Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Chapter 10 "The Dinner"

February 16th, 2000  Malibu, California 
around 9pm.

Biff and Tany were forging a fantastic bond. Although Tany refused to sit in the back seat, as per Biff's request.  They found they both had a love and understanding of horses.  You could often hear them talking about each others ranches.  Both dreaming of owning one.  And how both would love to sit and watch wild horses.  Biff was with Tany, pretty much everywhere she went.  He was even a certified bus driver.  So he could drive their tour bus, if ever they received one.  Biff also liked how Tany never went anywhere without introducing Biff.  She would always say, "This is Tim my good friend."  Biff knew she would never ever treat him like a staff member.  Instead she was very respectful. Tany included Biff as much as possible, even on some of the decisions.  He was her friend and protector, that is how she saw him. Not just her bodyguard/driver. So here they were, Biff was driving her to Scott's house.  She had insisted, that she could just take a taxi but Biff, refused.  
"So what do you think you are having for dinner?"  
"I couldn't tell you?"  
"Do you think I will need to pick you up or will Scott take you home?"  
"I want Scott to take me home."  Home wasn't a house for Tany it was a hotel room.  She had been staying there for a few weeks.  They pulled up in Scott's drive way.  Tany was getting out, "Don't forget you have a plane to catch tomorrow morning," Biff said with his eye brows up.  
"I know."  She shut the door.  She wanted more than anything to run into his house, but she was patient.

Scott had been patiently waiting for them to arrive.  He was sitting on his new couch, watching TV.  He was so excited to see her.

She wasn't able to knock, he had jumped over his couch and quickly opened the door before she got there.

She looked up at him and smiled.  His heart melted every time he saw her.  He was so in love with her.  He kissed her softly and then it became a blown out french.

They were kissing as Scott lifted and cradled her in his arms.  While holding her he walked over to the couch.  Gently laying her down, still kissing her.  It was like the two had done this numerous times.  Tany was getting very hot very quickly.  Which wasn't hard around Scott, his cologne always made her groin throb.  Scott's man hood was standing at attention, she smelled like pears and some type of berry.  It was driving him sexually mad.  She started to take off his shirt.  He was about to let her but then the oven timer went off.  

 "Well, I guess we better cool it until after dinner," He said as he bent down and kissed her head.  She took a deep breath, realizing she could have gone all the way with him. 

Tany walked into the kitchen, seeing the table was set very romantic. She smiled to herself. 

 "Do you want me to do something?" she asked doing the polite thing.  
"Yes, I want you to eat."  He was walking out with a platter of fish and some potatoes.  
"Can you grab the salad, Tanz?"  

She walked over to the kitchen counter where the salad bowl was.  There sitting on the counter was a contract for an apartment.  She didn't want to be nosy, but it was Tany Connors.  She picked it up and read a little.  Her heart stopped.  She nearly cried, it was for an apartment in Toronto.  "Are you coming?" He asked, seeing her expression.

"Tanz, it's something I wanted to talk to you about."  
"What's this for?" She started to cry. 
"Aw, Tanz don't, don't cry, come on."  
"Are you moving to Canada?"  
"NO, Yes, just for a few months."  
"Why, do you have to go so far away?"  
"The roll, babe. Don't cry." He said holding her.  
"I guess, I should have expected this, but wow, so when do you leave?"  
"I know it is going to be hard, but I will call everyday, just like before and I will send you bbq chips."  
"When do you leave Scott?"  
"As soon as we wrap for the Summer."  
"Well I guess we are just going to have to get really good long distance plans."  She laughed a little and then wiped her eyes.  
"Yes, I suppose we should." He said softly.

They sat down to eat. Tany and Scott both ate quickly, Scott did a great job.  She was finding things about him, that didn't surprise her.  She loved this side of Scott.

Scott sat there a few minutes and finally got up, walked over to his shelf and pulled a box off.  He walked back over to the table and sat down.  "Tany, I found this ring and I want you to wear it.  This is my promise to you that one day I will put the real thing on it.  I want to have a little more money before that."  
"Oh Scott........," She couldn't finish what she was going to say, because she started to cry again.  
"Tanz, I don't want to hide anymore,  I want people to know that I love you, and I don't give a shit if the paparazzi knows it either."

She stood up, Scott followed suit.  They embraced each other as though it was goodbye.

Then the kissing came, this time, Scott lifted Tany up and walked upstairs to his bedroom.  Tany laid down on the bed and Scott without hesitation laid down with her.

Kissing, Tany removed Scott's shirt.  Scott then removed Tany's shirt.  Took him a second to realize she was wearing a pink bra with white lace.  He found this to be very sexy.

Tany then started to unzip his pants.  "Woah, there, you sure we want to go this far?"  Tany looking at him, smiled and then nodded.  He helped her to take off his pants.  Tany thought it was funny that Scott was a boxer brief kinda guy.  Tany slowly removed her skirt.

 Scott looking into Tany's eyes, unfastened her bra.  It fell to the floor.

Tany was completely vulnerable to Scott, the only thing that separated the two becoming one, was two small pieces of fabric.  "Are you sure you want to do this?"  Tany couldn't say anything, she wanted Scott in every possible way.  She simply nodded.  
"Will you let me know if I hurt you?"  Again Tany nodded. 

After they made love, Scott laid down on the bed next to Tany.  Tany rolled over and started to cry.

She had started to shake.  Scott put his hand on her shoulder, "Tany did I hurt you?"  
"No." she said softly.  
"What is it then? You are starting to make me feel like this was a mistake."

She slowly rolled over, Scott dropped his hand.  "It wasn't a mistake, Scott."  
"It must've been, babe. You are crying."  
"Scott, I promise you it wasn't a mistake."  
"I am starting to feel like shit."

Scott sat up and started to pull on his pants.  "Tany, I am glad that we made love, I am but...." choking up, he sat back down on the bed.

Tany sat up and put her hand on Scott's back, "Scott I am so happy, it hurt a little but it went away almost immediately and it felt good."  "Why are you crying?"  
"I guess, because I didn't realize that I could love somebody as much as I love you. Scott I was afraid that this would change how I felt about you."  
"It didn't change how I feel about you, in fact Tanz, I love you more."  "That is what I am saying."  
"So are those happy tears?" He asked stroking her cheek.  
"Yes, they are extremely happy, in fact I can't explain what they are, just that I am......"  
"I am totally in love with you."  
"Me too, funny how it worked out."  
"Yeah, now will you come back to bed, I promise I won't cry anymore, and keep your pants off."  
"Is that a threat."  She giggled as he threw himself under the covers.

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  1. Tany is just too nice. I hope that her heart isn't broken by the media. She will have many people though to support her and back her up if that ever happens. The relationship between Tany and Scott is sweet. If there is a little oops as a result of their night together, maybe the media will be gentle. But I doubt it :( ... very cute, sweet, sad and happy update ^_^

  2. Tany is way too nice, and Yes, I will give a little spoiler, she will be heart broken. They are going to be very cruel to her, but.... As with all good stories, she will triumph over it and will be the "last man" standing. In fact a question is going to come out, about her and Scott. I won't tell you anymore, just look for the answer about the "eye". It won't be for awhile, though. We have to introduce some characters.

    Thanks for reading Zhip!!

  3. It's about time! muhahahahaha

    Wow, he's moving so far away, long distance relationships don't always work out, i hope it's not too much strain on them/fingers crossed.

    So they are going public with the relationship? It will be interesting, the media may be worse for their relationship than the move!1...edenz~

  4. Yeah, it is unfortunate, that their relationship just starting and now they have to be separated. They both knew it would happen one day sooner or later. It is about time, they needed this.

    The media is going to cruel to her. Scott is known for being a bad boy in Hollywood. Which is sad because he isn't. That comes to play, on how the media sees her. Again, watch for the explanation of the eye.

    Thanks for reading Edenz, I always look forward to your comments.