Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Chapter 13 "The Big"

May 23rd, 2000 later that night.........

Jenny, who had seen the whole thing take place, wondered if Jonny would remember their date. She looked over at the stage area, she couldn't see him.  "He probably won't even see me."

She was about to give up, when Jonny tapped her on the shoulder. "Don't we have a date?" he questioned her.  She smiled, "Yes, we do."  "Well, then let's go, I am starving."

She giggled, Jonny felt a little twinge in his stomach, it was a spark.

Jonny didn't know what this feeling was, but it felt good. It was a great feeling.

Al, Biff and Tany were waiting for them to release Scott.  The guy had dropped the charges, so he wouldn't be embarrassed

Scott came around the corner followed by a Sargent.

He signed some papers and was let go.  Tany hugged Scott.  "Ok slugger let's get something to eat, I am starved." Biff said.

"Why did you get something to eat before the show?" Al asked.  Biff stomach growled, "I Don't know, but as you can hear, smelling all that good fair food has made me really hungry."  "I agree with Biff, I haven't eaten in a while and I need a steak," Scott said holding his stomach.

"So OK you know a lot about me, but I hardly know anything about you, other than you are a stalker and following me."  Jonny said as he raised an eyebrow.  
"What do you want to know, and I am not stalking you."

"Where are you from?"  

"I was born and bred in, don't laugh."  
"Why would I laugh?"  Jenny thought about that for a second, because you are from Arlington."  "Oh no, you are from Dallas."  
"No, Odessa."  
"What, you?  No way."  
"Unfortunately, yes."  Jonny trying hard not to laugh, "So, you are an oiler, I take it?"  
"If I said yes, would you hate me?"  This time Jonny did laugh and Jenny tapped him softly.  
"I won't hate you, but that explains alot."  
"What, I don't know what you are talking about."

 "So you didn't want daddy's money so, you are stalking me to get my money?"  Jonny teased, "No, I don't want anybody's money, I want my own, you know."  
"Yeah, believe me I know."  
"I guess we should order...."  
"Shit, dang, I can't go anywhere."  
"There's my brother, sister, her boyfriend and our bodyguard."

"So, I wanted to be alone with you."  Jonny knew right away he said the wrong thing and tried to fix what he said, "I meant..."  
"I know what you meant, dork."  
"Hey I am not the one from Odessa." He said flirting.  
"I would like to meet your brother."  
"Ok but I promise you, you will regret it."  "Whatever."  She waved to Tany.

Tany saw Jenny and immediately walked over to her.  "Hey you, So he coerced you to dinner?"  Sighing deeply and then making a face, "No it was me."  
"What, Wow, usually he is the one taking women out." Scott and Tany both sat on the other side and Scott put his arm around Tany. 
"Shut up that is not true." Teasing his sister.  "Jenny, this is my brother Al and our family friend and now Tany's boyfriend, Scott."  All of them shook hands. 

"Nice to meet you, Al, you are pretty big."  
"Yeah, I get that a lot."  
"How tall are you?"  
"I am 6'9."  
"Wow they should call you Big Al."  Tany, Scott and Jonny nearly fell dieing from laughter.  Jenny's cheeks went a little red, but she saw Al and they went right back to their normal color.  
"B-b-big Al, that is hilarious."  
"You know with a nickname like Mouth, I wouldn't laugh."  
Tany gave her brother a stern look.  Jenny got a quizzical look, "Why do they call you mouth?"  "Well, I fell and...."

Jonny interrupted, "Let's not talk about that right now, ok."  
"Why, it's not that big of a deal."  
"I know, I just don't want to talk about it."  They all ate dinner, Biff was more hungry than the rest.  Jenny looked at her watch and Jonny took her lead.  
"Well I guess I better get going."  
"Yeah, We Should probably start heading back too." Scott say looking a Al.  
"Well Big Al, I guess I will see you later."  Jonny nodded as he escorted Jenny out of the restaurant.

 Jenny and Jonny drove to a little park with a pond and got out.  The Air was very warm, typical for this time of year.  They walked over to a bench and sat down.  Jonny was looking out towards the water.  
"Jonny how come you don't want to talk about Tany's fall."  
"Jenny, please don't take this personal, but I barely know you and I don't want to dump my problems onto you."  
"I suppose I can respect that, but will you tell someday."  
"I promise I will, but not now."

 With that they sat there in complete silence for a few minutes, just enjoying being together.  "Jenny can I ask you something?"  
"I thought you were going to Illinois?"  
"I was, I did, My mother has a fascination with Chicago at Christmas Time."  
"Oh, I was just thinking you said you were from Odessa and I remembered you saying you went to Illinois."

"Do we have to talk about my family?"  
"No, I was just wondering."  
"I am sorry, My family is full of stuck up snobs, and I can't stand them."  
"Wow, really."  
"My father thinks that everything revolves around oil and if I am not part of it then I am not part of the Family."  
"Sorry I asked."  
"No it's not your fault, I am sorry I dumped this on you."

"No, don't be sorry that is kind of sad, actually."  "I know."  What Jonny didn't know was that Jenny wanted to kiss him.

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  1. Jonny is in almost love. :)
    They all seemed to be relieved and had a nice time. It's a very good thing that Scott got out of that situation. Jenny seems to have some secrets that may be more than family disagreements.
    Waiting for more ^_^

  2. I think he is starting to fall for Jenny, but we will see. Yes, it was a really good thing. I am not telling, but Jenny has a big secret and it goes back to when Jonny and Jenny were in college together.

    Thanks for reading Zhip!!

  3. Just like a man..punches someone out at a fair, gets put in jail and the first thing he wants when he's released is a steak!=b
    Their dinner was fun, everyone talking and laughing, making jokes. The least amount of drama i think they have had in a while when together.
    Ohhhhh here we go! Jonny has a crush, Jonny has a crush!! I feel better about Jenny knowing she's not a stalker or just after something. You really could'nt tell much about her from their first meeting at the airport. She seems to genuinely like Jonny and he seems to really like her.....I have to say Jenny would be 100% better for Jonny than B*% ch face, and there is sparks a flyin'!....edenz~

  4. Yes, he is definitely all man. We will find out a little later about the steaks.

    They did have a good time. I am so glad they got a little break from fighting.

    Jonny is starting to feel something for Jenny, but we shall see.
    We are going to learn a little more about her later.

    And yeah, Jenny would be great for Jonny, but will Jonny see this, don't forget how long it took him to realize that Cheryl was bad for him.

    Thanks for reading Edenz.

  5. Well I am just happy that Jonny has moved past that last girl...fortunately I have forgotten her name and I hope he has too! It looks like they had a great time, I'm sure Jenny is hiding something as a lot of people are, I just hope it isn't something horrible!

  6. Ok, well her name is Cheryl and no Jonny hasn't forgotten her name. He was married to her Unfotunately. LOL!!
    I am not going to tell you Aeon, but I will say that yes she does have a little secret and no it is not bad. Well it depends on how you look at it.

    Anyway, Thanks ever so much for reading this.

  7. I do hope whatever Jenny's secret is, it won't be something bad for Jonny. He's starting to like her, or more, and after that skank Cheryl, he just needs a nice happy relationship. =D
    I'm glad his date is going well, and the family dinner was very sweet. Glad Scott got out of jail without getting into worse trouble.

  8. I promise her secret is not bad, everyone is all worried about it. It's not. Actually it's kinda good. It was fun and I hope everyone is getting Biff and Tany's relationship. I love the picture I took when they are waiting for Scott.

    Scott didn't get into trouble because the guy was embarrassed.

    Thanks for reading Melissa.