Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Chapter 7 "The Clinger"

December  10th, 1999  McCarran  International Airport.

 Time was flying by for Tany, even though she hadn't seen Scott in almost a month.  She was so busy with rehearsing and touring that she didn't really have time to miss him.  He called her once a day, just to say hi.  Every week he bought her flowers and he had some bbq chips delivered to where ever she was staying.  Christmas was in two weeks and she hadn't gotten Scott anything.  Maybe she would pick up something in Little Rock.  Tany was sitting in the airport waiting to fly to the next city, she picked up the phone and dialed.  "Hey, I am obviously away from my phone, please leave your name and number and I will try my hardest to get back to you...... BEEP."  "Hey, sis call me as soon as you get this, kay m-bye."  Tany needed to talk to Cintia.  Of course she was probably at school.  She looked around to see where her brother was and of course he had disappeared.  She decided it was the bathroom, they were waiting for their next flight.  They still had another hour.  She thought about going to get a cup of coffee, but then she would be up for awhile.  It was times like this that she wished she had a gameboy or something like that.  Maybe she would pick one up on her next shopping trip.

Jonny was coming around the corner, "Hey there lil' sis, what's up?"  Jonny looked so much better now that he was free from drugs and her.  
"Nothing, just thinking about getting a gameboy."  
"Yeah, that would be kind of cool."
"Where were you?"  He gave Tany a quizzical look, "I went for a smoke."  

"Oh, yes I forgot." 

Tany was now in the bathroom, apparently she thought she should use it before she got on the plane.  Jonny laid on the bench waiting.  He hated lay overs and no matter what, he hated flying.  But Michael was insistent.  It would save them time and money, that was a crock.  He was actually looking forward to ditching this dumb ass and working with Al.  Al was better at math and Jonny had already okayed it, Al would be taking over as his accountant as well.

Jonny heard a noise and sat up.  There on the next bench was a woman in her early twenties.  She was pretty Jonny thought.  "No, Jonny stop that, you are getting a divorce." 

She wasn't paying any attention to him, she was reading a book.
He was watching how she would turn the page.  It must've been a great book because she wasn't looking at him at all.

Finally she looked up, feeling his eyes on her. "Hello." "Hi, sorry, I was just thinking that must be a great book."  "It is now, if you please can I go back to it."  
"Ok,"  He said looking down at his watch.

"Do you always give up that easy?"  
Making sure he heard her right, "I'm sorry."  

 "Wow, you weren't like this in school at all."  
"Pardon me, do I know you?"  Jonny questioned. 

 "I don't know if you know me, but we went to UCLA together." Jonny was just starting to be in the limelight, so he thought this girl was just messing with him.  
"So we went to UCLA, were we in any classes together?"  
"Two to be exact."  
Jonny was starting to doubt her, "Ok, what classes?

"We were in, Music Technique and Understanding Musical Genres, I am not some weird fan."  
"Did I say you were? I am just racking my brain."  
"Will it help if I give you my name?"  
"Yes." Jonny sighed.  
"It's Jennifer Clinger."

Jonny sat there a moment remembering where everyone sat, then recognition came over his face, "We, Jeff and I called you Clinger the Singer."  
"Yeah, that was me."  Jonny nodded to acknowledge her but neither said anything.

Tany came bouncing back to her seat.  Jennifer turned her back toward them.

 "You don't have to act like we weren't talking."  Tany turned to look at who he was talking about.  Jennifer turned around, she stuck out her hand to give to Tany, "Hi, I'm Jennifer and your brother and I use to go to school together."

With her eyebrow arched, Tany turned towards her brother.  Jonny smiled, understanding her concern.  "We went to UCLA, she was in my class that started all of this."  
"Oh, nice to meet you, Jennifer is it?"

"Actually only my mother calls me Jennifer, it's Just Jenny."  
"I like her, can we keep her."  Everyone laughed.  
"That would be kind of cool, but I have to get back to Los Angeles, some of us work for a living."  
"So what do you do?"  Jonny being nosy.  
"Well I actually work as a waitress."  
"Why?" Tany said and then looked down because she knew it was the wrong thing.  
"I found out school was more expensive when your parents stop giving you money.  And I don't want to ask daddy for a hand out. So I am living in California for the time being."  
"So where are you headed?," again Jonny being nosy.  
"My mother wants me for Christmas so I am going to Illinois."

"We are heading to Little Rock, tonight and then....."  
Jonny started but Jenny interupted, "I know."  Jonny tilted his head in a not understanding manner.  
"I am a big fan, but not a weird crazy fan."  
"So you knew this whole time and you haven't asked for our autographs?"  impressed Tany said.  
"Yes, but I figured you guys wanted to stay incognito."  
"Really we weren't, we just go where we are told, but we have to use the airport too."  Jonny explained.

Jenny caught her flight, Jonny hoped he would see her again.  "The Connors", were now on there way to Little Rock. Because Jonny was trying very hard to stay on the wagon he didn't ask for anything to drink.  Tany sat back and put her headphones on.  It's not that Jonny and Tany didn't have anything to say to each other, it's just that Tany was preoccupied with Scott and Jonny was thinking about his divorce.  In about three months Jonny would be a free man.  He was giving Cheryl the house, but he was taking the cars.  Cheryl was not contesting.  She couldn't, she got him addicted to drugs and Jonny could prove she was still taking them.  Jonny was going to start fresh in 2000.

Scott had been working out with Biff. Biff was now officially Scott's bodyguard.  Though Biff would become Tany's driver/ body guard starting in January. Scott was getting tired, he had worked another 16 hour day.  Jo-Beth was leaving the show after this week.  It was bitter sweet, but he would miss her.  Although her character's relationship with Todd (Scott's) had been resolved, in fact Todd wasn't seeing anyone at the moment.  Scott knew the writers would bring someone in.

"Do you want to go home or go get something to eat?" Biff suggested.  
"I am not sure, I want to talk to her, that's what I want."  
"Yeah, so why don't you call her."  
"I can't she is getting ready to fly," He looked at his watch, "Correction, she is flying."  
"Young love there is nothing like it." 

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  1. Airport waiting is the worst! I feel for both Tany and Jonny. Jonny might want to rethink about wanting to see Jenny again. She seems to have a bit of baggage from her life and was throwing those nasty little insults left and right. At least they seemed to have flown over Jonny's head - must be they went over the drug affected brain cells :( poor guy... Tany thought it was amusing. Did I read Jenny all wrong? She really seemed like a bit of a smartalic with some bitterness attached. Scott looks good ^_^ I really like his natural hair colour on him.

    The scenes were really nice. The airplane seats were so cool, great shot ^_^

  2. You didn't read her wrong at all, She does have baggage, big time. We will find out more about her later. Jonny doesn't get a lot of things, let me refer to uh, Cheryl. He's just not street smart and yes he does have drug cells for brains. Tany thought, wow the man is getting a divorce and he is hitting on her, plus she thought Jenny was some crazed fan. But we will see.

    Scott does look good I am not going to lie. I get mixed opinions on his hair some say they like it natural, some say they like the blonde. I on the other hand, think he is hot no matter what.

    This was an introducing chapter and I sorta hate those in that they only take place in one area, but at the same time, it was nice to be able to do that.

    Thanks for Reading Zhip!!

  3. hmmmmm wonder if Jonny will run into jenny again? he should NOT feel guilty for looking at a pretty face, god knows he's had to endure the worst of everything since marrying cheryl=b. I was quite impressed with the way she acted, very calm and cool, that's also what makes me a little nervous, was it just all an act?

    My boy Scott is lookin fine these days! sheesh...if Tany ever decides she don't want him, I'll send you my number....edenz~

    1. He might run into her again, no spoilers though. I don't think he felt guilty, it was more of him scolding himself so his mind wouldn't wander, down below. Yes she is a huge fan of "The Connors", but she doesn't want anything from them. We will see.

      He is looking fine. Of Course, he is my male lead, I need him to be some eye candy.

      Thanks for reading Edenz.

  4. Well Jennifer seemed to remember him well, I guess she should since he's now famous though. I'll reserve on saying anything else about her! She could turn out to be crazy.....I guess that could always be the case!

    1. I am not going to give it away. I will tell you she does explain later and why? She might be a little crazy, but we will have to wait and see.

      Thanks for reading Aeon.

  5. Airports really do suck!

    I'm looking forward to seeing Jenny again and find out what her deal is.

    I like both haircolors on Scott. I tend to think of him as a blonde because that was what he was when we first see him, but he looks good as a brunette, too.

  6. Yes they do.

    I am actually as well. I want to get to know her a little bit more.

    I do too, Melissa. I think Scott looks good either way.

    Thanks for reading, there Melissa.