of our Deaths"  and his character's name was Erin Boyd.  Jensen was also on a soap, called "Days of our lives" and his character's name was Eric Brady.

 Christian Kane (Calvin Kerr)
He is also really good friends with Jensen, plus I had a huge crush on him.   He is also an actor.

Cherry Cummings (Cheryl Kamian)
Unfortunately I could not find any (pg) pictures of Cherry, in fact there isn't any info on her.  She was indeed a porn star.  She became so addicted to drugs that she didn't even know she was pregnant.  She was killed in a horrific car accident.  She was beheaded.  What makes this sad is she had just cleaned herself up and was getting ready to start school.  Her fifteen minutes of fame was how she died.


  1. Wow, I knew they were going to hook up, but I didn't realize how awkwardly they would go about it. It's almost exactly like when me and Jesse got together to be honest...

    I'm glad that Scott told Johnny off. He needed to have a wake-up call. Maybe now they can finally get him the help he needs.

    I appreciate the shout out. I didn't know that I was such a big influence to you but I'm glad that you have started writing! I really like this story and you know that I will always be more than happy to make poses for you! I'm going to miss you while you are enjoying your summer, but I'm glad you are going to go out and enjoy life away from the computer. Just be sure to keep in touch with all of us from RWN! You have become a part of our family and we will all miss you if you don't pop in now and again!
  2. Thanks Kate, Yeah I was honestly going to end it with the last chapter but when I was writing the story it didn't feel right. So I went with this ending. It was awkward but a lot of romances start that way.

    Yeah, Scott was really mad at him. He should be there for his sister, period. He promised her and he hasn't been there. Not that she needs him all the time. But she needed him this time and he wasn't there.

    It was because you accepted my celeb carpet challenge, had you not, I probably would not have published my story. I wrote the story along time ago, just never had the "balls" to publish it. So, yes I owe you a big thank you. As far as RWN of course I am going to be popping on there. I just am not going to be spending my time writing my story. To be honest I have already started the next "season", but that is as far as I want to go right now. I will pick it back up again in August. I will miss you all too. But I promise to go on RWN every now and then to give updates on my life.

    Thanks for reading Kate.
  3. YAY!! SO happy they are together now! And I am EXTREMELY happy that Scott talked some sense into Jonny, maybe he can help get that "wife" of his out of his life permanently! UGH! Great job on your first season! Enjoy your time with fam :)
  4. Yes, now we have to look forward to possible first kiss, um a divorce and of course more drama.

    Thank you so much for reading my story Daijahv. I go on RWN and talk there give some updates and such. I mill miss you all, but will be back around August with some more drama.

    I am glad you liked it. I really enjoyed writing it.
  5. Oh looks like it is official now! Scott and Tany are together, and I'm sure it will work out. I mean he already put Jonny in his place lol and he seems very generous to her. It was a good season RPG, hope you enjoy your summer!


    1. Thank you Aeon, I am glad you liked it. I want you readers to see what I see in my head and I think I did a good job about it. Next up some more drama.

      Thanks for reading Aeon.
  6. This was so good! I love how you teased us!

    Scott already knows that he wants to marry Tany and he's making sure that Jonny looks after her better.

    To think that Kate had to push you to write this story! You are doing such a great job with it, and I can't wait till next season!


    1. Thank you, I will continue I hope to tease you. I love cliffhangers. I am so glad you enjoyed it.

      Yes and I will tell you that we will start pretty much from here in the next season.

      Well to be honest I have be writing this story since I was thirteen years old. And I would have done it with The Sims 2 but I didn't really like it. I enjoyed playing it but not to write stories. Anyways I asked several pose artist if they could make a celeb pack and all of them told me no they didn't do that. Then I saw Kate's poses and I fell in love with how different hers were. So I asked her and she did. And Because she did, I did. So yes it was Kate.

      Thanks so much for reading Daisies!!
  7. This was a great chapter! Amazing!

    I am so glad Tany and Scott together. They are great for each other. I loved this season Rated PG. Have fun with your girls.


    1. THank you Bria, I like your story too.

      I am glad too, It took me awhile to get them there but they are together.

      I am glad you liked this season. I will have fun with them. Thank you.

      Thanks for reading Bria!!!
  8. woooo! I win!!!=b. Finally and with Jonnys blessing.

    Jonny..... I knew it, I freakin' knew it, if he didn't get away from that $%^^*&^ she'd have him back on the drugs trying to control him and he's not strong enough yet by himself to say no I don't think./sigh..I'll imagine bad things happening to her until you start writing again and have him leaving her/nod=b...edenz~
  9. I will not give anything away, but I will tell you that we will be starting off right where we are now.

    As far as Jonny don't worry, I promise you Cheryl will get hers. Just wait.

    Thanks for reading Edenz!!!
  10. Okay, still no kiss, but my head will not explode, for now, because at least they weer on a 'date'.
    Don't make my head explode!
  11. Thanks so much for reading my story caterpillar. I am so glad that you have enjoyed it. Here pretty soon I will start back up again.

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