Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Chapter 9 "The Part"

February 16th, 2000.  Los Angeles, CA.

Scott didn't win, but that was OK.  He was back to work the next day.  But now he was a Golden globe nominee, which gave his show a little credential.  Since Jo-Beth left, the ratings dropped about 20%.  Which is really bad for a TV series.  IN fact he was hearing that "Watford Wives", may be on their last leg."  This is extremely scary for an actor, because that means the show was being consider for cancellation.  Which meant that Scott would be out of a job, pretty quick.  This made Scott nervous so he decided he would go on auditions whenever he could.  Scott had a few days off, so he went on an audition.

He would be auditioning  for the role of the friend to the lead character.  It was a romantic comedy.  Scott walked in and there was Calvin.  He must be trying out for the part too.

"Hey, Dude." Calvin said.  
"Hey, you trying out for this too."  
"Yeah, I need some money." 
"I hope you get it, bro." Scott said with sincerity in his voice.  
"How's Tany, I haven't gotten to talk to her, for a little while?"  
"She's good, yeah she is pretty busy." 

 Just then a woman came out asking for "A Calvin Kerr".  Scott thought that was funny because of his childhood.  Scott had been sitting there for almost an hour.  Calvin walked out.  Scott gave him an expecting look.
"Dude, they aren't going to give me the part, I hope you get it though."  With that Calvin walked out.  Scott knew what Calvin was going through.  Scott had been down this road many times, before.  You go in, read the lines that you think how the character would read them.  You either get called back or you get "Thank you we will be in touch." Nine times out of ten it's the latter.  

Scott looked around at the other guys, most of them were like Scott, maybe a few looked like Calvin.  Scott had been there for nearly two hours when his name was called.  He got up and followed the woman inside the room.

Tany was staring outside the studio window.  It was raining, again.  It had rained the last four days and it was getting annoying.  She was suppose to be writing but she was thinking about Scott.  She wondered if he had gotten the part and was impatiently waiting for him to call.

 "Tany come play, Cale that song you wrote." Jonny asked her.  "Which one?"  
"The one about me."  
"Oh, OK."

She sat down at the piano and started to play and sing.  "Tany we should put that one on this Album."  
"I was just playing around."  Cale was in deep thought, "You know, we could us violins and that ending would sound awesome. Play it again, please." 

She did and Stephen picked up his guitar and started to play along.  Again she sang, this time Cale and Jonny sang harmony for her and it was awesome.  "Well, have we sold you, on this song?"  Tany shrugged her shoulders, and then smiled, "Ok."  "Alright, one down eleven to go."  Everyone in the room laughed.

"Look, they need to be exposed, and the only way they are going to be is, if you invite them to sing on your show."  
"Mr. Connors, I understand, but I am not into dance or trance or whatever you want to call it."  
"Mr. Numberman, I appreciate your honesty. Thank you for taking the time."  
"If they become a little more popular, then I will."

"Ok, thank you, I will keep that in mind."  Al hung up the phone.  "Still no luck?"  

"Beth, what am I doing wrong." 
"Nothing, What they need is exposure." 

"I am trying, But no-one wants them. You heard Numberman, you heard Meno.  Heck I even called Harry Queen.  No body wants a one hit wonder."  
"But they're not, they have two hits and really you could count "Because the Night".  
"Exactly and they have two MTV music awards, but everyone is calling then a "one hit wonder."

He took a deep breath and then let it out.  Beth walked over to her future husband.  
"They are working on their next album and I have confidence it will be a hit."  
"Yeah, they are working on it as we speak."  
"Maybe they need to tour some more."  
"I don't know how, they have no new material."  
"What if they did fairs?"  
"Or festivals, you know anything that will give them that extra umph they need."

"Beth, you make a great assistant."  
"I hope I make a great wife too."  
"You will, I love you."  
"I love you too."  They kissed softly.

Scott  read the lines the way Scott thought "Mark" the character would be.

James Landa loved Scott's portrayal, he gave Scott the part.  Scott would be in his first movie. Of course there was only one person he would call first.

He picked up his phone and dialed her number.  It rang only once, she answered. 

"Hello, why haven't you called."  
"Hey, Babe."

"Well did you get the part."  
"Did I get what?"   
"Scott don't be silly, tell me, I have been Impatiently waiting for you."  Scott could hear over the phone someone say, hey that would make a great song.  Then he heard someone playing the piano.  Tany must have gone into another room because the noise faded.

"Ok, Hey, how about I take you out to dinner and I tell you there?"
"Scott Allen Wright, I have been waiting all day, you can tell me over the phone."  

"Yes, Ma'am, Yes Tanz I got the part."

"WAY TO GO, BRO."  Scott was happy, now he could possibly buy her that ring he saw.  
"Are you still there..."  
"Scotters, I am sorry, yes, I am so happy for you, I really am.  But I have to go, we have to get this Album out."  
"Can I see you tonight?" Scott asked. 
"Of Course, your place or mine?" she jokingly said, she was still living from her suitcase.

"Mine, I will make dinner, what time?"  
"Probably around 8 maybe 9."Tany answered.  
"Ok, Babe, see you then."

****I have to give a special thank you to my man (Hubby), Jason.  Thanks for posing for me, so I could create a guitar pose.**** 

*****Please feel free to leave a comment,  I will take the good, the bad and the ugly.  I also promise to take it with a grain of salt.*****


  1. A full movie role for Scott, that is very exciting. He is broadening his resume. Hoping that it doesn't put a lot of strain on him, but I am sure he can handle it.

    I can't believe they were called a one hit wonder. That has to be the most awful thing in the music industry.

    Cheers!Jason :)

  2. Yes, Scott is excited. A little nervous, but happy. I don't know if it will put a strain on him or not.

    I know, Jonny and Tany don't really even know that. I mean they know but not to that extent. Al, doesn't get it and can't figure out, why they are being shunned. Don't forget though, their dad is famous, so that might have a little do with it.

    Thanks for reading Zhip!!!

  3. Congrats to Scott for getting the part, But I feel bad for all the guys who got rejected, especially Calvin. But that's all part of being an actor, more rejection than approval.
    I hope Tany's new song becomes a big hit for her and Jonny.
    The seated guitar pose was great. It drives me nuts sometimes that they can only play standing up. When he's not actually on a stage, my husband is nearly always sitting when he plays. It's just much more realistic to have seated poses.

  4. I know, you know some of them cried.

    I am not going to give anything away, but I did a video for this song, and two others.

    I will be doing some more seated guitar poses here soon. I would like to get basketball done and I may do some sking ones, but don't tell anyone.

    I know mine too, he never stands. I asked him to pose, and he grabbed his guitar and I just gave him a few directions and voila.

  5. Scotts moving up in the's good for his career but Im wondering what impact it will have on he and Tany, was wondering the same thing about Tany, if they start touring more, playing more dates.....just saying, they rarely get to see each other as it is/sigh...hope they are strong enough to make it through their stardom. Have a feeling Jonny and Tany are fixing to take off with this new album....edenz~

  6. Scott is moving up, a little. Unfortunately Scott isn't the type to be auditioning like crazy. He knows he will get parts, it just takes a little patience and the "right" director. As far as Scott and Tany, just remember one thing, they were actually together before "all the madness". Scott getting a role in a movie will have a great impact on both. We will find out what exactly in the next chapter. We are going to see a little stronger Tany, than we are use to. Again coming up in the next few chapters. As for this next album, I will say this, most of the songs are "written" by either Tany or Jonny.

    Thanks for reading Edenz

  7. Good to see that Scott is moving up! I'm sure he'll do a great job and continue to progress to the point where they call him and send him the scripts and beg for him to be in their movies! Well I guess I'm thinking too far ahead but it looks good right now for him!

    1. Yes, it is great. Well let's not get ahead of ourselves though. That would really put a strain on the relationship. I don't know I have to see that's like years from now though.

      Thanks very much for reading Aeon.