Friday, August 10, 2012

Chapter 3 "The Nothingness"

This is a continuation of the previous chapter.
October, 12th 1999  L.A. California
Tany only had a few hours before she had to be back at the W. Smith Hall to do the sound checking.  So Scott was going to do as much as possible.  Just not ride the rides, he didn't want to tell her that he was afraid of heights.  They sat down at the bar and Scott ordered two chocolate malts, a basket of fries and two cheeseburgers.  Tany looked at him like he was nuts.  
"I know, you probably wanted a salad, right?"  
"Nope, I was wondering why you only ordered one basket of fries?"  "You will see," He said putting his hand on hers.  She was feeling really comfortable.

 "Thank you by the way." 
"For?" he was wondering why she would be thanking him again.  "For this morning."  
"What did I do this morning?"  
"For staying with me and then yelling at Jonny like that."

 "I am glad I did, because we wouldn't be doing this.  And as far as Jonny, I probably should actually be apologizing."  
"No, you were right, you know he promised me he would take care of me."  
"Yeah, I know, That's one of the reasons I got so mad." Jonny left Tany at Scott's house so he could go get high. And when Jonny and Tany first signed on to WB Jonny told Tany that she would never be alone. 
"You don't have to apologize."  
"I just want you to be safe and I want to be your protector."

 "I am going to tell you something, don't laugh, promise." 
"Ok, I promise I won't laugh, but can I chuckle."  
"Scott that is the same as laughing." 
"No, chuckling is like this......," he chuckled, "This is laughing."  Tany started to laugh, "No you can't do either." 
"Ok I won't."  
"Ok, I promise."  
"Remember when you came to visit us in Texas and "Because The Night" came on the radio?"

 "Yes, of course we were playing pool in the basement, and we heard it, Jonny went running upstairs."  
"Yeah, and everyone was hugging each other."  
"Oh, yeah I thought we were all going to explode."  
"Yeah, well you hugged me and........I felt so safe in your arms."  "Really."  
"Yes, And I was hoping you would do that some more."  
"I will always make you feel safe." 

They finished eating, Scott was impressed that Tany ate her entire burger and nearly all the fries.  She tried to tell him that she was from Texas and they weren't raised to eat rabbit food.  They both laughed

Scott was trying to keep Tany away from any of the rides.  For fear of having to tell her, so they played games. Scott won her a giant giraffe.  He tried to win her a big teddy but he wasn't good.  Tany was enjoying herself so much that she forgot to check the time.

She happen to look at the clock and nearly fell, "Scott I have to go."  "Oh, Okay."  His heart sank because he also had enjoyed himself.  Tany made him feel like he was at home, like.....they belonged to each other.  He got a little sad, but then he spoke up, "Can I see you after the concert."  
"No, because we will be leaving right after to go to the next city, I'm sorry."  
"That's too bad, I don't want this to end."  
"I know," she said looking down, then a thought came to her.

 "Hey you can hang out with us the rest of the day and then I have a couple of passes, so you can watch the show."  "Can I really do that?"  "Yes of, course, why didn't I think of that before."  "Alright that is settled then.  I guess we better go.  Don't want you to get in trouble." He teased.  They both started to walk out.

Scott stopped Tany by the Bear on the ball sculpture.  "I want to remember this day forever," he pulled out a camera and asked a man to take their picture.

 Since Scott and Tany are very use to getting there picture taken, this was not uncomfortable at all. Scott put his hand around Tany's upper back, Tany put her hand around his waist. Both of them could feel the sensation of not only physical attraction, but a homing attraction also.  Tany also got that sensation of being safe. Scott thanked the man and was really happy, because now he would have a lasting memory and hopefully he would be able to talk about this day at their wedding.

 Tany smiled and started to walk off the pier, but Scott caught her and whipped her around. "No, Ms. Connors we are not leaving this place just yet."

 Tany backed up against the wall, Scott cupped her face, and lifted her chin.  "If you don't push me away, I am going to kiss you."  Her breath caught, her heart started to race, she could feel every fiber in her body start to prickle.  She didn't make any move to push him, instead she stayed perfectly still, closing her eyes,  waiting to accept his lips on  hers.  Scott leaned in and titled his head, he slowly pushed his lips on hers.

 The world faded from all color and it was nothing.  It became black and the only thing that was in this nothingness was Scott and Tany.  They both felt it.  Scott opened his mouth a little and pushed his tongue towards her upper lip.  She accepted his tongue and opened hers.  For what seemed like an eternity they kissed.  Tany could feel it in her groins and Scott was starting to get hot.  He slowed and gradually closed his mouth.  His heart wouldn't stop racing.  He was in irreconcilable love with her and she him.  When they kissed their world became one at that moment.  Both of them knew they weren't just meant to be together, they were MADE for each other.

 "Ahem,  Where have you two been, it's been hours," Jonny said as Scott and Tany walked into the hotel room.  "I am sorry, we were busy."  She smiled at Scott.

"Eww, I really don't want to know, anyways, I assume you are going to be hanging out with us."  "Yes, I think I would like to see, what goes on."  "Ok, well I am going to take a shower and then we can go."

  While Jonny was taking his shower Tany had called to make arrangements for Scott to be backstage with them. Scott was looking around the hotel room thinking that one day she will be in...... "Huh? What is that for?" He thought looking down.

There on the dresser was a roll of duct tape. Scott picked it up, showing it to Tany.  Tany shrugged but thought, "Oh great Jonny is going to play a practical joke for my birthday." Little did Tany know that several people broke into her hotel room so they could tape Scott and Tany's lips together. But little did these people (DJ, JILLY, CATE, JAZEN AND KSMOMMA) know that Chapter three would indeed have them kiss. Now back to our story since I was interrupted.

Jonny, Scott and Tany were ushered to the stage and Scott sat in one of the seats.

 He was watching Tany, how she was serious about her career and how she was joking with her band mates.  Scott received a call, he answered it, it was Al.

 "Hey, so my little sis, says we need to have a meeting."  "Yeah, I think we better find them a driver Al."  "Mmh, okay.  She also said something about you and her."  "Aw, yeah, I was going to tell you but......"  "Yeah, whatever, All I can say is it's about time."  "Why does everyone keep saying that."  "Really.  Okay so we should set up a meeting, do you know when you are going to be available next."  They discussed getting together, the time the date.  Scott would be going back to working on his show in a weeks time, "The Connors" would be in Oklahoma. Everyone would have the week of Thanksgiving off.  It was decided that they would all meet up at "The Connors" Ranch the day before Thanksgiving.

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  1. YES! FINALLY!!!!!!! I'm guessing it was the fact that she told him she felt secure in his arms that he finally had the courage to kiss her! So happy! And he gets a free concert on top of that! HAHA Go Scott!

  2. Yes, finally it took how many chapters to get to this point? I would say yes and no. I think he had it in his mind before the date even started. But I think when she was honest with him and told him how she felt. It made him want to kiss her even more. Did you like the re-write about the duct Tape?

    Thanks for reading DJ!!

  3. Very fun. And I like how Scott is still getting the "finally"s
    I hope it works for them, they are sweet. Jonny seems a bit ruffled.

    1. Yes, Scott is getting it finally. Yes, Scott finally dared to ask her out. Yes, Scott finally kissed her. So yeah, Zhippidy I think he finally got it. Jonny is a bit ruffled, you got that. I am so glad, because I did it real subtle. Here in the next few chapters you will see why?

      Thanks for reading Zhippidy.

  4. Finally! lol.
    Yay, I'm so happy they finally kissed, and realize they are made for each other. I truly hope they are always this happy together.
    *does happy dance*
    I and I rolled on the floor laughing about the duct tape. =D

    1. Yes, Finally, now we can move on. I hope they do too.

      I do the happy dance with you.

      I am so glad, Jill said I should. So I thought ok, how do I re-write to put you guys in the story.

      Thanks for reading Melissa.

  5. Lol at the bit with the duct-tape. Looks like it worked though! The two kissed, are a bit closer, and can move forward!

  6. Thank, I thought it would be fun. It was all Jilly's idea. Yes, they are now we can indeed move on.

    Thanks for reading Aeon!

  7. Oh wow, I don't know how I managed to miss these last two updates, but I'm glad I decided to check out your blog!

    Yeeeowzahhh! They finally kissed and it was sooooo uuuber romantic!!!

    Maybe they can find another use for that duct-tape at a later date. *hint hint* hehehe

    They are such a cute couple though and you know that I love this story. I can't wait to see more of it. :D

  8. Kate, I want you to know, that I never worry if you miss an update here or there, because you always manage to read them. So no worries. I have a feeling you will enjoy this story a little more later. Duct tape why is everyone talking about this? LOL!!!

    Tany and Scott do make a cute couple and the compliment each other a lot. This will play out way more later.

    Thanks for reading it.

  9. FINALLY!!!!!! sheesh, thought they were never going to kiss! But what a kiss eh=).
    I think , even though they will probably take it slow, they now know what it is that they mean to each other.
    If they hadn't have been so hard headed to start with they coulda known a long time ago=b...edenz~

  10. I know right. They could have been together longer. And it took so many chapters to get to this point. I hope it doesn't ruin my story. Ha Ha!!

    Thanks for reading Edenz!!