Monday, November 26, 2012

Chapter 12 "The Cell"

May 23rd, 2000 Just outside of Dallas, TX.

Tany was sitting on the bench waiting for there turn.  They were at the Texas State Fair.  Although, they had two number one hits and a gold record, they still needed exposure. Tany was pretty sure this wasn't going to work.  But she was willing to listen to her older brother who was soon to be a married man.  Tany thought Al getting married was really cool.  She was actually really excited.

She knew they were meant to be together.  She started to wonder what Scott was doing at that very moment. 

"Cut, check the gate. Good Job Scott. Let's Break for lunch." James shouted.

 "Hey so it looks like that is it for you this week, talk to the script supervisor, I think next Thursday is when we need you back.  Do you have any plans for your holiday?"  
"Not really, just going home and visiting the folks." He lied.  
"Ok well see you then."

 With that Scott went into his trailer, took off his makeup and grabbed his bag that he had packed the night before and he was off.  He was going to see her and she had no idea.  This was going to be the best surprise ever.  He couldn't wait to hold her, kiss her and make love to her.  He wanted to spend all week with her, but he did promise his mother and father a few days with them.  He kinda missed his little brother, Michael.

Jonny was just about to put his cigarette out, when a woman came up to him.  "Hey, can I get your autograph, or is that being to much of a craze fan."

  He looked up and there was Jenny.  "Hey, what the heck are you doing here."  
"Working, I need some money to go back to school."  
"Wow, small world huh?"  
"Yeah, I guess, so what are you doing here?" 
"We are working too, trying to get some exposure."

"Oh, huh."   
"I better get back before my sister has a conniption fit and thinks I am on a binger." 
"Ok, nice seeing you again."  
"Yeah you too."

 Jonny turned around and started to open the gate, "Say, you want to get a drink after your done."  
"No, I am trying to cut back."  
"Oh, Ok, well I will....."

 "I would love some company at dinner though."  
Jenny smiled, "Ok, I will be back in ten minutes."

"Let me just let my Bodyguard know.  Biff."  Jonny yelled.  Biff walked out and Jenny got a little scared.  
"Hey, this is Jenny she is going to be coming back in ten minutes I know her, will you let her in."  
"Hi, nice to meet you Jenny."  
"You too.  Ok I will be back."  
She walked away and as soon as she was out of ear shot,  "She seems nice."  
"Yeah she does." 

Tany looked out into the crowd through the hole in the fence.  She could have sworn she saw Scott, with longer and blonde hair.  But that couldn't be Scott he was hundreds of miles away making a movie.  She was really missing him.

 She was in deep reverie when Jonny tapped her on her shoulder.  "Hey Mouth, we uh, going to perform today or are you going to stare off in space the whole time?"  
"What? Oh yeah." 

Alberto was looking at them waving his arm towards them.  "Come on guys, you are up."

Tany and Jonny lined up behind the band.  Once the announcer called "The Connors"  the band would go first, Jonny second and Tany last.  Giving Tany the kudos she deserved.   "They have two number one hits and a gold album, give it up for "The Connors."  Everyone walked onto the stage and took their places.  Jonny went to the keyboard of course and Tany walked over  to the mike.

When she looked out at the crowd she saw him.  It was Scott, she wanted to let him know that she saw him.  She didn't know really what to do, so she winked.  She hoped he understood that was meant for him.  He did, of course and that would become both the couple's sign.  If either were ever without the other, they would wink.

The sang "Miracle" first.  Tany started to explain the special meaning of "Because the Night".  "My father knew my mother......"  "Boo, you guys suck," a man shouted from the audience.  Right away, Biff and Al were on it.  They were trying to get to the man.  Unfortunately so was Scott.

Tany continued, "He knew my mother loved Patti Smith so he bought her the record, hoping that would seal the....."  "You need to get off the stage, Losers," Again he shouted.  Scott got to him before Al and Biff and asked him politely to leave, that there were people here to watch them.

The man turned around and said, "No, they suck, hey aren't you....." Scott punched the man in the face.  The man went down, "No, I am not."

Tany saw the whole thing, she had to finish their set.

Watching as Scott was being lead away by the cops.  She was mortified, but she kept the show going.  "The show must go on" as they say.

Al talked to one of the cops and got all the information.

After they were done, Tany didn't say goodnight, have fun or anything she just left.  She ran to the car, Biff following on her heal.  They both go into the car and took off for the police station.  When they arrived, one of the cops asked for Tany's autograph for his daughter, she gave it to and in turn he let her go back into the holding cell.

Scott was sitting on the bed, when Tany walked in, her heart flipped.  He was holding his head in his hand, he looked up.  Tany walked over to the cell and put her hands on it.  Scott got up and also walked over to the bars.

"Hey, listen..."  "Scott Allen Wright, what were you thinking?"  "I wasn't, I just..."

"No, you weren't that is so right."  
"I just wanted...."  
"You know Al and Biff were going to handle him."  
"I kno...."  
"So why, would you do that?"  
"If you would...."  
"Do you even realize what this will do."  
"Tanz, shut up and let me explain for one minute."  
"No, you are going to listen to me for a second and then you can chew me a new asshole, bite of my head, whatever you want to do, kay?"  
She nodded, "Good, I know they were going to handle it, but I promised you I would always, always protect you."  He said as he looked her in the eyes.  
"I am sorry, I know this will be in the paper and I know this will probably smear "The Connors" name in the mud, but I couldn't let him do that to you."    
Tany smiled a little.  
"Is that a smile?"  
"You, I can't be mad at you.  Did it feel good?"  
"Did it feel good to punch that S.O.."

"Yes it did, now get over here."  He said grabbing her arm, and they kissed.

"I love you, Tanz, thanks for the wink."  
"I love you too, Scotters, you caught that did you?"

*Thanks Aeon, for the fighting poses.*



  1. Oh Scott has to keep his composure, I'm sure as Tany continues her rise to super-stardom she's going to have a few haters. That's always the case!

    Also I wish Jonny well in his quest for a new girl!

  2. Yes, Scott does have a temper. That's why the paps have named him a "bad boy". I think Tany knows she will have haters, but remember she gets her responses right away, where as it takes Scott's a little longer. I hope he starts to behave himself.

    I am hoping Jenny is the woman for Jonny, but we will have to wait and see. Not sure how this will go.

    Thanks for reading, Aeon.

  3. Bad decision on Scott's part to hit that anti-fan. I hope this won't affect his career in a super negative way. I wonder if the anti-fan was someone they knew, it seems weird that someone would be so vocal in a place where the real fans are. Maybe he was drunk or something. Scott looks like he bulked on a lot of muscle.

  4. Yes that was a really bad decision. It won't affect his career, because remember back in season 1, where he punched the photographer because the paps wanted to take a picture of his mother. He's called a "bad boy", by the paps. They kind of expect it from Scott. The hater was drunk. Unfortunately it does happen, and I think Tany knows she will have haters. Scott does look like he bulked up, I wonder why. Must be the t-shirt he is wearing. I haven't done anything to change him.

    Thanks for reading Zhip!!!!!

  5. Serves the guy right if you ask me, and if I were Scott and knew I was going to jail anyways I'd have punched him 1 more good time just 'cause./nod. They are so cute together, hoping this movie he's doing won't keep them apart for too much longer...edenz~

  6. Yeah, I think he knew he was going to jail and he didn't care. Nobody messes with his gal. As far as him going away it is going to be really tough on her. And him but they will survive, they both have jobs to do and will do them.

    Thanks for reading Edenz!!

  7. I must have missed this one!
    Scott does the bad boy thing real well. Especially since he isn't really a bad boy. ;)

  8. I know, he gets called bad boy all the time. He he, it makes me laugh because he is softer than a big Teddy Bear.

    Yeah, It sorta got shoved aside, but that is ok.