Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Chapter 1 "The Rounds"

October 12th, 1999  Long Beach, CA 
7:30 am.

Tany and Jonny were sitting in front of two microphones with headsets on.  They were at KRZY.  The Crazy radio station out of Long Beach.
"You're with Jim and Carry and this is KRRRRRRAAAAAAAAZZZZZYYYYYY!!!"  They heard through their headphones.
"Welcome back we are joined by "The Connors" Jon S. And Tany, Thanks for stopping by."
"Thanks for having us," Jonny said.

"But for now you are chatting with us."
"Tany today is your birthday, is that right?"
"And you will be?"
"Do you have any special plans for tonight."

"Not really, just hanging out with Jonny here."  Jonny and Tany were both thinking the same thing.  They were thinking that Tany would be spending her 19th birthday with Scott.  Jonny almost blew it.  Tany and Jonny had decided that morning that no-one should know until Scott mentioned it.
"Here to sing, their new single,"The Connors"."  Jonny played the guitar instead of the piano.  Tany's voice was soft and low.

A little later probably around 9:30 am, Malibu, CA..............

Scott, Johnson and Calvin were picking up Scott's house.  It had been trashed.
"So are you going to tell us or do we have to kill you?" Johnson wanted to know.
"I told you, we went to have pie and then we went back to her hotel room."
"And you didn't do anything else?"
"No and even if we did, I certainly wouldn't tell you clowns."

"Johnson tells me you lifted Jonny off the floor."
"Yes, I did, dude, I was so mad, I have never been that mad... ever." Scott said shaking his head.
"What did Tany do?"  Johnson quizzed.
"Nothing, she did open her eyes once, but I think she was afraid of her brother. Which just makes me mad."
"Dude, you know he almost hit her."  Calvin stated.
"See it's things like that. I don't know, I just want so bad to be with her, you know."
Calvin nodded, out of everyone he did know.  Tany had dated Calvin for a little while, until they both realized that they weren't meant to be. Johnson walked over to Scott, "You will, I mean, you did ask her out right?"
"Of course, I told her to call me as soon as her radio rounds were over."

Calvin gave a what the hell face, "What is that?"
"It sounded to me like when we do our rounds, to promote our movies or TV shows."
Johnson nodded, "Mmm, ok that's kinda cool."
"So where are you going to take her?"
"I was kinda thinking the boardwalk."

Texas State University  Meanwhile............. 

 Al was sitting at his desk, he had finals in two days and then he would be finished. Al was between Jonny and Tany in the family.  He was one year and three months younger than Jonny and two years older than Tany. He would move to Los Angeles and start managing his family.  Jonny and Tany needed a better manager.  One who knew them and wanted what was best for them, not this Michael Tyme guy.

 Al's phone rang, "Hello".  It was the head of the Connors family, John Sr. 
"Are packed and ready?"

"Yes, Sir I think I got everything."  
"Ok, son, we will be there to help you move."  
"Thanks Dad, I am so glad you and mom will help me."  
"Son, that is what family's for."  
"Yeah, I know."  They finished the conversation. 

Al's phone rang again, "Did you forget to tell me something."  
"What?"  It was Beth Manners, Michael Tyme's secretary.  Al and Beth had been dating since April, at "The Connors" first Album release party.  
"Oh, Sorry, I thought you were my dad."  
"Ha, ha no...did you still want me to fly in tomorrow."

"Of, Course."  
"Ok, I will see you tomorrow then."  
"I can't wait."  He sat there for what seemed  like an eternity, but in reality it was only a few seconds.  He finally went back to his books.

Los Angeles, Around 10:30 am.............
Tany just wanted this over with so she could be with Scott, she was getting a little antsy.  "What's up with you, Mouth?"  Mouth is a nickname Tany's family gave her, because of an accident that happened when she was younger.  
"Nothing, leave me alone."  
"Wow, you are on one today."  They were in the car going to their last radio round.  
"No, I am just tired." She gave him an accusing look.  
"Hey....Don't blame me, you were the one getting kissy kissy with Scott," he puckered his lips.  
"We didn't kiss, and even if we did, do you honestly think I would tell you."

 Jonny raised his eyebrow, "Yes, Yes I do, after all I am your older brother."  Tany pushed him and started to laugh, 
"You are probably right."  Jonny's phone rang. "Hello."  It was Cheryl.  Cheryl was an ex porn star who was trying to make it as a legit actress.  Cheryl was using Jonny to become more famous.  She gave him drugs and tricked him into thinking she loved him.  He nearly died by an overdose.  Thankfully, Tany and Scott were there to save him.  Jonny and Cheryl were married and Jonny was trying to seperate from her.  But of course she needed him, but Jonny didn't realize this, so she was trying everything she could.


 Jonny was very upset, Tany could tell that her brother was hurting and she had no way of helping him.  As soon as they got back to the hotel she would call Al and see what he thought.

 Jonny pushed the red button on his phone and casually tossed it beside him.

Malibu around 11:45................

Calvin had left, he had an audition.  Scott and Johnson were finishing up cleaning. 
"Thanks, dude, I would have hated for Bernice to come in here and have to clean that by herself."  "Bernice," Johnson gave Scott the come on really look.  
"Seriously, I hired her a few months ago, before Jo-Beth moved in."

"Speaking of Jo-Beth, how is she?"  
"You mean that woman, I do scenes with, but won't talk to me otherwise."  
"Yeah, her."  
"She's GRRRReat." Scott imitating Tony the Tiger.  Jo-Beth and Scott dated for a little while, unfortunately, Scott broke her heart because he was in love with Tany.   Scott and Jo-Beth are both actors on the same TV show. A show that was written for Scott's character Todd Watford.  At the present time they were on a hiatus for two weeks.  They are filming season 3.

"Wow she........"  Scott's livingroom phone was ringing.  Since Johnson was closer, he answered it.  "Mr. Wright's residence, How may I help you?"

"Johnson let me talk to him,"  Tany said impatiently.  
"Johnson, if you don't give him the phone, I am going to tell your mother you still suck your thumb."  Scott was also getting impatient.

Wow, fine, here," He handed the phone to Scott.  
"Hey, you told me to call and let you know when I was finished?"  
"Yes, I did, are you done?"  
"Yes, finally, so...."  
"Are you back at the hotel?"  
"Yes, we just got here."  
"Really, you called me first."  
"How about I treat you for your birthday?"  
"Alright, I will pick you up in about forty minutes."  
"Ok, but um.."  
Scott's heart sank, "What, did you want me to wait?"  
"No, silly, what do I wear." 
"Oh, haha, um, I don't know, um casual."  
"So jeans, cowboy boots and a t-shirt."  
"Cowboy boots?"  
"Scott I am from Texas, we wear them more than we wear tennis shoes."  
"Ok, so jeans, t-shirt and cowboy boots it is then."  
"Ok, see you in forty minutes."  
"Ok, bye."  He hung up the phone and looked at Johnson, 
"Promise me, you will name one of your children after me."  
"Shut up."

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  1. Yay, more Connors! I've been waiting.
    And I'm still waiting for that kiss, lol. Though I guess if Scott can be patient, so can I...
    Great start to the new season, I'm looking forward to seeing how things go with Tany and Scott, and if Al can finally get that Cheryl off his back and take care of his growing problems.

  2. First off thank you, this chapter was very hard to write, but it came out. What Kiss? Ha ha!!

    Jonny and Cheryl are not working out at all, maybe we will see some of that this Season.

    Al is Dating Beth, she will be in it a little more this season as well. In fact wait to see what she does.

    Thanks for reading Melissa.

  3. It's good to see this back!

    Also it's good to see that wait, it's not good for her to even be mentioned. Is she still trying to take Jonny down with her?!?

    1. I am glad to be writing it, now that I know how to make poses, I will just make my own.

      Cheryl is still trying to get her claws into Jonny, but soon, very soon something is going to happen I promise.

      Thanks for reading Aeon, I was trying to become a member of your pose site but google was being stupid.

  4. It's great to see the premier of Season two! It's been long awaited, but I didn't expect it this early in the summer! I'm so glad you decided to start writing again!

    Jonny and Tany fight so much it's crazy to think that they work well together. It's probably one of those incidents where all you hear is the bad between them even though there is more good.

    Cheryl, ugh I thought she was gone but there is still more of her to come. Blergh

    I don't remember Al, but it will be nice to see him in these coming chapters and learn about his life.

    Of course, Scott and Tany are the main focus here because, obviously, who doesn't want to see them succeed in a relationship and do the hanky panky! I'd settle for a kiss though. =D

    Welcome back Kiddo! I knew you couldn't stay away too long! I'll try to get to each update in a timely manner, but you know how busy life can be sometimes!

  5. Well, I wasn't going to but dang, I miss them. They are my babies and my real babies told me to.

    Don't forget Jonny and Tany are brother and sister, they are going to fight, but in the end, Tany and Jonny will always have each others back.

    Cheryl will be back but not for long.

    Al, is Jonny and Tany's brother. He is the one between them. I didn't really mention him other than he is best buds with Scott.

    And Yes, the Main focus is the Relationship with Tany and Scott. I will not give you anymore, you will just have to read.

    I do know, and I am actually glad you didn't leave like I thought. I would miss you way to much.

    Anyways, there I go getting sentimental.
    Thanks for reading Kate.

  6. This was a fun catch up. :)
    I hope Jonny does get far from Cheryl soon.
    I also hope the date goes well :)
    Welcome back!

    1. Thanks Zhippidy!

      I won't tell you, but I will tell you Cheryl is going to get hers, I promise.

      I believe the date is going to be two chapters long.

      Thank you, I know it wasn't long, but hey I miss my Scotty, Tany and Jonny.

      Thanks for reading!!

  7. Lol Calvin's last line made me laugh :P They are cute together though, Tany and Scott. I'm thrilled they are finally moving in the right direction! I can't wait to see their date. And Cheryl...when or when will we find her overdosed on prescription pain killers in her lavish bedroom surrounded by CDs from the Connors?! (This is how I imagined it).

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    Thanks for reading DJ.

  9. @#$$%^&*#...Cheryl...ugh, I can not stand that woman. I adore Scott and Tany, they are soooo cute and if they don't make a valiant effort to make a relationship i will personally beat them both=b.
    Poor Jonny, he has been through so much it is good to see him on somewhat stable ground. I'm very concerned with him when it comes to 'she whos name i shall not speak', will be interesting to see how things play out here...edenz~

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