Friday, August 31, 2012

Chapter 5 "The Chat"

November, 22nd 1999

Scott was barely awake, he had slept on the couch in the basement.  Not the most comfortable, but it was close to Tany.  Scott could hear some rustling around upstairs.  He knew Ciera was probably fixing breakfast.  He should get up, but he just wanted to lay there for awhile.  He then heard some water running, Scott wondered if Tany was taking a shower.

He decided he would also get ready for the day. He stretched and went over to his bag.  Pulling out a shirt, jeans and his travel kit.   

He walked to the basements other bathroom.  And started to close the door, Tany was walking out of her room.  Tany turned to see Scott looking at her.  She smiled and then winked.

She was dressed in a T-shirt, jeans and pink colored Cowboy Boots.  Scott thought she looked really good today.  "Stop, I need to take a shower."  He said because Tany was walking to him.  "And besides, I haven't brushed my teeth."  
"So, I still want to kiss you good morning."  
"Oh, fine, but you are putting your health in your own hands....."

She leaned over and kissed him.  "And......"  
"Good morning, beautiful."  
"I didn't die, well I did but."  
"Ok, now let me take my shower."  
"See you upstairs."  She shut the door. 

He stripped down and thought about her kiss.  He started to get aroused, "why must you come out now, well you can just get back in your hole, Now I am going to have to take a cold shower."

Scott was dressed and ready for the day, as he walked into the Kitchen he could hear voices.  Tany was sitting at the table eating her scone.  Scott was happy Ciera made scones.  He loved her scones.

He walked over to the table and leaned down and kissed Tany on the top of her Head.  He could smell her shampoo and her perfume.  Again thinking dirty thoughts, he quickly sat down.  Tany smiled at him and continued eating.  "Good morning, meu segundo filho."  Ciera said as she gave Scott a plate.  "Bom-dia, minha outra mae."  One thing that Scott always got a kick out of, was no matter what he did, The Connors always treated him like he was part of the family.

Ciera tried to teach Scott a little Portuguese, he learned a few words and a few bad words thanks to Jonny.  Thinking of Jonny, Scott wondered when they would be there.  John who had a mouth full of scones said, "He should be here around 11 this morning."

"Do we have to be nice to her," Cintia said with pleading in her eyes.  Looking over to Tany who had a huge smile on her face.

"Of, course, minha beleza."  "Whatever."  "Now, Cintia you know we respect all of our family."  Ciera tried.  "I don't like her at all and I shouldn't...."

"Cintia, I suggest you listen to your mother."  
"Fine."  She continued to eat.

Jonny and Cheryl were at odds with each the whole way to Arlington.  From LAX to AMA they argued all the way.  Jonny was getting really tired of everytime they were together they got into fights.  Hell, they got into battles when they weren't together.  Jonny and his family were going to talk about some stuff and he didn't want Cheryl there, but since she made a big fuss about it she came.  Jonny told her to behave herself and that if she didn't he would send her home.  See, Jonny had been doing some thinking.  He started to realize that Cheryl had nothing.  Everything "they" owned was Jonny's.  The cars, the house, her clothes........everything.  She had nothing and she would get nothing because she was a drug addict.  So as soon as he could he was going to file for divorce.  But for now he was going to play the part until he was able to talk with his father.  So here they were sitting in the cab riding to Arlington and here they were arguing.  All because she wanted him to dye his hair blonde.  She just didn't understand his heritage and why he would want to keep his hair black.  So again they were arguing about that.

The Taxi pulled up to the ranch gates and Cheryl already started to complain about the smell.  Cheryl and Jonny had gotten married here in June.  And during that time Cheryl complained the whole time about how the ranch smelled.  Jonny was starting to get mad again.  Usually he would just tell her no, or not now.  But at this very moment he was getting ready to slap her.  Of course he wouldn't but one day he would love to just hull of and smack her.  Jonny paid the taxi-driver and he opened the gate.  The code was so easy to remember, it was his name.  Well it was his fathers but since he is named after his father he knew the code.

Scott, Tany, Al and Beth went out to go eat at the "Best" Texas steakhouse.  Cinita was over at her boyfriends house.  Ciera and Cheryl were watching t.v. in the livingroom.  Juno was still working on his homework.  Jonny didn't remember having as much homework, but he was 9 years older than Juno.  Times had changed a lot.  John was in his office, probably talking with a script writer or his agent.  Jonny knocked on the door.

 "Come in."  John was on the phone, so Jonny just sat in one of the big chairs. "Hey, Listen George, my son just walked in, let me get back to you. You bet.  Bye, Bye now."  He hung up the phone.

"Yes, son , what can I do for ya?"  
"Well, I was wondering, can I talk to you about something?"  
"You know you can son."  He gave Jonny a quizical look.  
"I am thinking about filing for divorce." 
"You sure?"

"Dad, she wants me to dye my hair to blonde, she wants me to do drugs with her, she wants me......." 
"Ok, I get it. Son if you feel in your heart that is the right thing to do, then..."  
"What do you think?"  
"Now you know, I want you to be happy.  But Jon this isn't my decision, this is yours."  
"I know, I don't want to get a divorce but we fight all the time.  And she doesn't want to have any children.  And I want them."  
"So what does your heart say?"  
"It tells me to leave her and never look back."  
"So then you have your answer."  
"Yes, I suppose I do." 

Jonny wasn't raised that men don't cry, John cried all the time.  He stood up and John did the same, and gave his son a hug.  "Son, you will find a woman that loves you for who and what you are."  
"I know , dad."  And with that the tears came.  Jonny cried in his fathers arms for a few minutes.  John hated to see any of his children hurt, especially Jonny.  Jonny wiped his eyes, thanked his dad and left the office.  Jonny would talk to Al next to see if he could find a good lawyer.

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  1. yesyes! Leave that you-know-what... I just hope no little mistakes happen, or Jonny will feel obligated to stay with Cheryl. Scott is so cute with his reactions. And not bad without a shirt ^_^ .... can't wait to read more.

    1. Yeah, finally Jonny saw what we all saw. Cheryl does not have a leg to stand on.
      As far as a little mistake, nope, Cheryl is well protected.

      Thank you for Scott, I hope that went through that he really is a good guy. Yes, I find him nice looking, myself, Zhip.

      And I am glad that you want to read more because, the next chapter is going to be big. Infact I want to get it done before next week so you guys have something to gnaw on. And I might ;).

      Thanks you Zhip for reading this story.

  2. AH Scott is hott! And it made me giggle when he scolded his hoo-hoo for being excited! especially about taking a cold shower to make it go away. I have a feeling, there is going to be some steamy love between them two love birds soon!

    Cheryl is going to get what she deserves, I just hope for Johnny's sake that she doesn't pull some kind of BS and try to get revenge or take everything from Johnny. But I bet she will. :D

    1. Thank you, I think he is too!! That was funny how he talked to his manhood. There might be some steamy love, but unfortunately not for awhile. scott has to go back to work on his TV show and "The Connors" need to work on a new album. They are going to miss each other hard core.

      Cheryl is indeed going to get what she deserves. And without giving away to much, she isn't going to pull any Bull.

      Thanks for reading, my friend Kate.

  3. I laughed when Scott had his heart-to-heart discussion with, uh, little Scott, lol.

    And I'm so happy Jonny is getting a divorce,. I just hope that skank doesn't make it too hard on him or get anything out of the deal. Because she doesn't deserve it! Skank! And I do hope Jonny finds someone better for him.
    Tany and Scott are still so cute together. I look forward to them getting some steamy love, but I also love this time while they are still so innocent. It's so cute. =D

  4. Thank you, He needed to have that heart to heart.

    Yes, Jonny finally figured out that she owns nothing. Everything is his. And no she doesn't deserve anything. She is a bitch and there is really nothing more to it. But she will get what she deserves in the end I promise. Well I don't know yet if Jonny will find the right girl?

    I wish it would stay that way for them, but I know and you know, it won't be that way for long. I am so glad that you are looking forward to steamy love. I wish it was sooner than later.

    Thanks for Reading Melissa!!

  5. I can't wait until those two file a divorce. It's obvious that Cheryl is quite literally "Good for nothing." I mean I can't find a positive thing about her! So it's good that he's finally ready to get rid of the anchor. Although Jonny is ready to move on, I bet Cheryl will try her best to stick to him like a tick, because he is all she has!

  6. I really don't want to ruin it Aeon, but ..... just kidding. Believe me, I am so ready to get rid of her it is not even funny. I do know that she will get exactly what is coming to her.

    We shall see, is all I am giving you.

    Thanks for reading, Aeon.

  7. YES!! YES!! YES!! Get rid of that two-bit,bleached blonde, piece of crap!!!I have sooo been waiting for Jonny to kick her to the curb, almost as long as I waited for Scott and Tany to kiss.
    He was absolutely right, she has nothing,everything they have is his. I don't see this going easy for him unfortunately, she'll dig her claws in as deep as she possibly can trying to hurt him in any way she can before it's over and said. Either that or she will try and take everything he has.
    Have a feeling this will get ugly quick=/...edenz

  8. I am not going to spoil anything, but know that "You know who" will get exactly what is coming to her.

    You are right she has nothing, she can't even afford a lawyer.

    Thanks for reading Edenz!!