Friday, March 2, 2018

Chapter 9 "The Make-up"

January 7th, 2001

It was the day of the show and Tany was still in bed.  She didn't get much sleep the night before.  She knew she wouldn't.  Scott was also restless.  He was excited for Tany. He saw how much this meant to her.

He too was still in bed. He rolled over and started to lightly draw an eight on her back.  She rolled to him.  "You ready for tonight, Ms. Connors?"  The answer should have been no, but she answered yes.  

Scott was the first to get up.  He took his shower first. Tany thought about that, should she take a shower now or wait.  She decided she would take one now and if she needed to she would later as well.  She got up and made some coffee.

She felt a bit hungry so she made some oatmeal.  She was eating her oatmeal, when the buzzer went off.  Tany got up to answer it, it was a flower delivery for Tany.  She Buzzed the person up.  When the doorbell rang Tany opened the door to a huge bouquet of flowers.  She put her hand on her heart.  She knew they were from... wait these were from Johnson.  The card read, "Break a leg!  See you on the Red Carpet.  Your Friend, Johnson."  

She grabbed the flowers and was about to close the door when four other people came  holding various bouquets.  Tany teared up.  She knew these people would like a tip.  
She grabbed her purse and gave each of them a fifty dollar bill.  That's all she had in her purse.  

John and Ciera had caught an early morning flight. Gordon Macleod, John's Ranch Foreman would be staying with Cintia and Juno.  Cintia prostested but ended giving up when Ciera told her that it was Gordon.  

John and Ciera were checking in the Hotel.  John was recognized by a young lady.  Oh, who are we kidding she was in her fifties.  She came over to him, "Excuse me, Are you John Connors?"  "Yes, I am." 

"Oh, my daughter just loves your children.  They are "The Connors", right?  "Yes, they are." The lady leaned into John, "Is there anyway I can get their autograph."  

John pondered the question before he rplied with, 
"You will have to ask them."  He grabbed his keycard and walked away.

Scott had come out of the shower and was only wearing a pair of baggy jogging pants.  Tany was now sitting at the bar drinking coffee.  "Wow, you got some secret admirer I am not aware of?"  
Looking at all the flowers she had gotten.   He walked over and kissed her cheek.  She always felt safe around him.  He loved how she felt.  She smiled up at him.  "Only these." She named off everyone who sent her flowers.  " this is from Johnson,  Biff sent me these.  This bouquet is from Rebz and Sabz.  This one is from Al and Beth, that one is from Your Mom and dad the one next to it is from My parents."  

She put her cup in the dishwasher.   "This one is from the love of my life,". She smelled the roses.   

"And just who would that......"  The buzzer rang.  Scott answered it this time. 

 "Hey, it's Rebz and Sabz," Sabrina said.  He let them in.

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