Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Chapter 4 "The Flight"

November, 21st 1999 Arlington, TX

Scott was looking forward to spending a week with Tany during Thanksgiving.  Tany and himself had only spent two weekends together and that was only because he flew to see her.  Which was nothing for him, he was now making seven hundred, fifty thousand dollars an episode.  So flying to see her was chump change.  He was also lavishing her with gifts.  Which she had told him to stop. She just wasn't that kind of person.  That made him love her even more.  Scott was sitting on the plane waiting to take off.  He was obvious in first class.  He wasn't really paying much attention to any of the other passengers.

In fact he was thinking of nothing in particular, then a voice got his attention.  Scott leaned into the isle to see if it was who he thought it was.  Sure enough it was.  Alicia Matono was sitting in the seat in front of Scott.

"Hey, Babe."  She turned to see who it was and became very excited.  "Oh, my goodness if it isn't Scott A.?"  
"How are you?"  
"I am doing good and you?"  
"I couldn't be doing any better."  Scott and Alicia played siblings in a horrible b movie that went right to VHS.  She looked at the stewardess and stood up.  Scott was sitting by himself, Scott moved his legs and Alicia sat in one of the empty seats. "I haven't seen you in a few years."  
"I have been pretty busy." 
"I know I saw you got your own show.

 "I told you." She said putting her hand on his knee.  Scott nodded, "You did, and you too, you got a show."  
"Yes, I did but not by myself, like you little bro, well not so little now." 
"You must be heading home for the Holiday."  
"Yes, You know how us Italians are, we like to eat."  
"Hey, I don't think it's just Italians."  
"You are obvious not heading home?"  She questioned.

 "No I am heading to Texas."  
"What, Why?" She opened her mouth, stuck out her tongue and poked her finger in her mouth as if she was gagging.  
"Hey Babe, I am going to spend this week with my girlfriend." 
"Get out, you have a girlfriend who lives in Texas?"  
"What's wrong with that?"  
"You, Scott, seriously."  
"Nothing, I just thought you would go out with some surfer chick."  "Yeah, no, they are kinda all the same."  
"OK, well she is definitely a lucky lady."  
"No, No I am the lucky one."  
"Aw you have always been so romantic."

The plane landed and Alicia gave Scott a big hug, they traded numbers.  She made him promise he would keep in touch.  They parted ways so she could get on her connecting flight.

 Scott was getting excited.  He had rented a car so he could drive to Arlington.  He had been to Texas several times.  Once was with Al over summer break. Ciera, The Connors mother offered him a place to stay but Scott wanted his privacy, that time.  This time he was taking the offer, so he could spend as much time with Tany as possible. He was walking towards the car rental place, when three teen girls came up to him asking him for his autograph.  Of course he gave it to them.

He walked up to the counter there was a lady in her thirties possibly forties, Scott really couldn't tell.  "May I help you?"  
"Yes, I have a car on hold."  
"And the name?"  
"It should be under a Scott Allen Wright."  
"One moment please."  
"No problem."  Is what he said, what he thought was, "Lady, hurry up, I want to kiss her pink soft lips and make out with her."  
"Yes, Mr. Wright, your car is ready for you."  They went over the insurance, policy and rental agreement.

cott signed his name, Scott A. Wright, instead of Scott Allen Wright.  The lady who really hadn't paid much attention looked up and went into a hysterical fit.  "Oh my God, you are thee Scott A. Wright."  "Yeah, I am."

 He was doomed, the next thing was there was a crowd around him.  Scott just wanted to get out of there.  He had probably been there about twenty minutes signing autographs and taking pictures, when a man came up and asked him if he needed some assistance.  "Yes, Please, dude."

"You bet."  The man put his hands up and said, "Ok, Mr. Wright will not be taking any more autographs now, he is on his way to a movie set.  We appreciate all you fans.  Thanks so much."  And just like that, Scott and this man were walking to get his car.  
"That was absolutely amazing."  
"Thank you, I saw you needed the help." 
"So, what's you name?"  
"It's Biff."  
"No, really, your real name."  
"Ok, it's Timmy."  
"Ok well Timmy, thank you so much for your help.  Can I get your number, I may need you again when I fly home."

They walked to Scott's car. Timmy (Biff) wrote his number out for Scott and told him to call and he would be happy to "guard" him.  Scott got in his car and drove to Arlington.

Tany was out in the pasture with Midnight.  She had missed him, but not as much as she found she was missing Scott.  That was all she thought about. Especially every time she sang "Because the Night".  She heard a car pull up but she couldn't quite see who it was.  She knew it wasn't Jonny and Cheryl, because they would be there the next day.  Tany was dreading that.  But she had to put on the fake smile.

Tany then realized who it was.  Scott was here she had been waiting for him.  He had called a few hours earlier to tell her he was on his way and Al made fun of them.  Beth stopped Al, told him to leave his sister alone.  Everyone in the room laughed.  Tany could make out his feet, of course he was wearing sandals.  She smiled to herself, remembering the conversation they had about Texas vs. California.  The car door slammed, Midnight gave a whinny.  He was telling her that someone was here.

"It's Scott, Midnight."  Tany patted her horse.  She was a little anxious to see him.  His hair was a little longer than the last time she saw him.  He walked to the gate and smiled his toothy smile.  Tany's heart stopped, he was dressed in cargo jeans, he had a dress shirt on, and what caught her eye the most was he wasn't wearing any piercings.  His hair was a little darker than normal and he had facial hair.  Tany gasped for air, and Midnight nuzzled her.  She started to laugh at Midnight.  Midnight was Tany's horse, she was the second thing he saw.  He was also very protective.

Scott stood there waiting for her.  She stuck one finger up to let Scott know she would be just one second.  She lead Midnight into the barn. 

She closed the barn, using her muscles.  When she did that Scott got turned on.  He couldn't wait now to kiss her.  She put her hands on her hips, "You may enter Mr. Wright."  "Thank you, Miss Connors, I will."

With that he opened and shut the gate.  Scott and Tany ran to each other, embracing, Scott lifted her off the ground.  It was easy to do, Scott can bench press 350 lbs.  He then kissed her.  Every time they kissed the world disappeared and it was only Scott and Tany.

 Since it was late in the afternoon on Sunday, Al, Beth, Tany and Scott couldn't really do anything.  So they decided to play a game.  Of course the high school friends, picked monopoly.  Tany hated playing with Al, he was so much smarter in business.  He won most of the time.  As they were playing Scott told Al a little bit about what they should talk to Jonny about.  Tany sighed, Scott put his hand on her thigh.  Her groin got excited and she became flushed.  Scott did things to Tany that no-one ever did.  Al caught a glimpse of his sister and leaned over to her.  
"Are you ok, there Mouth?"  
"Yes, why?"

 Scott smiled, he knew what was going on.  She got turned on by him and that made him want to kiss her.  "Well you look a little flushed."  "Al, leave her alone."  Tany's face became hot and she almost bursted into tears, but Scott put his hand on her knee.  Beth yawned, and apologized for being so sleepy.  Al was watching Scott and Tany's reaction to each other.  He felt a little weird.  Scott and Al had literally graduated together.  Both graduated from Long Beach High School in 1996.  But Al loved both of them very much and didn't want to see either of them get hurt or do something they would regret later.  Beth stood up and looked at Al, "Let's go sit outside for a little bit." 
"Yeh, that sounds like a good idea.  I will be there in a minute."  Great, Tany knew she was about to get "The Sex lecture" from Al.  "Jonny and I have already had this conversation, Al."

 "That is Jonny....." "Al leave her alone."  Scott piped up.  "She does not need your advice, she is in good hands.  Al I will never do anything to hurt her."  "I know, I just don't want to see either of you do something you would regret later."
"Come, dude, do you honestly think I would ruin the trust, your parents have for me?"

 "No I----I guess not."  
"Well...."  Tany stood there, tapping her foot.  
"Ok, I will go deal with my own.  I love you, Mouth."  
"I love you too, now go be with Beth." As Al walked out, Tany turned to Scott,  "If you ever do that to me again, I will write a song about

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  1. I predict that Tany will be writing lots of songs!
    I loved it. From the plane to the Monopoly to the innocent flirting, very fun update :) Scott looks nice in darker hair :)

  2. Thanks Zhip, I worry sometimes that it might be a little on the boring side, but I am glad that you liked it.

    Scott does look good in his natural hair color.

    Thanks so much for reading Zhip!!

  3. I love how protective Tany's brothers are.

    Scott does look cute in his natural hair color. I hope all the attention he gets from female fans and other actresses doesn't cause problems for him and Tany!

    LOL, I kept expecting the party to turn into a Twister fest. I guess some other time. ; )

    1. Jonny and Al were raised to be protective. Good ole Texas boys.

      I hate how I had to show you guys his natural hair color, but I couldn't think of any other way. As far as female fans and actresses this will be addressed in another chapter. Not to far off I think.

      I almost changed the last bit to make it twister instead, but then I thought, I will use it later. I want to see how DJ uses it first.

      Thanks for reading Melissa.

  4. Wait a minute.. How did I miss this update? Lol So cute the two of them are. They totally wanna bang but they are taking things slow and that is good. However, I can't help but feel like something bad is going to happen. Especially with the way that everyone is pushing the fact that they be careful and that they don't want anything bad to happen to Tany.

    1. I don't know, glad you caught it. I know they totally are, almost too cute. No that is not a hint.

      Yes they do want to bang and I am sure one day they will, but not while Scott is staying with the Connors. I don't think Al, and Jonny want to happen to her, what happened to Jonny. I think that is why, plus they are (especially Al) extremely protective of Tany.

      I am glad you stumbled upon this. Thanks for reading Kate.

  5. You know what, I was also expecting Twister! I think Jonny and Al are just being careful, a little caution is always good! As long as they do not become paranoid about it heh.

    Also Monopoly is a dangerous game, you never know when someone will fight over it!

  6. I did almost use it. Yes, Jonny and Al are being a bit over protective. Monopoly is a dangerous game.

    Thanks for reading Aeon!!

  7. The big brothers protecting the little sister huh=b. I'm pretty sure they know they don't have anything to worry about with Scott.
    Gawd...I was all excited for them about their Thanksgiving until i read that "she who shall remain namelss to me", was showing up, what a pain in the ass thats gonna be, ugh...edenz~

  8. Yes, they do know that Scott would never. But I think it's just that they don't want this relationship to be tampered with.

    I know She just has to show up, doesn't she.

    Thanks for Reading Edenz. "She who shall remain nameless to me". LOL, I think that is awesome.