Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Chapter 2 "The Gift"

October 13th 1999 Los Angeles, CA around 12:30

Scott was a little nervous as he drove to her hotel.  More excited, he was determined, he was going to kiss her this time.  Well....unless she wasn't susceptible to the idea.  He hoped she was though.  He pulled into the parking lot and put his car in park. He checked his breath, it smelt fine, but to be safe he popped an altoid in his mouth.

He got out and walked to the entrance, walked down the hall to her room.  He knocked softly, he could hear the TV and some voices.

Jonny opened the door and standing behind him was Tany.  She looked absolutely beautiful.  She was wearing exactly what she had told him.  A t-shirt with some writing on it, jeans and tan cowboy boots.

 "Are you ready?" Scott put his arm out in an escorting manner.

"Yes." she said as she took his arm.  There was a brief moment where it was only them, but then Jonny had to ruin it.  "So, um, o.k. well make sure she is home before midnight and so on."  Tany rolled her eyes and started to pull Scott away, before there was another blow up.  But Scott stood his ground and laughed, actually laughed, and hard too.  "What is so funny?"  Tany demanded.  Scott and Jonny both laughed harder.  Tany stood there in bewilderment.  Then she too started to laugh.  They laughed for a good five minutes before Scott wiped his eyes and said, "Welcome back bro, welcome back."  Tany then understood, it had been awhile since her brother who was usually really funny, made a joke, about anything.  She could feel the tension that was there wasn't there anymore. It was like someone took it and crumbled it.  It was gone and she was going to get her brother back.  Scott then started to move.  Scott and Tany walked out of the hotel, when they got to the car Scott opened the door for Tany.

Tany was excited, not nervous at all.  Although she was so hoping Scott would kiss her today.  She wanted him too.  He was really sexy.  He was wearing a T-shirt, jeans and flip-flops.  She smiled to herself, she was remembering the very first time she met him and how awful she thought he smelled.  Now he smelled like obsession cologne and cinnamon. He was making her whole body ache, not a flu ache, but a yearning ache.  She wanted him in every possible way.  It was hard to believe that she actually had fallen for this ex-surfer.  But she had and hard, now she was going on a "date" with him.  She quoted date because she felt that Scott and her had already gone on their first date, but he didn't see it that way or he just wanted an excuse to see her.  She got in the car and he shut the door.  Tany followed him with her eyes until he got to his side then she looked forward.

He got in and looked at her, he half smiled, his plan had worked and now she was going on a real date, although he just wanted to spend as much time as he possibly could.  "I thought we would go to the boardwalk."  
"Have you ever been there."  
"No, Not really."  
"Ok, you are about to have some fun then.

They pulled up to what looked like a dock that had a few rides on it and some carnival games.  So Scott was taking her to a stationed carnival for her birthday.  Ok it was official she loved him, he was being very romantic.  If he won her a prize she was going to die in his arms.

 Her face went flush.  "What's wrong." he said putting his hand on her knee.  She just about jumped on him right there.  "Nothing, I am just a little hot."  "Yes, yes you are," he said flirting, he smiled.  That was it, she was going to have to kiss him, but she couldn't, no wait yes she could.  Just when she got her nerve up, he said, "You are going to get spoiled today, and I mean spoiled anything you want, you get."  "Anything?" she raised an eyebrow.  "Yes, of course anything," he furrowed his brow.  "Ok, you asked for it, how deep is your pocket?"  "Very."  He gave a full teeth smile.  Again her body yelled at her.  

He went to open the door, "Oh, before I forget, this is for you," he said reaching behind him.  Tany caught a whiff of his cologne and just about died.  He pulled a small box that was wrapped very nicely and a card was on it. "Here, Happy Birthday Tanz.  I truly hope this is the best one ever."  "What is this, you didn't have to get me anything, just taking me out, was good enough."  "I knew you were going to say that, but I told you I want you to have everything you deserve."  "Can I open it later."  "I---was kinda hoping you would open it now."  "Oh, ok." She opened the envelope and pulled out the card.  She read it out loud.  "I wanted to wish you Happy Birthday, (she opened the card) so I just got you this cheap card.  Happy Birthday anyways.  Written in Scott's beautiful handwriting, I am so sorry that I have missed all of the ones before, but I promise you, I will never miss one ever again.  Yours, Truly forever, Scott.  Tany nearly choked up, but the lump that developed went right back down, when he put his hand on her knee.

 He cupped his hand very neatly under hers to help her open the box.  When they opened it, inside was a necklace.  It was a heart shape locket.  She opened the locket, on one side was a picture of her family and on the other was of Scott.  He got a lump in his throat, "This is so you will always have us and you won't be lonely, when you are on the road."  That was it, she lost control and her eyes filled with tears. She regained herself and looked up into his Scottish green eyes and she gave a very weak smile, "Thank you, Thank you very much."

Scott helped her put the locket on and caressed her cheek, "By the way did I mention, you look great, Tanz."  "Thanks Scotters."  Oh no, she was never going to tell him that ever.  She became very hot very fast.  She looked mortified.  He smiled his toothy smile and then chuckled.  "Scotters, huh? That has a nice ring to it. Tanz and Scotters it is."  She laughed. He got out and quickly walked over to her side, he opened the door.

 She stood up and Scott nearly kissed her right then.  He could feel her breath on him and she smelled like mint and he didn't know what the other scent was.  But he thoroughly was enjoying it.  She looked up at him and he moved over.  "Ok so are we going to ride the rides or what?"  "No, I thought we would eat first and then go from there." "You're the leader, I shall follow."

They started to walk, their pinkies touched and he went for it.  He grabbed her hand and she didn't let go.

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  1. It was dripping sugar. I loved it! She deserves a nice day out :) The locket was very thoughtful and very romantic of Scott.

    1. I am so glad you saw it that way, Zhip. It was totally, "Dripping Sugar". After all the stuff her brother has put her through, yes she needs a nice day out. Scott has a bad boy reputation, but Tany sees more of him than just his tats or his piercings. And I think Scott does too. Scott is extremely romantic. He tries to take care of his women.

      Thanks ever so much, Zhip for reading my story.

  2. Aw, Scott is so sweet and romantic, I'd be falling all over him too. That was such a lovely gift! And I love Scotters. My husband is named Scott, btw, and I have a few goofy names I call him, but I never thought of that one.

    I can't wait to see how the date goes!

    1. I know what you mean, about falling all over him. I totally would be all over that. Yes, I had to think of a way that Scott gave her that necklace and there it was. That is cool, great now I am going to be blamed for you calling you husband Scotters. I actually had a friend in High School whose brother was Scott and this was during the time Rob Schnider was on Saturday Night Live. Remember that skit he use to do where he would call people something like "The Paulaster or the Melissaster" That's where Scotters came from. And that is Scott's little history.

    2. I wrote a book that I forgot to Thank you for reading.

      So with all of my heart, Thank you ever so much for reading my story Melissa.

  3. Aww that was so sweet. She was on edge the entire time and the date just started. I think I smelled him for a moment there though haha. He is really so great for her! I love their relationship. I think that if he does kiss her she will melt for sure. The necklace was a great gift and the sentiment was even better :)

    P.S. great job on the poses! I love the last one with them walking and holding hands.

  4. Yes it was sweet of him. If you smelled Scott then you know he smelled, FINE!! We will see a little more here pretty soon about HOW great he is for her. I can't tell you what she will do. The necklace was needed.

    Thank you that last pose was a big pain in the ass. Took me forever to get it right.

    Thanks ever so much for reading, DJ.

  5. Good to see Jonny is back to being his old self again!

    As for Tany and Scott, looks like they have hit it off really well and there is nowhere but up to go with that relationship!

    1. Yes so far (crossing fingers).

      Scott and Tany are meant to be, plain and simple.

      Thanks for reading Aeon.

  6. How sweet of him and I can't wait to see how this date goes! I might just have to read more of the previous chapters of this story.

    1. Thanks Whit. I wish my hubby would be more romantic like that. Go for it, just chapter 12 of Season 1 got messed up but the jest is still there.

      Thanks for reading Whit!

  7. Jonny is soooo cute! "Have her home by midnight and stuff", =b. Oh for petes sake get to snoggin already you two!
    The locket was very sweet sentiment and i think she guinenly appreciated it, hope the next chapter shows more of this date!...edenz~

  8. Oh Edenz it is great to have ya back!! I am so happy now. Jonny is trying to slowly put his life back together. I will not give it away. She did think that was awesome. And the next chapter does.

    Thanks for reading Edenz!!

  9. ~ Just catching up, now as my head is a bit better,waiting for Supernatuaral,as my game keeps quitting on me,so have time to read,plus it helps my Spring Cold!LOL!
    ~ I am glad that those two are finally finding each other,it has been a while coming!
    ~ This was sugar sweet,but what else would you expect from Scott for his favorite girl!
    ~ Such a romantic! Loved it,going on to read more!(",)

  10. I am glad your head is feeling better. I hope it stays that way.

    Yes finally they did get together.

    Yeah, he loves her.

    Just wait he gets more romantic as time goes on.

    Welcome Back Karima, Thanks for reading!