Saturday, September 15, 2012

Chapter 6 "The Kicker"

November 23rd 1999, Arlington, TX.

Al and Jonny found a good lawyer in LA and as soon as Jonny got back he would start the process of Divorcing Cheryl, but in the mean time he couldn't just kick her out on the curb so he put the pretense on.  Jonny should get an academy award for his performance.  Cheryl, Beth and Tany had gone shopping but Tany lost patience with Cheryl so they were back at the house. Which was fine with Tany.  Tany, Beth, Cinita and Cheryl were sitting in the enclosed porch.  Tany and Cintia were talking about Cintia maybe joining the band.

Cheryl gave a sigh.

 "What don't you think I am good enough?"

"I didn't say anything."  Cheryl said.  
"You sighed."  

Tany was trying very hard not to be in this conversation.  
"So you think you are so much better than us, you don't even have a job, you are mooching off my brother."  
"Listen, you little scank. You know nothing about me."  Cheryl curled her lips.  
"Hey, that is not necessary, Cheryl."  Beth chimed in.  
"Whatever, you are nothing but a traitor."  
"What did we do to you?"  
"You should just stay out of it traitor."  
Tany had, had it, "You come into our home and treat us like this, who do you think you are."  
"Oh, another country heard from."  
"Cheryl, what happened to you to make you so mean."  
'"Nothing happened, you are just losers and it's a waste that there are people like you in the world."

Just then, Beth Manners went red in the face and all of a sudden, Cheryl was laying on the floor.  Beth had knocked her out.

Tany couldn't believe Beth would do something like that.  
"You just totally knocked her out."  Beth was catching her breath, "Sorry, she did deserve it."  Cintia just sat there, not knowing whether to cheer or say something.

Ciera heard the smack and the drop and went running into the room.  "What in St. Joseph, happened."  
Cintia piped up, "Uh, well, um Cheryl was calling us all kinds of names and Beth decked her."  Tany saw her mother smile but then put her worried look on.  
"I am so sorry, Mama Connors. I didn't mean to dishonor your house, she just...."

"I know, go get Jonny and Al."  She said turning to Cinita.  
"Why do I have to be the one, why......."  
Ciera through clinched teeth, "Go Get them now, Cinita Ciera Lynn Connors."  Cintia knew that if her mother said her full name, the next thing would be a grounding or worse and long lecture from dad.  "Ok."  She got up and went to find them.   

 When she found them they were playing pool with Scott and Juno.

"You guys need to get upstairs, Beth Smacked Cheryl."  
"What?" surprise on Al's face.  
"Dude, your woman doesn't take no crap, does she?"  
"I guess not."  At that moment, Al was glad he was going to ask her to marry him.

Cheryl was going to have a bruise on her face, but she would be ok.  It was decided that for the best, Cheryl needed to go home.  Jonny and Cheryl had a conversation, in which Jonny told her he was divorcing her and there was nothing she could do.  She needed to go home and pack all of her stuff and leave.  He didn't apologize but he did wish her well.  Cheryl had just left and for the first time in almost two years Jonny felt lighter.  In fact he felt really good.  All the Connors decided they would go out and eat.  Tany's favorite place to eat.  It was Lugi's pizzeria.
She loved it, because Luigi was her number one fan.  He had a picture of himself and her hanging in between the menus.  He also had one of Tany's cowboy hats that she signed.  Plus the food wasn't bad either.  Especially the Pasta De'marinara.

  While they were there, Alberto, Jonny and Tany had a little announcement they wanted to make.

 Jonny looked at his sister and she said, "No, you go big bro."  
"Ok, well y'all know that Miracle is doing really good."  Everyone at the table nodded their head, John's chest was out, you could tell he was proud of his children.  
"Ok well, Eric signed us for a two record deal."  There were congratulations all around. 
"We got a signing bonus."  
"And..."  John said.  
"And it was 250 each, per album."  
Juno, who hadn't really paid attention to the family "business" spoke up, "You mean you got a measly 2 dollars and fifty cents."  Everyone laughed.  
"No, silly we got 250,000 now and we will get the next later."  Juno's eyes went wide.  
"If we were single artist we would have gotten 500."  
"He signed the checks before we left." Tany and Jonny pulled out their checks.  John smiled, "So what are you two going to do with your money?"  
"I think I am going to buy Midnight."  
"Princess, you don't have to do that."  
"Yes, daddy I do. I want to."  
"I am going to use mine to get a divorce." He said jokingly.  Everyone at the table laughed.

 Al stood up, "I would like to also," he bent down on one knee and pulled out a small ring box. 
"Elizabeth Anne Manners, will you do the honor of becoming my wife, and join this crazy family?"  Tears were streaming down her face.  "Al, why didn't you tell me?"  
"That would have ruined the surprise, silly."  
"Yes, I would be honored to be your wife."  She got up and both Al and Beth kissed and hugged.  Tany and Scott looked at each other.  Jonny walked over to Beth and very softly said, "Welcome to the family." (Reader I told you to remember what Beth said, way back in Season 1 chapter 4).  
"I am glad to be joining your family."  Jonny and Beth started to laugh.  Tany gave Beth a hug and welcomed her to the family.  Scott congratulated Al, "Scott, I already discussed with Jonny and he agreed."  
"Yeah?"  Scott knew Al was getting ready to ask him to be the best man.  
"I would like you to be my best man."  
"Of, Course dude."  Jonny winked at Tany.  Why he did that, Tany had no idea, but later Tany found out that Al had asked Jonny and Jonny told him to ask Scott.  Tany started to regain some of the respect she had for him.  They had all finished eating, John started to pay and Scott told him he would.  
"Scott, I appreciate that you want to pay but, I got it."  Scott knew enough to not argue with John Connors.
 Since Tany and Scott drove together, they rode home together.  On the way, Scott talked about how excited he was for Al and how happy he was about it.  
"Scott, what do you want out of life?" Tany asked.  
"How do you mean?"  
"Well, I mean like, what do you want to be when you grow up?"  "Oh, I think I am what I am going to be.  I would like to be in a movie maybe."  
"Yeah, I suppose you are what you are going to be."  
"What about you, what do you want to be when you grow up?"  
"I always thought, I would be a ranchers wife, own a ranch and raise horses, but I guess like you. I am being what I am going to be."  "Mmh, maybe one day we will own a ranch."

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  1. Awwww So much cuteness!! I think Tany is going to be the maid of honor and Scott the best man. Like a secret way to push them towards marriage. I don't see Scott being a farmer though. And, I think I liked him better with blond hair, he looked more like a surfer. :P

    Cheryl got what she deserved and that makes me giggle. Hopefully she doesn't burn down Johnny's house!

    1. I am not sure yet if I will make her the maid of honor, but Scott will be the best man. Al and Scott definitely are Best Buds and Jonny letting Scott have that Honor shows you what kind of person Jonny really is.

      Scott does look better with blonde hair but he also looks good with dark hair. Don't worry he will dye it back as soon as summer comes.

      Cheryl did deserve exactly what she got. And I actually had debated between, Beth, Ciera and Cintia hitting her. I think Beth was by far the best choice.

      Thanks for reading Kate.

  2. Bye bye Cheryl. haha!
    I am happy that Jonny had the talk with his Dad and made his decision and actually kept it.
    And the line, 'maybe one day we will own a ranch' was that Scott? Ohhh... Tany's so young. I know, love and all, maybe it will work.

    1. Yes, finally I can get rid of her. Time to move on. Jonny is going to divorce her, for sure there is no doubt about that.

      Yes, that was Scott, "Maybe one day we will own a ranch." I think Scott would love to marry Tany, but I think he has some reservations. I think he knows Tany would probably say no right now. So no worries, there, Zhip!!

      Thank you so much for reading, Zhip!!

  3. Yes! I loved seeing Cheryl hit the floor! Hit her again, Beth! LOL
    I'm so glad Jonny is getting divorced. And Al's proposal was so sweet.
    Scott and Tany are so cute together...I giggle at the thought of him being a farmer, but who knows? Love can make you do all sorts of stuff...=D

    1. I thought you might like that Melissa. One family member down four to go. There are extremely cute together. I think it's funny how cute they are. Just wait it will get gaggy cute.

      I think he will be cute on a horse, I mean surfing and horse riding aren't really that different, Oh He is so doomed. I can't even imagine him on a horse and I am the writer. Scott on a horse.....

      Thanks for reading Melissa.

  4. 1) #$%%^&*&^ Cheryl

    2)WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO you go Beth! God, Cheryl has been needing that and more for such a long time.

    3) awwwww...Al and Beth are so cute, I'm so happy for them!

    4) I would have paid good money to have seen Cheryls' face when Jonny told her wanted a divorce and that there was nothing she could do about it that she needed to go, pack her clothes and get out...who da skank now biatch!!!

    5) WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO hit her again Beth!!!


  5. 1) Yes she is!!

    2) Beth is not going to take crap.

    3) Beth is going to be good for Al.

    4) Just wait you might, so if I did you would pay me good money.

    5) I thought about that, a cat fight, but knocking her out cold, was more satisfying.

    Thanks ever so much for reading My Edenz.

  6. Cheryl really deserved that. She really did! I know I enjoyed seeing that but I worry...who am I going to hate on now! It's good that Jonny is free from her but I am going to miss hating on her definitely!

  7. She totally did and I am so glad that I uses Beth. Would you have ever guessed her. I wouldn't have. Aw Aeon, I am so sorry that you will have no one to hate on, just wait.

    Thanks ever so much for reading Aeon.