Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Chapter 11 "The Divorce"

March 17th, 2000 Los Angeles, CA.

Jonny was sitting across from Cheryl.  She had obviously been crying.  Why?, she was getting the house.  Well he was giving it to her.  He owned everything and he just wanted her out.

"Mrs. Connors, Do you understand the documents infront of you?"  The Judge asked Cheryl.  Crying, "Yes, I understand."  
"Ok, I need you to sign here and initial here." he said pointing to the different lines.  
"Now I am assuming you would like to take back your name?"  "Yes."  More tears.  Jonny rolled his eyes, he was feeling very uncomfortable.  He just wished this was over with.  He was starting to get an itch to drink.

"Mr. Connors, Do you understand the document infront of you?" He asked Jonny.  Jonny replied that he did. 
 "Sign here and initial here, please."  Jonny took the pen and did as he was told.  
"Now it is my understanding, That, Mr. Connors you get everything except the house?"  He said looking at both Cheryl and Jonny.  
"Yes, your honor."  
"Ok, then you are to remove everything from the property no later than Friday March, 24th.  You are not allowed to be at the premises during that time.  It this clear?"  Both, "Yes."

 "Alright, well it always saddens me to say this but your divorce is final, you are no longer married."  And with that he walked out of the room.

Jonny hurried out, he didn't want to engage in any conversation with Cheryl.  He was now a free man and he felt like celebrating.  He went to the nearest bar, sat down and ordered a drink.

 Jonny had been there for several hours, when his cell phone rang.  "Hello."  "WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU?"  Al shouted.  
"What, I am at Expo, having a few drinks."  
Al turned to Tany, "He is at a bar."  
"Give me the phone."

Al didn't, "Jonny, did you forget we have studio time?"  "Oh, yeah, huh, ha Ok, I will be there in a few minutes."

Tany grabbed the phone, "I am sending Biff, don't drive Jonny."  "Tany, I have only had a few drinks, I promise I will be fine."  
"Jonny if you drive, I am kicking you ou......."  Al grabbed the phone back, "Don't go anywhere Jonny, Biff has already left."  
"Fine, whatever dude."  Al hung up the phone.

Tany sat there stewing.  Al, was thinking that Tany was gettting more and more crabby as time got closer for Scott to leave.  
"You can't tell him he is out of the band."  
"No, but if he keeps this up, It will be me or him, Al."  
"Mouth, just because you are upset that Scott is leaving, don't take it out on Jonny and myself."  
"What, I am not crabby because Scott is leaving,  I am sick of this."

"You need to lay off."  
"WHAT?  ME LAY OFF!!,  How about he lays off the drinking?"  And with that she walked out.

Jonny had been sitting on the curb when Biff pulled up.  He got in the car and Biff took off.

"How much trouble am I in?"  
"Tany is pretty upset."  
"I just wanted a few drinks, I am a free man now."  
"Hey, don't explain it to me, I am just the driver."  
"No way, man, you are part of the Family now."  
"No offense, Jonny, but if this is how you treat your family, I don't think I want to be a part of it."  
"What, you don't know a thing about me, you just barely got on the payroll." 

Biff pulled into the parking lot and Al was waiting for him.  Biff didn't open the door for Jonny.  "Before you go in, you need to know that Tany is extremely upset."

"So, why is that my problem."  
"Because, she is the leader of this band, Jonny."  
"What, since when?"  
"Since, I became manager."  
"You can't be serious. So, you made her the leader, without consulting me."  
"Jonny, It was more of a group decision."  
"Who?"  Jonny was getting redder and redder.  Tany had been listening to the whole conversation, in fact any one within ear shot, could hear Jonny and Al.

She walked out, "Jonny," He turned toward her, "It was everyone, the band, Al and I."

He walked over to her, "How can you do this to me, Without me, there is no you." Tany stood there, trying to compose herself.  
"Jonny, I love you and you know why I am doing this."  
"Oh give me a break, you aren't doing it just for me, you know as well as I do, you are doing it because you love it." He said through clinched teeth.

Al stepped in the middle, "Ok, that's it. Jonny go settle down, Tany go back inside."  Jonny did as Al told and Tany walked back inside.

Tany was sitting by Steve, they had finished a song and were trying to think of another song, when Jonny walked in.  "Can I talk to you alone?"  Tany sat there looking at both of her brothers.  Al gave her a quick nod.  She walked out of the room, with Jonny.

"No, you listen, I am sick of your shit.  I am not going to tolerate it any more."  
"Tany, I am sorry, I just thou..."  
"No that is it, Jonny, you don't,  Give me one good reason, why I should even except your apology."  
"Because I am your brother and you love me."  
"I know, I am an asshole, a jerk, a moron, did I cover it?"

She smiled a little.  He leaned down.  "Jonny, NO more drugs, no more alcohol or I will Jonny."  
"Ok, that sounds fair, Thanks mouth."  
"Don't thank me, just don't do it anymore. I want my big brother back."  
"I am back, I promise."

That night Tany sat down on her bed, with her guitar and wrote a song.  Tany didn't know but that song would come to mean more than her yelling at her brother.

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  1. Congratulations Jonny. Bad way to celebrate though. I don't for a second blame Tany and everyone for being so upset. Biff gave him a shut down too - good. Jonny needs to know that what he did is not acceptable. He could fall back into his old ways, then they are all a mess.

  2. Yes, exactly. And he must not realize that without Tany, there is no him, either. Sad thing is, is Tany could totally go solo. Really she doesn't need him anymore. He is just the piano player and he wrote a few songs. She won't because she is loyal, but she could.

    Thanks for reading Zhip!!!

  3. Yeah, Jonny wasted no time going back to his old ways...I hope the yelling at from Tany helps get him back in line.
    SO HAPPY Cheryl is gone!!!!

  4. Yes, she is!!! Jonny, oh Jonny. He just doesn't get it. Tany showed him and I think he got it, but we will see.

    Thank you Melissa for reading.

  5. Well it is good that Cheryl is finally out of his life, but it seems his other demons still lurk!

  6. Yes, they do!! Jonny needs a woman who will not tolerate it. But that might be just a pipe dream.

    Thanks for Reading Aeon!!

  7. Sings "The Bi$#h is gone, the Bi$# is gone the....."..../clears throat, sorry about that, Cheryl makes me sick to my stomach, gotta hand it to her, she a great actress in front of company isnt she?=b And Jonny is rid of her once and for all!

    I realize Jonny was prolly even happier than me about the divorce but one drink leads to two, then three, etc, he's a recovering alcoholic and drug addict, he needs to mind his ps and qs or he'll be right back at it. Tany had every right to be irate, I think more than anything she fears he will become what he was before, and that was hell on everyone, especially Tany.

    I'm hoping this is new beginnings for these guys. Maybe they can keep Jonny busy enough not to want to go back to his old ways and yea, I think the fact that Scott moving away, even for just long enough to make a move is really eating at her. I'm hoping they can come to some kind of regular visiting schedule so that it won't be so bad on the both of them.....edenz~

  8. Ha ha, why is everyone so happy she is gone. I mean really.

    That is just it, Jonny is a recovering alcoholic and drug addict so drinking was of course the first thing on his mind.

    Well, I guess you will just have to wait and see. But Tany did write a song about it and I have already made the video for it.