Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Chapter 8 "The Sneaks"

January 23rd 2000, Beverly Hilton Hotel, CA.

Scott was getting dressed, he was getting into his tuxedo.  He hated dressing up. He would much rather, be bare foot, shirtless and wearing cut offs.  But what surfer did?  He sighed looking at himself in the mirror.  Scott had been nominated for a Golden globe.  He was happy for that, not really nervous.  If he won, great and if he didn't great.  He would still act in his TV show.  He had asked Tany to be his date, she had at first been hesitant.  Scott told her that they didn't have to out themselves just yet, if she didn't want them to.  She felt a little bad, but Scott assured her it was OK.  They had decided that Scott would arrive before Tany and that They would meet on the "red carpet" and pretend to be just seeing each other there.  Of course the whole time she would really be his date.  What they were going to say, you ask?  Keep reading and you will find out.

Anyway, Scott looked once more in the mirror.  He would thank his mother of course and Al, because he was the one to encourage Scott to try out for the role.

Scott walked down stairs, it felt a little weird not having Biff there with him.  But he knew where he was and Biff was enjoying his new job.

Scott did arrive before Tany, he was first up.  "Scott is it true, you and Tany Connors are dating?"  Someone shouted at him.  Scott turned toward the voice as he was getting his picture taken, "We are good friends."

He continued down the red carpet, until he was met by Mary Livings from "Entertainment Tonight",  "Scott, you look really nice in a tux."  She said flirty.  "Thank you, I don't really feel comfortable but it's a must."  "Now you are nominated for best actor in a drama series, how did you feel when you found out?"  "I think I was a little shocked to be honest."

Just then Tany arrived on the Red carpet. *Note to reader I am going to be switching from Scott's point of view to Tany's. "You must have a speech prepared?"  "No, actually I don't," Scott said. 

Biff opened the door for Tany and several fans, yelled her name.  She turned and waved to them.  She was also stopped to have her picture taken.  "Tany, Scott tells us that you two are just good friends."  "Yes, he graduated with my brother Al."  "So you two are not dating?"  "He is a long time family friend."  The one paparazzi tried to continue but luckily Tany was escorted down the red carpet.

"Are you a little nervous?"  "I guess, I wouldn't be human if I......" Just then Tany walked by. 

Tany gave a little hello nod and continued down the red carpet.

"My next question was going to be if the rumor was true that, you and Tany were dating."  Scott laughed, "She is my best buds little sister."  And then Scott was escorted along.

 Tany had stopped a few times to answer some questions and everytime she stopped, they asked the same question, "If Scott and Tany were dating?"  She gave pretty much the same response.  "He is a good friend of the family."  Never really answering the question.  

Scott was also stopped, to answer questions more for his nominations.  Of course, he wasn't immuned to the rumor mill and he too was asked the same question,  "Are you and Tany Connors dating?"  "He responded different to all of them, "We are really good friends,"  "She's a really good friend."  And my personal favorite, "Tany and I have known each other since High School."

Tany was now waiting to get into the Theater.  Scott was about four people behind her.  The man asked for her name and she gave it, "You will be sitting next to Scott A. Wright, is that correct."  "Yes," She said as she turned toward Scott and gave him a wink.  Scott smiled and he winked back.  She looked really good in her gown.  But he had to pretend not to really even care.

Tany was seated first.  She was a little nervous that if the camera, panned on them it would show them holding hands.

 Maybe she wouldn't hold hands.  She was praying for him to win.

Scott sat down and said, "I think we pulled it off."  "I hope so."  Scott and Tany both wanted to shout at the top of their lungs that they were dating each other.  But they also both have been burned by the paparazzi.  It would be better if they could just keep it private for just a little while longer.

These next set of photos are just me goofing off and A butt shot.  I wanted to use the butt shot, but the other looked better.  I know for us that write, we tend to see a shot in our head and then it doesn't really work for that part.  So here you go.

Scott's Butt Shot.

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  1. Awwww it sucks that they can't tell anyone they are dating right now=(. I wouldn't give a crap if I was dating Scott I'd be tellin' everybody!=b

    bow chicka bow wow....Scott has a nice tushie!~...edenz~

  2. Yes, it does suck. They both want to tell the world, but they want a little alone time.

    I know that is why I took that. He has a very sexy butt. But as you can tell it didn't really work in the story. So it was cut. But I saved and had to show everyone.

    Thanks for reading Edenz.

  3. It's good for them to cherish their private relationship right now, I'm sure people will find out sooner or later so they should try to hide it as long as possible!

  4. Yes, that is exactly why they are trying too.

    Thanks for reading Aeon!!

  5. I cannot blame them for not wanting the world to know yet.
    Tany looks so grown up.

  6. I wouldn't want the world to know just yet either.

    Unfortunately, the lime light does that to certain people, or it could just be the way her hair is. Either way, she does indeed look grown up.

    Thanks for read Zhippidy!!

  7. I hope that the secret relationship doesn't become a proble,. Chicks will obviously continue to throw themselves at Scott if they think he's single...

  8. I don't think it will, and let's get real chicks are going to throw themselves at Scott no matter if he is single or not. That's how it goes when you are good looking. But this will play a little bit with their relationship, you shall see.