Sunday, June 10, 2012

Chapter 21 "The Night"

October 12th, 1999.  Los Angeles CA.  12:30 a.m.

 Tany opened the hotel room door and Scott held it open for her.

 Scott looked around and felt a little embarassed.

 It wasn't like the suites he got, it was your standard hotel room.  Two queen beds, a dresser, TV, phone, desk and chair.  There were a couple of paintings above each bed.

 In the corner of the room was two big suitcases and a sitting chair.

 Tany looked at Scott, seeing his expression, "I know it's not a suite but it's all "The Connors" can afford, right now."  "It's fine, I wish I had known though, I would have paid for a better room."

 "Thank you, that would have been nice of you."  "Yeah, I do that alot."

 "Ok, well, why don't you sit down and make yourself comfortable, I am going to go take a shower and remove this hair gel."  "Um...Uh....O...Kaaay."  Scott was trying so hard not to show any emotion, what could he do, he was trapped.

No wait, "Babe, you want something to drink?"  Tany was getting ready to shut the bathroom door, "Sure Diet Dr. Pepper." She shut the door, Scott could hear her turn the shower on. "Alright I will be back."  "Ok, thanks."  Scott knew she was in the shower by how her voice carried.

 He found the floor vending machines but no Diet Dr. Pepper.

Now what was he going to do, they had diet coke and diet pepsi.  Scott thought he remembered seeing a gas station behind the hotel.  He ran to the exit and found that there was a small gas station right behind the hotel.

He walked up to it and opening the door, "Hey man, do you have any Diet Dr. Pepper?"  The clerk looked at him funny and then pointed to the back.

Scott thanked the man and ran to where he pointed.  He pulled out two and running out he threw another fifty dollars.
He could hear the clerk yelling at him "Dude this is a fifty."  "Keep the change man."  Scott ran as fast as he could to get to the hotel before she got out.  He used the card to unlock the door, he opened it expecting her to be out, but she wasn't.

Good he could relax now and make it seem like he had been there for a while.  He sat one can on the table between the beds and opened the other.  He took a sip, not bad he thought.  He could hear her getting out.  He needed to think of something to talk about.

Tany finished taking her shower, she could hear the tv, so she knew Scott was back.  What was she doing?  She wanted so bad to kiss him.  She should just do it, no she was to chicken.  Tany is not an aggresive person, but his cologne was driving her mad.  He looked really good tonight and well Tany was not only feeling it in her heart but her body was yelling at her.  Tany was still a virgin and planned to keep it that way, but Scott was making it hard.  Tany knew when she told him she wanted Diet Dr. Pepper that they didn't have it in the vending machine.  She knew because she had checked earlier.
Then a thought came to her, did he just tell her that he did that a lot.  He said, That had he known he would've paid for a more expensive hotel room.  Flashes came to her mind, when she had asked Calvin and his response.  The flowers how they all had the same handwriting.  It was Scott, Scott had did this all for her.

 She got a huge lump in her throat.  He loved her, not like loved.  Tany felt really giddy, she just figured out something and she wanted to share it, but how to go about it.

She opened the bathroom door and walked out.
 To be continued...........
The Dr. Pepper is from :here
Vending machine and Ice machine scroll down to where you see the set unfortunately this is a paysite but I love some of the stuff. here
Soda Machine here 
And finally the gas station here 


  1. You would cut it off there!! This can't be the last update for awhile!! I want to know what happens you meanie!!

    That's cute that he went all that way for the drink, but on the other side, it's still a bit over the top. Lol


    1. There will be one more, I promise, hopefully today. I had to tease a little.

      Yes it was cute, and I totally agree with it was way over the top, but remember he is madly in love with her, so he would do anything for her. Also she tested him, she knew about the Diet Dr. Pepper. Tany has to figure stuff out on her own.

      Thank you for reading Kate.
  2. Ugh! This can't be the end of the 'season'!
    One more is coming before your summer off, yes? *hopeful*
  3. Yes there is one more, maybe, just kidding, yes I will have one more up today then summer off.

    Thanks for reading Zhippidy!!!
  4. ~ Here it comes,confession time!LOL!
    ~ Yes I am still reading!(",)
  5. Cool!! Just wait....

    Thanks for reading Karima!!
  6. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!So close I can feel it! This is very painful you have to know that LOL I wonder if this is how everyone felt with my little torture! He is right there! Rushing to get back by her side and she's thinking about kissing him! OH MAN! I wonder who will make the first move!
  7. Well.... I wish I could tell you, but I see you have already read. I shall go see what you wrote on that one.

    Not telling to nah!!

    Thanks for reading Daijahv!!
  8. You are so mean!!! I'm going to the next chapter now!


    1. I try to be mean, I really do, just wait.

      Thanks for reading Daisies!!!
  9. Finally they are getting it! I hope. I'm glad she figured out it was Scott who had bought her all of those things. She realizes he loves her, hoping she feels the same and won't let him walk out that door without telling him!...edenz~
  10. Yes, she has to figure stuff out on her own. She can't be pushed into anything. I mean could you imagine, she would hate Scott. It's just her personality.

    Thanks so much for reading Edenz!!!

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