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Chapter 14 "The Reason"

Los Angeles, CA.  June 2nd 2000 between 3am and 12 pm.

Al and Jonny were sitting in directors chairs, watching their sister.

Al was really impressed with her, he knew she was talented but not like this.

Jonny on the other hand was thinking how she was once again hogging all the spot light.  Did she not realize they were a "band".  He would just pretend to be happy about this.  He was only used during the piano parts, he should just leave.

Jonny started to get up, "Where are you going?"  
"I am going to my trailer." Jonny snapped at Al. 
Al gave Biff the look.  See Jonny can't really be trusted.  It's not that he would steel or hurt anyone.  No it was worse, Jonny was an addict and an alcoholic.  So Biff "The Connors" bodyguard always tried to keep an eye on him.  Since his divorce Jonny was on edge most of the time.  Al thought maybe he just needed to be by himself.  Al was really having a hard time "controlling" Jonny.

So Biff followed Jonny as Jonny walked to where the trailers were parked.  Knowing Biff was behind him the whole time, never gave him a glance.

 Since Biff was behind him, he quickly went into his trailer.

Guy Roeler, the director of "Reason", was shouting orders, "Let's make it more smokey."

Tany was warm, she was suppose to be acting likte it was cold. This was still a little weird for her, but she was starting to get use to it, she looked over to see Jonny and Biff leaving.  She wished her brother would come back. She missed her older brother.  Jonny didn't know but when they were younger, Tany looked up to him.  She always wanted to do what he did, like play the piano.

She was remembering when Jonny was about 8 maybe 9, Ciera was sitting at the piano and she was teaching him.  Tany must have been five and she was watching them.  Jonny didn't see her, Ciera did, "Do you want to play too Tania."  Tany nodded.  So Ciera taught them both and they enjoyed playing together.

Jonny even liked it when Tany asked him to show her the guitar when she was 9 and he was 12.  They played all the time together eventually one would play the guitar and the other would play the piano.  It was a great time, but then he left for school and became someone different.

Until he asked her to help him with a homework assignment.  He pleaded with her, she said she would, because maybe she could spend time with him, like old times.  But now she was trying to just get him to the next day.  
"Tany let's try that a little less angry and a little more sad."  Tany was shaken out of her reverie.  She did what she was told.   

Jonny wondered if Jenny was home from school yet.  He picked up his phone and dialed the number she gave him.  "Hello,"  a male voice said.  
"Hi, yeah, um is Jenny there?"  "No, dude she's at work."  
"Oh, Ok thank you."  Jonny felt a little jealous, as he hung up the phone.

They were only friends and that was none of his business.  He sat there looking out, he couldn't see his sister, but he knew she was playing her role.  Tany was the perfect child she never got into trouble.  Everyone in the family knew she was Dad's favorite.  "Stop that" he scolded himself.  "What are you five? I need a drink."

Jonny swallowed he started to get that sick feeling again.  He had been getting it off an on since the divorce.  No really what he wanted was a snort of coke, that's all just one snort.  He was trying to figure out how he was going to get it, when his phone vibrated.

 "Hello?" he didn't look at his phone to see who it was.  
"Hi, Todd said you called."  
"Yeah, I was just wondering how school was doing?"  
"It's not." 
"What, why?"  Jenny wasn't sure she wanted to tell Jonny.  
"Let's just say, this is my fourth time trying and I am done, I will never graduate." 
"What, come on, it couldn't have been that bad."  "Jonny, I don't really want to discuss this. Besides, I have to go feed Todd."  
"Are you and Todd a thing?"  
"What? No Ew, I wouldn't date him if my life depended on it." 
"So what is wrong, I don't understand."  
"Jonny I want to tell you but, I can't do it over the phone"  
"Where are you going to be next?"

"I think tonight we are flying into New York, so we can make....."  
"Can you get me a ticket?"  Jonny thought that was a very weird request, "Uh, Ok I can have Al get you one."  
"Ok, I will see you then."  She hung up the phone, Jonny sat there looking at his phone, trying to figure out what just happened.

Scott was out auditioning, There would be no season 4 of "Watford Wives" and he had finished his part in the movie, he was making.  He already had been to three and all three were, "We'll let you know."  Scott knew that meant, "nope".  So he was on his way to his next audition.

He drove up to the gate and of course, you have to be put on the list, he told the guard his name.  The guard flipped through some pages and found his name.  He was waved in,  Scott wasn't sure where he was suppose to go.

He parked in the big parking lot and walked over to a man pushing an axial fan.  
"Excuse me, can you tell me where studio 5 is?"  "Sure, it's just down that walk, go straight, you won't miss it."  
"You bet."  Scott had been to this studio lots of times, but had never been to studio 5.

Scott followed the man's directions and as he was walking, he heard what he thought was "Reason".  Scott stopped to listen and sure enough it was.  He thought after his audition, he would stop by and see how she was doing.

He found the studio, he walked in and of course there was a long line.  So Scott would have to wait.  About two hours later Scott was finally able to be seen.

 When Scott walked into the room there was Jo-Beth. 

He was about to walk out, but Carrie Jenkins (Famous casting agent) said, "Ok introduce yourself and tell us what part you are going to read."  
"My name is Scott A. Wright and I would like to read Jules Wesley."  
"Ok, you know Jo-Beth?"  Scott nodded, they proceeded to read. 

When they were finished, Jo-Beth walked out and Carrie said, "Scott I think you got it."  
"I think, I didn't say you had it for sure, but I would say yes, Can you get Ripley on the phone?"  She said turning to the pretty girl sitting off to the side.  Scott was hoping Ripley liked him.  Jo-Beth wasn't going to be in it.  Which was kind of a relief.

The phone rang, "Hey, Rip I have Scott A. Wright here."  
"Who?" came the voice over the phone.  
"Scott A. Wright, he played Todd Watford, in "Watford Street and Watford Wives."  
"Oh, yes, I know of him, hello Scott." 
"Hello sir." Scott said biting his lower lip.  
"Don't call me sir, I don't like that."  
"O-ok, sorry."  Carrie gave Scott a shrug.  
"I am assuming you didn't just call me away from my daughters birthday to chat Carrie."  
"No, I didn't I think Scott is your Jules."  
"Let me hear ya Scott."  Scott read a few of the lines and Rip, cut him off.  Scott's heart flipped, he knew this was it.  He was preparing himself mentally to take the next "Nope".

"Scott, Can you fly to Atlanta tomorrow?"  
"Yes, Of course." Scott's heart jumped up into his throat.
"Good, I want you to meet your leading lady."

*note to readers, I know it is 2000 and there wasn't I-phones just yet, but I went to take the shots and realized I had uninstalled the phone I used before.  And it was the only one I had.  I could've downloaded it again, but I was being lazy.  Sorry!

Also the shot with Scott and the Guard if you look in the background, that is the house Jonny and Cheryl use to live.  Just a little fun fact.  Oh, and Guy Roeler, The guard and The guy that gave Scott directions, are all the same Sim.  He he!!

Here is a little behind the scenes.........   

 Biff and Tany on the set of "Reason"

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  1. Jonny proving that he's trouble. He should really just be happy about being in the band, he's not the lead so he has to get used to not getting much attention! I have a feeling he's going to go back to cocaine D:

    I understand the feeling of getting every thing set up or taking pictures and realized that something was missing like a phone or something heh.

  2. Jonny really is proving to everyone, that he is an ass. I don't think Jonny will truly be happy until he can get a little of the spot light. But what he fails to see, is that Tany could totally walk away and not include him. I think this is a bit of what may come.

    Yah, I totally thought, I still had that nokia phone downloaded, went to take the phone shots and went, crap I must have taken it out of the game. Oh well, it happens. I will try to remember it next time.

    Thanks for reading Aeon!!

  3. I know Tany misses Jonny and that he's not quite himself lately but it's not all Jonny. He is having his issues with wanting drugs(which he better stay away from!!), but he's feeling left out, he's not being included in very many things which could make him want drugs even worse.

    So, Im a bit cautious about Jenny right now, asking someone to buy you a ticket is kind of ..ummm..forward to say least. Also curious who Todd is and what's going on with her school. It could be nothing, it could also be bad....edenz~

  4. Alot of Jonny issues stem from Tany's accident. But you are absolutely right, he gets treated like he is part of Tany's band and not part of a duo, because he doesn't sing like she does. Jonny also writes songs too and I think he feels like hey I should have a say in somethings. I am hoping he does stay away from drugs. But It is Jonny.

    Jenny is a bit odd, she is a child of an oiler and she ran away from home because she didn't want her father's money. That right there makes me cautious. I don't really think Todd is all that important but we will find out in the next chapter. Also we will find out why Jenny has finally decided to call it quits.

    Thanks for reading Edenz!!

  5. Ah Jonny's feeling some self pity there. It's always the lead vocals that get the spotlight in a band. Tany remembered that he changed in school. Maybe he was teased a lot? He has quite a bit of baggage there, and I don't think it is all from his ex. Scott is certainly moving on with his acting career. :)

  6. I think Jonny is just a jealous person by nature, but I know he has regretted pushing his sister. I also think Jonny hasn't grown up yet. Hopefully he will find a woman who will take care of that. ;)

    Thanks for reading Zhip!!