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Chapter 6 "The Move"

March 30th, 1998 Los Angeles.................

With the first recording out of the way. "The Connors" were scheduled for a photoshoot.  Tany was already starting to feel like a star.  A limo came by to pick her and Jonny up.  It wasn't the limo ride.  She had been in lots of them before.  She would go to her father's movie premiers or when she was 12 he took her as his date to the Oscars.  It was that she was sitting in a saloon chair, having just gotten her nails done.

They had even given her a teeth whitening treatment(not that she needed it) and they were now giving her a facial.  She didn't know where Jonny was, but she was feeling pretty good.  She was feeling totally relaxed.

"Hey, who do we have here?"  Tany jumped.

 Leaned forward in her chair, she got a big smile on her face.  "Well, look what the cat drug in." she stated.  Standing a few feet from her was Johnson.  Her and Johnson had become extremely close friends.  They hung out as much as possible.  They had no feelings for each other, other than a real friendship.  "So, how did you know I would be here?"  Johnson rolled his eyes, "A little birdie told me."  Tany pursed her lips and squinted her eyes, "Who?"  "That is top-secret info ma'am, It I told you, Yeah, I would have to kill you."  "Who, just tell me?"  "You won't like who it is".  Recognition appeared on Tany's face, "Gaaaawwwww, why did he tell you?"

Johnson looked aback by her question.  "I'm sorry, I thought maybe I could spend a few hours with my friend, before she moves back to Texas."

 Tany really felt little, just then.  "Oh, I am sorry, Thank you.  I would like that, but I have to do this stupid photoshoot."  Tany said pouting.  "I know I have the whole day off, Erin's over in England or someplace like that. So they don't need me today.  I thought I would stay and make faces at you, while you are making serious faces to try and get you to laugh."  She smiled, she knew he wouldn't do that.

 Tany was ready for the shoot.  But where was Jonny?

She came out of the makeup room, and there sitting waiting for her was Jonny.  You could tell this was not what he had in mind when he signed the contracts. Tany thought her brother looked good.  He was dressed in a suit jacket with a vest and a "church shirt".  Tany smiled to herself, her mother never called it a dress shirt, which is what it was.  The look on Tany's face told Jonny his sister was in her element.  "Mr. and Ms. Connors they are ready for you." said a very mousy lady.

"Well, Ms. Connors are you ready for a professional photoshoot?" Jonny teasingly, raising his eyebrows.  They walked to the open room, there wasn't much there, just a huge screen, photo lights and some camera equipment.

Johnson was sitting off in the corner Talking on the phone.  Tany knew he was probably talking with his girlfriend.  Who hated Tany, because she thought Tany was well..... having sex with Johnson.  Which was absolutely ludicrous, Tany was still a virgin and planned to keep it that way.  Besides, her relationship with Johnson was nothing but a deep understanding for each other.  Jonny noticed that Cheryl Kaiman was getting a robe on.  Jonny had seen several of her movies, but his favorite was "Mother of Saints", which she played the love interest to.....Jonny couldn't remember the male lead.  To those perverts out there, yeah you, she was a porn star (we all got to start somewhere)  Emphasis on the was.  Jonny couldn't help but stare.  Cheryl saw Jonny was looking and smiled.

Jonny went red in the face.  "It's ok, Cheryl said.  "We're all adults."  She winked at him and then walked out.

*It is a few months after the above,  they did have more photoshoots and they even recorded a couple more songs.

May 20th, 1998  Longbeach.........

Michael, had called to tell them he would give Eric the go ahead to release the  single.  Now that they had faces to put with the song.  Tany really didn't care, she was in such a good mood today.  With highschool graduation done, she was now free to do whatever she wanted.  It did upset her a little that her parents decided to move back to Texas, after she graduated.  But she ended up being overly excited.

 She couldn't wait to see Midnight.  Midnight, Tany's horse, was as black as they came. John let Tany name him and since he decided to join the world at exactly 12:00 am, Midnight it was.

Cintia was finishing packing her side except a few odds and ends.  "I remember some of our ranch but not alot."  Cintia stated.

Tany feeling sorry for her sister, "Oh, hon, you will remember when we get there."  Cintia knew her sister pretty well, she knew Tany hated California. Cinita asked her why and Tany always said, "You can take the girl out of Texas, but you can't take the Texas out of the girl."  "I remember bits and pieces, like the time Jonny pushed you off the hay loft."  Cintia said.  "I don't think any of us except Juno will ever forget that, especially me."  Tany stated, rubbing her scar.  Remembering that time always made Tany and her siblings laugh, even Ciera now laughed at it.

When Jonny was 11, Al was 10, Tany was 8, Cintia was 5 and Juno was just barely out of diapers, The Connors children thought it would be fun to jump off the loft.  Even though they had been told by John and Greg (their Ranch helper) that it was dangerous, they found it fun.  Whenever John was away making a film and Greg would go to town they would sneak in the barn and crawl up the ladder and jump into a huge pile of hay.  This paticular day, a pitchfork was in the hay, but it was covered and nobody knew it.  Jonny was getting a little impatient and pushed Tany.  When she fell her face landed right on the one of the pitches.  It went into her lower cheek and started to swell.  She honestly thought she was going to die, because it also broke several pieces of her lower jaw. It went in far enough that had it gone more she would have been killed.  Tany spent several weeks in the hospital and had a couple of corrective surgeries. After, she had therapy to learn how to eat and talk again. Jonny never forgave himself for that.  Now, I know what you are thinking, why would they laugh?  Well, it wasn't the blood and guts it was Ciera's reaction.  Ciera Connors was a good Catholic woman and never and I do mean never swore.  That day she cursed, worse than a sailor.  The kicker, it was all in Portuguese and she thought her children didn't know what she was saying but they did.

A few weeks later......

  John and Tany were standing just outside of the Ranch gates.  Both of them taking a deep breath and smelling the good ol' Texas air.  John put his arm around Tany, "Welcome back my Texas Rose."  "Oh, how I missed this."  "Me too, princess, me too." John said as he walked up to the house.  Tany stood there for several minutes.  A big change was on the horizon, she could sense it.

Here are the photos from the photoshoot.

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  1. It seems that Jonny does not like the whole "famous" thing as much as he thought he would. While on the other hand, Tany seems to be soaking it up.

    Loved the little blip of Tany falling off of the hayloft. I can image that would hurt very badly. When I was a kid, I used to jump down from mine with a bale rope, but one time the rope wasn't tight enough when I jumped and I slammed down onto the concrete floor. I was sure I broke my leg, but I was fine. I can only image how painful it would have been to have a pitch fork in your face!!! OUCH

    So, all of the Connors are in Texas now? What about their music? Are they taking a break or relocating or something?
  2. Yes, Jonny is having a bit more trouble with it, Tany is really enjoying it. The hay loft story actually happened to my Aunt. She did indeed have to relearn how to eat and talk, because it pierced her tongue. She was extremely lucky.

    All of your questions will be answered in the next Chapter. I promise. I am glad you are asking them. Thank you for reading Kate.
  3. hehe Jonny and his church shirt=).

    I'm wondering how to the move will effect their careers though....edenz~
  4. Yeah, that is what some moms call it.

    I promise you will see, remember that Michael had called them to tell them about the release. Just remember that. Thanks for reading Eden.
  5. At first it seemed like Tany wouldn't enjoy the fame and Jonny would. It seems like the opposite has happened heh. I too am wondering what the move to Texas will do for their careers? I'll just have wait till chapter 7 ;)
  6. Thanks Aeon, I wanted my readers to see that Tany really did not want this. She wanted a normal life. And Jonny wanted it, but in the next few chapters it is going to be harder on him, than Tany. As far as the move, yeap you will have to wait and see. ;) Thanks so much for reading. I should have Chp 7 out sometime tonight.
  7. Tany seems to be adjusting very well to the changes in her life. I hope she continues to do well! Jonny doesn't seem as comfortable as she does.
  8. Yeah, I think Tany feels better about everything that has happened so far.

    Jonny not so much.

    Wow! Daisies thanks for commenting on all of them. Thanks for reading.

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