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Chapter 15 "The Release"

April 14th, 1999   Los Angeles, CA

 Ciera, Tany and Cintia spent all day shopping for dresses.  Eric had told Tany she should find something flashy, but not too risque.  Ciera was really pleased, John joked they spent too much.  Tany was in the hotel bathroom, that she was sharing with her sister.  She looked at herself in the mirror, she tried to curl her hair again but it just wouldn't.  Tany really needed a hair dresser.  Maybe she would hire one if "Miracle" did well.

She finished putting her make-up on and she walked out. There sitting on the dresser was some roses. Tany looking at her sister, "Who are these from?"

Cinita shrugged her shoulders, "Don't know!"
"Well is there a card?" 
"Again, I don't know!" Tany gave her sister a look.

She walked over and looked at the roses, there was a card. It was the same handwriting as her dress.  She remembered because of the pretty handwriting. "Well, who is it from?"
"I don't know, it just says "Congrats on your first album release."
"And it doesn't say who it is from?"
"No, but we better get going, our ride must be waiting for us."

Sure enough they walked out and there was the limo waiting for them.

John, Ciera, Juno and AL were already in the limo.  They drove to Sounds, a big record store in Los Angeles.  Tany got out and there were fans screaming her name.

John leaned over to his daughter, "you've made it Mouth."

She looked up at the stage and Steve, Mike, Cale and "The Girls" were ready.  Eric the CEO of WB Records walked on stage.  Tany wasn't nervous, she just felt weird not having Jonny there.  Johnson, Calvin and Scott were going to be there but that didn't help.

 Eric was explaining the road to this moment.

 Tany smiled, she was thinking about Jonny's excitment and how happy he was when he first asked her.

 *Note to reader if you are looking for the original picture it is in Chapter 3.*

She lost the reverie, when Eric announced, "Please put your hands together and welcome "The Connors".  Tany and Al both walked on stage and several girls screamed "Tell Jon we love him!"  As she looked out into the crowd she could see several signs that read, "Get Better Soon Jon S. or We miss you Jon."  This brought a tear to her eye.

After they sang four songs from the Album, Eric asked if they enjoyed that. The crowd went completely wild.  Then Eric told the crowd that Tany would be signing autographs and to please respect her.  Tany was ushered to a table and handed a pen.  Tany had never practiced signing her name so she was hoping she wouldn't get alot of people wanting her autograph.  Her wish went unheard because she spent the next two hours signing and taking pictures with complete strangers.  Most of them were really nice and Tany thought "Wow, they are here to see us."  There was a few that wanted her to give her opinion about stuff but she just poo-pooed the questions.  Tany was finding it cute that alot of girls were telling her to tell Jonny to get better and they really wished he was here.  A couple of girls even asked Tany to give Jonny some get well cards or some stuffed animals.  One girl even gave Jonny some roses.  "If only he knew how much he was loved?"

She was told they would be wrapping the autograph session up, so she was getting ready to get up.  She heard familar voices, she looked up and there standing in front of her were Johnson, Calvin and Scott.  Her breath caught when she looked at Scott.  She couldn't believe how handsome he was.  He dyed his hair back to blonde.

Johnson teasingly said, "Oh, my gosh it's Ms. Connors can I have your or I can't even say it."  "Shut up you dork, Thanks guys for coming."  They all laughed.

 Tany was really tired, They ushered her to a room that was set up for "The Connors", family and friends.  When she walked in she saw Al and Beth were talking to each other in a very flirty way.  Tany smiled to herself, "There's my next sister in-law."

 Which made perfect sense.  Al was really cute and so was Beth, they both had gorgeous black hair and Beth has sparkling blue eyes.  Both of them were "Helpers", they loved to help people.  This was a perfect match.  She started to walk over to Johnson and Calvin but then it occurred to her that Scott was not there.  She wondered why.

 This was stupid, Johnson was right.  He shouldn't be here.  It was killing him.  He wanted to hug her and well....kiss her.  Congratulate her and then take her to lunch.  But he couldn't do any of that.  What was he thinking dating Jo-Beth.  He was such an idiot.  Every time he kissed her he always thought of Tany.  He leaned over to Johnson, "I am leaving, it hurts too much." "I understand," Johnson said with an understanding look on his face.

As Scott walked out he turned around and looked one more time to the woman he wanted but probably would never have.

 Tears welled up in his eyes and he walked away.

Tany's Hair Here
Tany's Dress Here
Tany and Ciera's Shoes here
Ciera's Dress here
Al's outfit here and here

Limo here
Bed for hotel room here
Shopping bag here
Advertisement here
basket with goodies here
tv here
flowers here

IMHO here
Twinstar here

And introducing:  PG's poses  If and when I can ever figure out how to make them downloadable.
Thank you to ArtistKate for helping me with my poses.


  1. Jonny missed a nice event. I hope the well wishes of his fans mean something to him. We, the fans, always wonder about that. :) I am glad to see Tany having some fun. The blonde hair really changed Scott's appearance quite drastically.
  2. Yes, Jonny did miss a great event. One that he should have been in. Unfortunately he needs to do some heeling. As for the fans, I am trying to write the story so everyone can see behind the veil. So we are going to find out soon what Jonny thought about all of that.

    Scott looks better, I think, with the blonde. I do like him natural, his character Tommy Watford has brown, when he is finished shooting he dyes it back to blonde. Yes it does do alot to his face. It makes him look sadder.

    Thanks for reading Zhippidy!
  3. Awesome! You made your own poses and I WANT them I was curious about the one on the bed it was great so you have to figure it out soon :)

    Poor Scott :( I really hope he breaks up with Jo-Beth because they aren't meant to be! Tany wants him and is really starting to recognize that! I hope they get their happiness soon :)

    The autograph release party and concert was fun! I bet everyone is anticipating Jon's return!


    1. Thanks DJ it was Kate's Tutorial and I actually found out I can make them.

      Yes, poor Scott he does want Tany but he feels obligated to Jo-Beth. Tany does indeed see things different. Someone is going to show her.

      Jonny needs to get back in the saddle and fast Teenage girls tend to move on quickly.

      Thanks for reading DJ.
  4. Tany looked so pretty! It was sad that Jonny wasn't there, but I hope that Tany can help him see how much he was missed.

    Scott needs to break things off with Jo-Beth. It isn't fair to her. I just hope that after he doesn't Tany won't already be involved with someone else. He is just so crazy about Tany and she doesn't even know it.

    Great update! I was glad to see this today!


    1. Thank you, I try to make her look younger. I want her to look eighteen. I don't know if there is anything Tany can do about her brother he just needs to see for himself.

      Scott does indeed need to break it off with Jo-Beth. You are so right it isn't fair for her. Tany is really busy and I don't think she is even thinking about other guys. I think Scott is the one she wants and is willing to wait.

      Thanks for Reading Daisies.
  5. Awww...Jonny needs to get his act together, not because of all the fans or Tany, but for himself. If he could have seen how much he was missed and how much he meant to people=).

    I'm gonna beat Scott to death, the whole time he was saying he was leaving I was goin' nooo turn around, hug her, kiss her anything..bah. I still have hope! edenz~


    1. Thanks Eden, yes he does need to get his act together. He will but not for awhile.

      Scott needs a beating but I think he is doing that pretty good himself, no? I know when I was writing it I was like just go to her man. It should be him and no one else.

      Thanks for Reading Edenz.
  6. Scott, dude, just go get her!
  7. Yeah, well we will see!!

    Thanks for reading Melissa!!

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