Sunday, June 10, 2012

Chapter 2 "The Assignment"

September, 17th 1997
Jonny sat in class, not really paying attention.  It's not that he didn't like Prof. Marci's musicology class.  It's just that he was a little anxious.  Of course, Jonny always got nervous when his mother came over to visit.  He enjoyed having her there but he knew she was going to catch him smoking.  It's not like he was the only one who smoked at his house.  Calvin and Johnson smoked too.  Scott even smoked when he drank.  Which Jonny could not figure that one out.

 Wait, what was it that Prof. Marci was saying.  Not another assignment.  Yep that is exactly what he was saying.  Great, what was Jonny going to do for this assignment.  The class was asked to record some sound, it could be any sound.  It had to be at least two minutes long.  Jonny sat there thinking what he could do.  He thought about asking his lab partner Jeff, but he knew that would just be a waste of time.  Jeff was a huge pot head. Then slowly Jonny was getting and idea.  Jonny raised his hand.  "Yes, Mr. Connors?" Prof. Marci in response.  "You said any sound, so could we record a person singing?" Jonny questioned.  Prof. Marci paused, then shook his head, "Yes, Absolutely, if you can find someone to sing for you."  Jonny knew who he could ask, he just had to convince her. 
                                                                      Later that day..............

"Hey, sis whatcha up to?"  "Just hanging out, why?"  "Well, I was wondering if maybe, you would do me a favor." Tany hears Johnson say tell her I said hey. "Tell him I said hi, what kinda favor?"  "I have this assignment at school and since Christmas is coming up...."  "Jonny just spit it out."  "Could you sing for me?"  "Are you nuts, I only sing in church."  "I know, but you have a really pretty singing voice."  "I don't know..."  "You could sing mom's favorite song." 
Tany thought about what song he might be talking about.  "Wait, you mean "Because the Night" by Patty Smith."  "Yeah, I guess."  Jonny actually had no idea, but was glad Tany knew.  "Jonny, I have only sang that song once."  "Yeah, but mom loves it and I will make you a copy so you can give it to her for Christmas."  There was a long pause, Jonny thought she was going to say no. "Ok, but this goes no where else Jonny and you have to come get me.  I don't like dri....." He interupted, Jonny nearly dropped the phone from his excitement. " Thank you, Tanz, I will come get you tomorrow night."

The Following night..............

Scott and Johnson were sitting on the couch watching a game.
Calvin was sitting at the bar eating a pizza, when Tany and Jonny walked in.
"Hey guys did Jeff call?" Jonny asked.  "Yeah he said you could meet him at the studio," Calvin spoke.   "Ok, thanks."  The entire time Jonny shared the apartment with these guys, this was the first time Tany heard Calvin say anything. Or even being there."Hey, Calvin you remember my kid sis Tany?" Jonny asked.  "Mmh, yeah, Hey."  Calvin said.  Calvin was a child actor, who found it hard to make it as an adult actor.  So he answered an ad in the paper for a roommate.  And now Calvin and Johnson go out auditioning for parts.  Scott was an actor too, but he already had a small part in a TV show, playing Dr. Watford's son, Todd Watford on "Watford Street."  But he also was out alot auditioning.  In other words it was weird for Tany to see all the guys at the same time.  Johnson asked, "Well if it isn't Ms. Connors, what are we up to this fine evening?"  "Doing my brother a favor, Mr. Johnson."  Tany answered.

At the Campus Studio...........
"Tany this is Jeff." Jonny said.  Jeff was stoned again.  "Heeeyyy," Jeff slowly said.  Tany gave Jonny a look and said "Hi."  Jonny smiled.
"Ok, Tany when you are ready give me the thumbs up and I will start the music."

  Tany gave Jeff the thumbs up, and the music started to play.  Tany nearly missed the intro, but came in right on time.  She was really nervous.  It helped having Jonny there with her.

When Tany started to sing, Jeff and Jonny both looked at each other.  Jonny knew he would get an A.
Chalk Boards- Helen
Recording Studio Stuff- ATS3
Headphones on Tany- Capital Sims
Sheet Music- aikea-guinea
Notepad- mesh by living dead girl (TSR)
Briefcase- mesh by living dead girl (TSR)
Cowboy boots- Dreaming (TSR)
Scott's shorts- Juliana
Jonny's shirt- lilisims
Jonny's and Scotts necklaces- Bluebook
nails- lilisims
cigarettes and lighter- aikea-guinea
pizza- ATS3
beer- luna
Telephone- Severinka
all Sitting- Dill
Calvin sitting at the bar- OH My Sims

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