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Chapter 7 "The Hit"

July 20th, 1998 Arlington, TX....................................

The stereo was blasting from outside.  Ciera should tell the girls to turn it down.  She decided against it.  Ciera was a little envious of the relationship Tany and Cinita had.  They were truly each others best friends.  Ciera was sitting in the families screen room.  She was watching them, they were "tanning".  Ciera used the quotes, because both of her girls were naturally tan.  Both of them were blessed with beautiful skin.  They were both laying on their own towel laughing and talking.  Ciera could also hear the song on the radio, some group called the "Magnifiers", Ciera wasn't really a big fan.

John was in California, filming.  This time though he wasn't the lead he was the director.  Al was home for the summer break he would be starting back pretty soon.  Johnson was on a vacation so he drove from Dallas to "hang out".  Scott was also on a hiatus.  He would soon be the star of his own TV Show.  They made a spin-off from "Watford Street" to "Watford Wives".  He of course would be playing the lead roll, so he was visiting all his friends before he wouldn't have time.  Jonny and Scott were visiting , before Al went back to School.  In a few days Jonny would fly back to L.A. with Scott.  He too had School.  Jonny thought that when you make a record your life instantly changed but that isn't the case.  Infact your life pretty much must go back to normal.  What else were they going to do? They hadn't heard from Michael or Eric in a few weeks.

Jonny, Al, Jonhson and Scott were probably down in the basement playing pool or whatever it is they do.  Jonny and Johnson both still smoked but Scott decide that wasn't for him so he hasn't smoked in a few months.  Tany was a little impressed with this, she was also very much surprised when she saw Scott, he had shorter hair and he had a few more tatoos.  Plus he didn't smell like the ocean.  It didn't matter though because she still did not like him.

She was telling Cintia about how he was constantly irritating her. They weren't paying attention to the radio at all.

    "Well, I think he is hot," Cintia observing.

"Ewwww really, you know he smells like the Ocean," Tany caught herself, "well he use to." 
"I don't care, he could smell like..." Cintia paused, because on the radio came  "Take me now baby, here as I am"

 Tany looked over at her sister and both of them jumped up.  Cintia Screamed at the top of her lungs, "YOU ARE ON THE RADIO!!!!"  Tany started to get very teary eyed.

Ciera of course also heard and came running down.  She gave her daughter a big hug.

Apparently Jonny was listening too, because He came running out of the house.  He jumped two steps.

 Runnig over to Tany, putting his hands on her waste picked her up from the ground.  He then twirled her around.  "We made the radio, Mouth, we made the radio."

Al, hugged his sister and brother.  Johnson hugged Tany and shook Jonny's hand, "Congrats man."  Scott shooked Jonny's hand.  And in the excitement, Tany and Scott hugged.  When he was embracing her, her heart dropped into her stomach, she felt safe, and there was this electricity she had never felt before.   Scott must have felt it to because he quickly pulled away.

When the song was over, the DJ announced, "And that is from a new gal, Tany Connors."  Tany looked over at her brother and knew he was hurt.  This wasn't her idea it was his.
"He doesn't know, Jonny," she said. 
"I know, don't worry." as he started to walk away. 
"I am going to call Michael!"  Tany stated. 
"It's ok," he gave her a fake smile. 
"Well it's not just Tany, Jonny, I will call Michael too," Al tried.

"I SAID, IT"S OK!!" He shouted running from  everyone.  Jonny was really hurt. Tany looked over at Scott.  Why she did that she didn't understand.  Scott nodded, which was weird because he completely understood what Tany was thinking.  A few minutes later Scott left to follow Jonny.   Tany picked up the outside phone and called Michael.  Michael wasn't in his office, but Beth told Tany she would let him know she called.

 When Scott came back, Jonny wasn't with him. He couldn't catch up to Jonny.  Johnson left to head back to Dallas several hours later.  Ciera, Cintia, Juno and Scott were all sleeping.  Tany and Al were trying to stay awake.  So Al grabbed a couple of blankets, popped some popcorn and they settled down to watch movies.

It was a little past 3 am. when the front door to the house was pushed open.  Jonny was standing there, he was wasted.

"Jonny where have you been, mom is worried sick," Al scolded.

"SHHHHHHHHH, you'll wake the baby." was Jonny's response. 
"Are you drunk?" Al quizzed.

Jonny stood there trying to keep his baring, he was swaying back and forth and then BLAM, he passed out.

"Great," Al thought.  Tany helped Al pull Jonny downstairs and put him to bed.  Tany didn't know this at the time, but this was a chink in the chain that would eventually break it.

Tany wondered if this was the change she felt or was it something else, as she thought about Scott.

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"Because the Night"

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  1. ohhhhhh Scott and Tany, that was unexpected!~

    Hmmmmm...wonder how bad this hurt the 'group', poor Jonny, that would suck=/...someone really screwed up huh. ....edenz~
  2. Well, don't hold your breath for too long!!! Tany I think is starting to have feelings for him but does he for her, that's the question.

    Chapter 8 will have a bit more to it. Yes, poor Jonny. I am so glad you are reading this edenz.
  3. Wow looks like Jonny was drunk. Looks like he hot handling this well, hopefully he can get some help before he falls into a deeper and darker hole.
  4. I guess we will have to see, yes he was drunk. I don't think he is handling it well. I think Tany is more going for the ride to see how far it will go. Thanks for reading Aeon.
  5. That is great that they heard their own song on the radio! Everyone was so exicited as well they should be. :D

    Jonny needs to get over the issue. Maybe they should call the radio station and notify them of their mistake. I think he wanted all of the fame, but you can't really expect it unless you are the vocals. Hopefully he can get ahold of himself before he really messes up and ruins everything!

    Scott is pretty danged cute and I can't believe that Tany doesn't like him. I do believe that there is a spark between them and I can't wait to see if they decide to get together!

    Sorry for the late response, I hadn't realized there was an update. :D

    1. I tried to imagine what it would feel like to hear your song on the radio. I hope I was able to portray that.

      I think Jonny still feels the pain of hurting his sister and now she seems to be getting more of the lime light, it is eating at him.

      If you look back, you will notice that I hid Scott's face, so when you finally did see him, you would be like "What how could she hate him?"

      Don't worry about the late response, I knew you would get to it eventually.
    2. Thanks for taking time out to read it Kate.
    3. This comment has been removed by the author.
  6. ~ I knew Tany protested too much about Scott,it often happens that way!
    ~ Poor Jonny,but it was just a simple mistake,as they get known that mistake will not be repeated,as they are only starting out,& not known as yet,Radio coverage will fix that,& their manager promoting them(the fault lies with him for this,a mistake which can cause unforeseen problems in the future!)
    ~ Love it,More!(",)

    1. Yes, I think deep down both them have feeling for each other, I don't think it ever came up, until now.

      Jonny, was very upset and I don't blame him, but at the same time he should be more of the grown up than Tany.
    2. Thanks for reading Karima
  7. Poor Jonny! This doesn't sound too good for him!

    I had the feeling that Scot and Tany's feelings for each other might change!

    Great update, PG!
  8. Thank you Daisies, yes things are not going the way Jonny saw them. I think he was thinking that he would have all the glory. He hasn't realized that Tany is and will always get the glory because she is the bands lead singer.

    As far as Tany and Scott you will see....

    Thanks so much for reading this Daisies.
  9. Yeah, I knew there would be electricity between Tany and Scott the first time she thought he smelled like the ocean.
    He looks better with his new hair, I think.

    And poor Jonny, that really sucks to not get credit for your part in the band.
  10. Yeah, I am glad you knew it, but do Scott and Tany.

    Jonny, it's not fair, but there was nothing they could do.

    Thanks so much for reading caterpillar.

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